India v West Indies, 2nd Test, Mumbai, 2nd day November 15, 2013

Sammy the heartbreaker

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Plays of the day for the second day of the second Test between India and West Indies in Mumbai

Ajit Agarkar: A 'glaring' error from the umpire

The heartbreaker
Darren Sammy had promised he would break the hearts of Sachin Tendulkar's fans at the beginning of this series. Today he honoured that word. For the second time in Mumbai, Sammy held onto a brilliant catch of Tendulkar on his home ground when the batsman was in sight of a century. During the 2011-12 tour, when Tendulkar was six runs short of his hundredth international century, Sammy took a blinder at the first slip off Ravi Rampaul. Today it was Narsingh Deonarine, who entered history books as the bowler who would get Tendulkar out for probably the last time in his career. As Tendulkar tried to cut Deonarine, the ball jumped on him and Sammy intercepted take a spectacular catch in front of his face, silencing the Wankhede for the second time.

The mistake
Shane Shillingford was getting good bounce and getting the ball to fly off batsmen's edges. In the previous over, he had been unlucky when Kieran Powell failed to latch onto a low chance to his right as the ball came to him at boot-lace height. Shillingford was disappointed and annoyed. In his following over he delivered a perfect off break that pitched on off. However the bounce off the pitch forced an edge off Cheteshwar Pujara's bat which Powell at forward short leg dived forward to hold onto. Shillingford angrily thumped his foot a couple of times onto the ground and celebrated what he thought was a deserving wicket. Pujara did not move. Nigel Llong and the Richard Kettleborough, the on-field umpires, could not decide and passed the decision to the TV umpire Vineet Kulkarni. Replays from all angles clearly indicated Powell had got his fingers well under the ball. Kulkarni thought it was not conclusive. Pujara was 76 and ended up making his fifth Test century.

The bunny
Tino Best 2. MS Dhoni 0. For the second time this series, the West Indies fast bowler got the better of the Indian captain with relative ease. Sammy made a smart move to bring Best on as soon as Dhoni walked in. In Kolkata it was the brilliant seam movement that had induced an edge off Dhoni. Best used the same trick to defeat his opponent. His first ball to Dhoni was on the off stump and moving away. Dhoni attempted to play at it, but was squared up. Next ball: similar length, on the fourth stump and again moving away. This time Dhoni went for the shot and the outside edge went straight to Sammy at second slip. As Dhoni walked swiftly back, Best kissed his collar and then started the pile driver with four punches to the ground with his right hand.

The enquiry
Shannon Gabriel got his first wicket of the series when R Ashwin mistimed a pull and the top edge was gladly accepted by the bowler. As he rushed to his team-mates to celebrate the wicket, umpire Kettleborough signaled to the third umpire to check the no ball. Replays showed Gabriel's foot was well inside the popping crease. When Sammy enquired of the umpires if it was necessary to go upstairs, Llong indicated that it was not possible for his partner to see clearly as he was blinded by the sun.

The assumption
In the end Llong redeemed some pride for the umpires when he rightly asked Kulkarni to check whether Shillingford had bowled a no ball even as the West Indies celebrated the final Indian wicket of Rohit Sharma, whose slog was taken by Deonarine at deep midwicket. Even as Llong was talking to the third umpire, Sammy and the rest of the West Indies players were trudging back towards the dressing room. Someone had even knocked out the bails at the Pavilion End where Rohit was batting. When the verdict came, Kettleborough lodged the bails back as Rohit took fresh guard. The West Indies players returned to their positions with disbelief and frustration.

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  • dummy4fb on November 16, 2013, 1:40 GMT

    Some of the comments on this forums are ridiculous. Let's see what these "GREAT" Indian batsman will do in SA? This is an absolutely ridiculous statement. Of the top six batsman Vijay played one match and Pujara two in SA. The most one of the "GREAT" Indian batsman has played is 20 Test Matches [Kohli]. How are they great? I am not looking for an escape route. I am just responding to comments where people expect greatness out of batsman after 20 matches? Some have already written off these batsman. The writers seem to be loaded with pessimism, and do not seem to understand nuances of Test match cricket where reputations are established. Example? The Great one in England and Australia back in the early 90s. I would also want to bring to your attention that this Indian is team is far more professional than the ones of the 90s and they are lead by M S Dhoni. The Indian team to SA has nothing to loose and that is when you MUST fear the Opponent. Enjoy the SA Tour. Put your seat belts on.

