India v West Indies, 1st ODI, Kochi November 22, 2013

'Luck, momentum on India's side' - Bravo

ESPNcricinfo staff

Dwayne Bravo, the West Indies captain, said luck did not favour his side during the first ODI against India, but refused to blame the slow and uneven Kochi pitch for his side's heavy defeat. Marlon Samuels and Darren Bravo, two of the visitors' top batsmen, were dismissed by deliveries that stayed alarmingly low. West Indies were 77 for 2 and 183 for 5 before they lost those batsmen, and managed only 211, which India hunted down in 35.2 overs.

"Can't blame the wicket. Both teams play on it. Nothing changes," Bravo said. "Unfortunately we end up [with] luck not going our way. India are playing good cricket at the moment and the luck and momentum is on their side. We have to dig deeper and work harder as a team and hopefully those things can change. Marlon Samuels got a ball that kept very low, so did my brother. Two of our better players got starts and were unable to carry one because of deliveries that kept very low. In the Indian innings some balls kept low as well but they were not on the wickets.

"We were 40 runs short. We had a good start even after we lost Chris Gayle early. Johnson Charles and Samuels put up a good partnership. We set a target of 280-285 but could manage only 211. We were on our target but we kept losing wickets. During the first 15 overs of both innings, we were on target. It is difficult for tailenders to bat during the last seven-eight overs in an ODI."

West Indies were dealt an early blow after their star batsman Gayle was run out for a duck and suffered a hamstring tear on his left leg. Gayle is likely to miss the remaining two ODIs and the start of the New Zealand tour immediately after this series. "Losing Chris is always a big blow for us," Bravo said. "He is our best player. Psychologically, having Gayle at the top is good for us, so losing Gayle at this time and not having [Kieron] Pollard - two of our best players - it is hard for us to fill those two places. It leaves the door open for two guys to come in and get an opportunity against the No. 1 team, the world champions, to make a name for themselves."

Bravo felt his bowlers were lacking in control, although he commended them for their efforts in trying to defend 211. "The Indian bowlers executed their plans very well. They realised that the straighter they bowl it is harder to score. We did not maintain that discipline long enough as a bowling group. Therefore we end up on the losing side. Two hundred and eleven is not enough runs batting first on a small outfield. Yes, a couple of balls kept low but I still think we can do a lot better.

"I think our bowlers gave their heart out. Both [Ravi] Rampaul and [Jason] Holder bowled very well and gave their 100 per cent in their second spell. Fielding was good at times. [Sunil] Narine played his apart again. As a captain, [I am] pleased with the effort by the bowling group."

West Indies' hopes of making the chase difficult for India were dashed by Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, who put on 133 for the second wicket. Bravo said it was hard to stop such quality players when they were in top form.

"When you look at the Australian series, the Tests and even today, they are at the top of their game. They played very well today and everything is going in their way. [It is] always difficult to bowl to batsmen in such form with that quality. They are world-class players. They are playing at home and know the conditions better than us. Difference between both teams is that when their batsmen get starts they carry on and put their team in a winning position. That is something we have to learn. Chasing 211, once two of your top batters get fifties, the game is over."

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  • Srivatsan on November 23, 2013, 9:49 GMT

    @hardy1 if dhoni is injured then dinesh karthik or samson can take the role of wicket keeping... Captaincy can be given to 2 people 1) virat kohli-young, u-19 captain.. 2) Yuvraj singh-experienced, good ODI, senior player with 290 odi's.. Calm and finishing ability of dhoni will be missed for sure..

  • Dummy4 on November 23, 2013, 8:07 GMT

    Agreed samuels & darren were unlucky as the ball stayed very low but then what were the rest doing including the skipper. he should have stayed til the end but went for a reckless shot as the WI often do.A the end they have some wise words to say in PC but when will v see the application. With gayle out i think its golden oppurtunity for someone at the top to make a name for himself bcos WC 15 is not far away. Moreover they r touring NZ [one of the co-hosts] next month. So time to hit the straps or else they would vanish in thin air.

  • Vivek on November 23, 2013, 6:43 GMT

    @hardy1: True, we need to bring in D.Karthik or Sanju Samson (Preferably Sanju) into the squad as a back-up keeper and make him play some ODI's before WC 2015 so that he can be Dhoni's wicket-keeping substitute in case of injuries. We need a reserve keeper in the WC squad very badly. (unless MS trains Ashwin on keeping -close to the slips, you see...LOL :-)

  • Hardy on November 22, 2013, 23:50 GMT

    Not to mention the fact that any replacement wicket keeper would be inexperienced at the international level since Dhoni has played practically every game for India for the last 8 years.

  • Hardy on November 22, 2013, 23:49 GMT

    The Indian team seems to be on the up & that's great to see, but I worry about how the team would perform in the absence of MS Dhoni. I think he will be very important in the period leading up to & including the 2015 World Cup. After that I think the team will be more experienced & able to perform without him (someone like Virat or Rohit would be ready to captain) but for now, if he were to suffer an injury there'd be a major problem. Who else can you have confidence in to captain the side?

  • Sammy on November 22, 2013, 19:23 GMT

    Luck? Looks like Bravo is listening to Sanga and Matthew's speeches every time they lose to India. Of course, when they win, once in a while, luck is not involved..lolz.

  • Harmon on November 22, 2013, 18:55 GMT

    Bravo is not much wrong here. There is a diff in mindset when you chase 205 or when you chase 250. It is also true that WI lost two wickets to balls that kept really low. Yes Rohit Sharma managed to put one out that kept low but when he was batting he knew some balls were going to keep low.

    Gayle's loss is huge and so is Shillingoford's but he has been reported for a suspect action. I would love to see a few sparkling knocks from the stroke loving WI batsmen. That would really lighten up the night sky & the mood.

  • o on November 22, 2013, 15:57 GMT

    I mean why is Shillingford not even selected in the squad here for the ODI's ? Ridiculous, he was the only highlight of the Test series and even out-bowled the Indian spinners.The progessive Indian selectors however identified Shami in the Tests and back him in the Odi's W.I don;t have any logic though.Part time Deonarine replaced with a proper spinner like Shillingford Sammy replaced by either Jonathan Carter who looks a very promising batsman (100 v India A and glimpses in CPL) or another proper batsman like Edwards you'd have a more balanced competitive side out here instead of the bits and pieces nowhere men.

  • o on November 22, 2013, 15:18 GMT

    Dwayne Bravo and Darren Sammy two different sides of the same useless coin, there dismissals were pathetic both threw it away and the way Holder was batting he should come before Sammy next game and try and keep the strike in fact he may as well open, why not ? he appears to have the best technique of the side !

  • Dummy4 on November 22, 2013, 15:17 GMT

    India has found a perfect balance right now. With regards to luck, cricket is known for it. All sides have their share of luck or unluck. The question is how you use it. India at the moment is able convert their luck with the uise of their skill and experience into their adavantage. Bravo and the gang needs to learn that. Same will be used against South Africa. Okay they have fast bowlers but Indians have palye against them a lot they know what to expect. I full confidence in the current unit. they can beat anyone with or without luck but with skill and experience.

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