India news October 13, 2009

Shetty concerned by younger players' attitude

Cricinfo staff

Ratnakar Shetty, the Indian board's chief administrative officer, has expressed concern over the lack of focus among younger national players who, he said, were not greatly affected by the ICC Champions Trophy exit because they were distracted by a lifestyle outside the sport.

"One of the senior players called up after the Champions Trophy and said other players [youngsters] did not feel it [the loss as much as him], Shetty told PTI. "He said there was no feeling whether we won or not. There is no sadness [after losing]."

India exited the Champions Trophy after losing to Pakistan in the group stage. Their match against Australia was abandoned due to rain and they failed to qualify for the semis even after beating West Indies.

Shetty said the lack of focus was an issue the BCCI would have to look at. "You can see the change in attitude and focus which seems to have gone to things other than cricket. They are attracted by the different style of entertainment that is part of these events. This is worrisome.

"Some of these youngsters have become very big. Some of them feel that playing in Ranji Trophy is not as important as playing in the IPL."

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  • Thomas on October 15, 2009, 9:51 GMT

    To become a cricketer worth his place in international sides, youngsters spend time on practice; they spent much less time on studies. It is unfair to expect a professional player to forego lucrative offers to satisfy the public sentiment.

    If people are concerned about cricket, I feel that the following are important.

    1. Reduce the international calendar to a 20-20 championship every year, an ODI championship every year, and a knockout test championship spread over 2 years. 2. Make sporting pitches with large boundaries. This will emphasize on skilled cricket than "hit through the line with a big bat" cricket. 3. Shorten the calendar with lower number of games, and pay players good money. A player must have only one local team affiliation. If he is playing for an IPL team, he should not be playing for any other 20-20 team in any other country. 4. Accept the fact that Ranji trophy will not attract huge viewership, and as a result, cannot get the big stars playing it consistently.

  • madhav on October 14, 2009, 7:27 GMT

    It was a matter of time before the BCCI would find themselves in this mess. Fact is they are the only ones to blame. But the BCCI are still the governing body and needs to take stock of their players. I think what they need to do is create some sort of a system where a player can only endorse X number of products, if he has scored X number runs or taken X number of wickets. You see the younger crop of players and you don't need a Mr. Shetty to tell you what's going on. Their attitudes speak for themselves; they don't look hungry for success. And the BCCI themselves need to stop promoting the IPL in the current manner and should make it clear that the only way you represent your country in any form of the game is if you're excel in domestic cricket like the Ranji trophy or Duleep trophy. The recently concluded Challenger series was a joke and was not taken seriously by anybody. Even a player like Dhoni who I respect did not care. How can you justify sending Harbajan at 3 down

  • Sidhanta on October 14, 2009, 6:30 GMT

    Now like any other BCCI melodrama, the next question would be who is the senior player in question who said so!If you take age into consideration, only 2 players fall into the category - Rahul and Sachin. Again the Indian media will create stories stating that all's not well between Dhoni's Boys and the seniors in the team!!! GOD GIVE BCCI SOME SENSE!!!! Such things need not be told out in the public.

  • Vishwas on October 13, 2009, 22:35 GMT

    The mistake was committed when someone like Yusuf Pathan who is a neither this nor that kind of a cricketer got an India call up on the basis of IPL performances instead of guys like S. Badarinath and Ajinkya Rahane who've done so well in the domestic season for more than a couple of years now. The BCCI is only reaping what it sowed.If anything, this will only get worse. Come on...Wake Up BCCI!

  • Tamil on October 13, 2009, 19:54 GMT

    Then why dont you reward folks who have toiled in the Ranji arena - There was a quote by Dileep Premachandran (or he endorsed someone else's quote, dont remember) the Indian ODI team looks more like an IPL team. When BCCI and hence selectors give more oppurtunities for players who have done well in T20s (IPL) why will the players themselves rate other domestic tournaments higher than the IPL?

  • another on October 13, 2009, 16:59 GMT

    its sad to see Mr. Shetty coming out in public with such a statement. lets' face it, we lost to pak and the match was cancelled with aus and we won against the west indies. our bowling was not as effective as it should have been, blaming youngsters isn't fair and breaks the team harmony. nobody want to loose, its good to see that these youngsters are not mourning over something that they cant change. cricket administrators needs to learn to control their urge of media attention. even if a senior play complaint about it, this needs to be dsicussed throughly first before throwing it out in public. one can imagine what's the atmosphere is going to be like in the dressing room when these guys get together next time. looks like our administrator dont have faith in themselves and keep on passing it to Indian public (media in particular) to do a retrospect after every loss. Pls grow up.

  • Madhumitha on October 13, 2009, 15:11 GMT

    So whats ur point Mr.Shetty. You see big money coming from IPL and encourage it. When this trend goes down to youngsters, you say "They feel Ranji is not as imp as IPL". Try to understand - We are all humans and temptation is the cause of all disease. Scrap IPL or atleast bring it like once in 3-4 yrs . You will find the patriotism raising in players automatically. When players first join Indian team, they dont think abt money. all they worry abt is their position in the team and their desire to play for our country. In my opinion, there also shud be a limit on the number of commercials. Or else, guys like Dhoni would start playing for averages(as is currently happening) rather than their country(as it used to be) because they know only higher averages could get them to more commercials.

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