West Indies tour of India, 2nd Test: India v West Indies at Mumbai, Nov 14-16, 2013
India won by an innings and 126 runs
14,15,16 November 2013 (5-day match)
  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100

Ashwin to Ramdin, no run, square turn, well nearly. It was a length ball outside off stump and the batsman waited for it to do its bit and pushes it down to mid-on


Ashwin to Ramdin, no run, tossed up a little slower, as he pushes it down the pitch


Ashwin to Ramdin, no run, gives it some air again and forces the batsman to invest in a forward defensive


Ashwin to Ramdin, 2 runs, tucked away behind square on the leg side as he rides the turn of the length ball bowled around off stump and ended up on leg


Ashwin to Ramdin, 4 byes, quick, sharp turn and it was bowled at a fullish length too. The batsman who was already looking to cut the ball after making some room for himself misses it and so does Dhoni


Ashwin to Ramdin, FOUR, oh another catch at the slips is dropped. Vijay is the culprit this time as the tossed up ball on off stump doesn't turn in as Ramdin expected. IThere was some bounce on offer again and a regulation edge goes to first slip, which is fumbled

End of over 51 (10 runs) West Indies 172/8

    • D Ramdin 7 (21b 1x4)
    • TL Best 0 (0b)
    • R Ashwin 13-2-43-3
    • PP Ojha 9-1-36-3

Ojha to Best, no run, tossed up on middle and off as he comes forward to defend


Ojha to Best, OUT, and that's the end of Best. Dhoni had to juggle it to keep it safe in his gloves, but again, poor shot from the batsman. It was a fullish ball outside off but he goes for the sweep. The bottom edge is taken and deflects off Dhoni's gloves, onto his thighs and rides up towards his stomach before he holds on to it. That's his 250th dismissal

TL Best c †Dhoni b Ojha 0 (5m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Shannon Gabriel is the new man


Ojha to Gabriel, no run, full and flighted on off stump as he goes forward to block


Ojha to Gabriel, no run, goes nicely forward in hopes of smothering the turn and defends


Ojha to Gabriel, no run, this was pushed on middle as he pushes it into midwicket

The "We want Sachin" chants are deafening


Ojha to Gabriel, no run, tossed up on middle and leg and the forward defense is in play again

Marvin: "With the pitch showing deadly turn and bounce, I wonder how much tricks Sachin can produce. Not to mention he does that even on flat tracks"

End of over 52 (wicket maiden) West Indies 172/9

    • ST Gabriel 0 (4b)
    • D Ramdin 7 (21b 1x4)
    • PP Ojha 10-2-36-4
    • R Ashwin 13-2-43-3

Ashwin to Ramdin, no run, 76 kph, flighted on off stump as the batsman goes forward and pushes towards mid-on


Ashwin to Ramdin, 1 run, waits for the ball to spin into him and tucks it away to long leg for a single

Guru: "Ashwin 100, Chander 150, Sachin 200, Dhoni 250. Is this test is all about perfect numbers!! ;)"


Ashwin to Gabriel, 4 byes, 75 kph, and that goes 180 degrees away from where he intended it to go. He was looking for drive through mid-off but the ball squirts away off the inside edge and to the fine leg boundary


Ashwin to Gabriel, no run, full on off and is defended off the middle this time


Ashwin to Gabriel, no run, 80 kph, he's slowed down considerably here as the ball turns sharply into his forward defense

around the wicket


Ashwin to Gabriel, no run, oh my God, how did that miss?! It was so very full and beat the batsman completely with the dip it got, and yet the ball turned too far down the leg side to hit the stumps

End of over 53 (5 runs) West Indies 177/9

    • ST Gabriel 0 (8b)
    • D Ramdin 8 (23b 1x4)
    • R Ashwin 14-2-44-3
    • PP Ojha 10-2-36-4

Ojha to Ramdin, FOUR, excellent shot, took advantage of a rare bad ball from the Indian spinners as he goes right back in his crease and slams the ball to the third man boundary


Ojha to Ramdin, no run, full and outside off as Ramdin looks to flay it through the covers


Ojha to Ramdin, no run, edges forward and defends the full length ball back to the bowler


Ojha to Ramdin, no run, meets the flighted ball with a straight bat on the front foot


Ojha to Ramdin, no run, blocked back to the bowler, full length ball on middle

silly point goes off to protect the single on the off side in field


Ojha to Ramdin, no run, tosses it up on the off side as he comes forward and uses soft hands to try and nick a single, considering it is the last ball of the over but it is not available

End of over 54 (4 runs) West Indies 181/9

    • D Ramdin 12 (29b 2x4)
    • ST Gabriel 0 (8b)
    • PP Ojha 11-2-40-4
    • R Ashwin 14-2-44-3

Ashwin to Gabriel, no run, carrom ball and Gabriel has no clue. Plonks his front foot forward and looks to defend, but is nowhere near it


Ashwin to Gabriel, no run, misses the stumps again! And by only the smallest of whiskers. Slower and tossed up nicely, the batsman's drive does not account for the amount of turn on offer as it sneaks between bat and pad and goes a millimemet above the leg bail


Ashwin to Gabriel, 1 run, another carrom ball and this time Gabriel gets an outside edge and calls him through for the single. It could have been dicey had the ball been thrown to the non-striker, but they're home


Ashwin to Ramdin, no run, tossed up on middle and is turned into midwicket


Ashwin to Ramdin, no run, too wide outside leg stump to interest Ramdin


Ashwin to Ramdin, no run, gives it some air and the batsman prods forward to nudge it towards short leg

End of over 55 (1 run) West Indies 182/9

    • D Ramdin 12 (32b 2x4)
    • ST Gabriel 1 (11b)
    • R Ashwin 15-2-45-3
    • PP Ojha 11-2-40-4

Ojha to Gabriel, no run, gets a good stride forward and pushes the flighted ball on off back to the bowler


Ojha to Gabriel, OUT, and he has five and that's that. West Indies are all done. That was much slower and as a result bounced a lot more. Gabriel pushed forward but his defensive stroke only gets a fine edge as Dhoni rises with the ball and collects a smart catch, his 251st dismissal in Tests.

ST Gabriel c †Dhoni b Ojha 1 (13m 13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 7.69

2.05pm So the teams will take tea while the fans bubble with excitement at the thought of Sachin Tendulkar coming out to bat. Although considering the bite this pitch has had for the spinners, he will have to bring out his best game. Do stick around though as our show, Match Point, will be going up soon and it might well feature one of your questions on the man. Meanwhile, the Indian spinners have been nigh unplayable. Ashwin should have gotten a couple more, but he was turning it so much the balls were either bouncing over or sneaking past the stumps. Close catching has left a bit to be desired, with three going down, but the two seamers have been impressive throughout. Bhuvi's dismissal of Chanders was an absolute delight. But can the West Indies bowlers come out and do the same?

  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100





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Hours of play (local time) 09.30 start, Lunch 11.30-12.10, Tea 14.10-14.30, Close 16.30

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