  • Ezhil_Pearlcity on November 16, 2013, 0:06 GMT

    Just commenting abt an earlier article on day1 which spoke abt Ashwin missing a catch in slip and how India was having good fielders like Azhar and Dravid in the past. Also, I saw a lot of ppl criticizing Dhoni's move to have Ashwin in slips. Slip/close catch in positions are completely different from other fielding positions. Similarly fielding in deep is slightly different from fielding within the circle. For ex, VVS good in slips not elsewhere, Dravid good in slips but not a magical fielder within circle(like midwicket), Yuvraj good within circle but not a great fielder in deep in terms of strong throws to cut down 2s etc. Also, Ashwin has taken some sharp catches so far(in Champions trophy and matches after that) and his drop on day 1 was a rare miss. Even Azhar and Dravid have occasionally missed easy catches in slips.In onedays, Ashwin standing in slips for pacemen serves dual purpose (good fielder in slips and avoiding a slow fielder in circle or deep). So not a point to worry!

  • PMadhavarao on November 15, 2013, 21:49 GMT

    I agree SA tour is the real test to this young Indian side. However, lets not forget to congratulate the team for a job well done. A game is a game wherever its played and teams are due recognition for their success.

  • cricfan68190824 on November 15, 2013, 16:55 GMT

    @Magantiravi, Care to explain why drop Vijay and bring Gautam? Just because Gautam may be your favourite player or a relation is not a valid reason.

    What has Gautam done in domestic cricket or international cricket in the last few years that people keep asking him in the team? All he ever done was to play against his favourite team Srilanka that;s all. So please stop asking for Sehwag and Gambir - let the new guys be given equal amount of chance before discarding them

  • jimwhatever on November 15, 2013, 15:11 GMT

    jusy very much eager to see hoe these great indian batsmen going to perform against SA

  • espncricinfomobile on November 15, 2013, 14:59 GMT

    Sammy can't handle the responsibility of captain, what exactly is Sammy's role? To make up the final eleven? If that's the case then Sammy should bat until number 11 and give an extra all rounder the position that can atleast bowl. Sammy did alot for West Indies cricket no doubt but there's times when u need to step things up especially against an opposition like India, West Indies is a better team than we see in India but their consistency just haven't been there and Sammy's lack of talent shows how West Indies lead to fail from the top since he's the captain, there's no major input from Sammy not with ball or bat, yes he said he would shatter tendulkar's dream but sachin has already made his mark what has Sammy done? The T20 championship that's it? Your true cricket skills are tested in 5 day matches and Sammy possesses none, sad to say but I'm West Indian and everyone hates West Indies cuz they can't put up a proper game and keep a game on. I hope I'm just not the only 1 seeing this

  • nainil0683 on November 15, 2013, 14:16 GMT

    Sometimes Dhoni makes you feel that he does not have the basics of batting especially in Test matches, or he is not made for test matches. His defense is not the greatest. And that's not his fault. He is a naturally attacking player and has paid very less attention to defense because of the style of his game. But on other occasions with his unorthodox defense, he often scores. Certainly the best wicket-keeper/batsman India has ever had based on his statistics. He and the Indians (ofcourse minus Tendulkar) will be definitely tested against Steyns, Morkels, and Phillanders of South Africa. The real tests would start in South Africa with India truly stepping into the next generation with a very testing series. Good luck India!

  • dummy4fb on November 15, 2013, 13:58 GMT

    Sammy needs to go he is pathetic and so is Tino best. Where is Delorn Johnson our promising young fast bowler and Cummings. Ramdin needs to be dropped and bring Walton in the team. Its such a disgrace to watch Windies after all their big talk.

  • vinodkd99 on November 15, 2013, 13:56 GMT

    @Balasubramanyam: Best is not a gentle seamer. @Ramli: India lost the match that you are talking about

  • ramli on November 15, 2013, 13:13 GMT

    Irrespective of results, SA tour will teach young Indian team a lot of useful lessons ... as how to blunt a fierce attack ... teach acts of survival in tests ... same MSD did well in SRT's company to save a test in SA .. it is all about willing to fight it out ... if youngsters learn that, there are good days ahead ... well done India

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