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Chawla hoping county stint translates to India recall

ESPNcricinfo staff

Legspinner Piyush Chawla is hoping his stint with English county Somerset helps pitchfork him back into the Indian team. In his first two matches with Somerset, he said, he has already "picked up tips" that could improve aspects of his bowling.

"After my last spell in county cricket, I received an international call-up and I'm hoping the same happens this time around. I'm hoping that the volume of wickets and runs catches the eye of the selectors back home in India," Chawla told Pakpassion. "I think it's vital to grab this opportunity, perform consistently, and ensure that I make the selectors sit up and take notice of my performances."

Chawla had played for Sussex in 2009, claiming 36 wickets in six championship matches at 27.25, following which he was recalled for 2010 World Twenty20. "I want a repeat of my performance for Sussex when I played there four years ago. That spell in county cricket really gave me confidence and was a massive boost for my career."

In his first match for Somerset, Chawla went wicketless in 34 overs, against Warwickshire. But he learnt by observing his team-mate, Ireland left-arm spinner George Dockrell, he said. "There are areas of my bowling that I need to improve upon. Leg spin is a very difficult art and I believe it's one of the most difficult skills to master in cricket. I feel I'm learning with each match.

"Even during my debut for Somerset, despite taking no wickets, the game was a learning experience for me. I wasn't up to the mark and watching George Dockrell bowl made me realise where I was going wrong. He bowled at a slower pace than I did and he reaped the benefits."

Chawla last played an international during England's tour to India last December. In the Nagpur Test - only Chawla's third since his debut in 2006 - he picked up four wickets in the first innings, including those of Ian Bell and Joe Root. He was disappointed to not be given another go after that performance, he said. "I never imagined that seven years after my debut, I would have only played two more Tests. My last Test … I thought I did well. That was a very flat deck against England and I was the leading wicket-taker in that match for India.

"However, I was not selected for the next series. I was greatly disappointed at not being given a chance in the following series, but the selectors must have had something else in their minds. All I can do is to wait for my opportunity. I'm still young and I have time on my side, but that figure of only three Tests is an eyesore for me."

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  • Sriram on August 30, 2013, 14:59 GMT

    He was pushed too soon into tests. should have been allowed to mature before playing big boys. He is just 24 and with age and more first class can get better. Sometimes batters get pushed too soon and survive, but bowlers dont have that luxury. We have seen quite a few pushed too soon and wade off. Pankaj Singh was another example.

  • Siddarth on August 30, 2013, 13:01 GMT

    There is no way Chawla should be given another opportunity to make the playing Indian XI. The main reason being that he has been given his chances from very early on and has shown himself out to be short on ability and temperment. It is a sure sign of lunacy to try the same thing over and overhoping that the results will be different. Lets focus on the new younger breed and focus their efforts toward being match winners for India.

  • raj on August 30, 2013, 0:05 GMT

    Best of luck to Mr Chawla. Unlike some, Chawla seems determined and is working hard. He does not seem to be lazy like Rohit. Unfortunately, luck, timing and grabbing an opportunity when it presents itself is also very important - Chawla did not cement his spot when he got the chance and now diss himself back in the queue with the likes of Ashwin, Jadeja and even Mishra ahead of him. Chawla just needs to keep working hard and good things will come his way.

  • Shiv on August 29, 2013, 15:49 GMT

    Good to see that he is working hard, but he cannot compain of the lack of opportunities given to him. He was selected in WC2011 much to the surprise of everybody but failed miserably in India due to which he was dropped. I think Dhoni backed him long enough (not as long as Rohit) but still Piyush could not deliver.

    Dhoni is a type of captain, who will compramise a bit on the primary skill bowling or batting as he thinks, players will learn eventually but he will never compramise on fitness and fielding standards. Only Ashwin is an exception. That being the case, its very hard Piyush or even Mishra to make it in the XI and also too much competition rite now.

  • Ashok on August 29, 2013, 13:39 GMT

    @Naresh28: Subash Gupte was short- around 5'-4". He just took 3 casual paces in his run up but used his wrist & fingers to generate huge leg spinners & an uncanny googly. He beguiled MJK Smith, the England Captain, umpteen times in his first few balls. Even the might of the 3 W's from WI- Worrell, Weekes & Walcott were subdued by Gupte. Gary Sobers rated him as the Best Ever leg spinner in the world. The art of leg spin bowling as practiced by Gupte is lost because of modern T-20 bang-bang approach. Dhoni as a Captain is reluctant to go anywhere near a RH leg spinner- Rahul Sharma was benched so often that he is unheard of now. Indian team under MAK Pataudi had as many as 3 or 4 spinners. Durrani, Nadkarni & Surthi were LH spinners, Chandra & Borde RH leg spin, Prasanna & Venkat off spinners. That was the Zenith of spinners Era. Durrani - a superb all rounder- could make the ball talk! Previous generation had Mankad & Gupte as the Greats. Can a RH leg spinner still make India Test XI?

  • Dummy4 on August 29, 2013, 12:59 GMT

    No chance to gambhir's return. Now india got a good opening pair (Dhawan & Vijay) in test matches. Let see how they perform in SA. If both are fail, then a least chance is there for gambhir. One more thing remember Rohit is waiting for his chance in test matches. Gambhir's problem is some EGO. That's why he cant concentrate his bating. And I doubt in his fitness.

  • Nish on August 29, 2013, 12:38 GMT

    Really ironic when we Indian fans all want Gambhir to show some good batting form on the county circuit to give us an experienced opening option for the SA tour, he hasn't been doing too well at all whilst Chawla [primarily a bowler] goes on to score a century! :)))

  • Dummy4 on August 29, 2013, 12:37 GMT

    Piyush chawla is not suit for international matches. He is performing only non international matches. His ODI and test matches record is not good. His first class record is good.

  • Naresh on August 29, 2013, 9:12 GMT

    Latest trend by Indian cricketers is to speak up in articles to try and get into team reckoning. Selectors should be aware and only choose from recent performances. As professional cricketers they should let the bat or ball talk for them. We have three categories - exceptional, borderline and poor. Borderline ones will sit and warm benches or play in A teams,domestic, exceptional should be in the team. India currently has another set of A team players playing vs NZ - these players need to excel should they want to get further.Recently players like ZOL, Sandeep Sharma and Lokesh Rahul displayed sheer class. Some serious competition forming between U19/U23/India A players. It bodes well for Indian cricket future. The Selectors and BCCI should be commended for this trend.

  • Lokesh on August 29, 2013, 8:41 GMT

    Piyush Chawla, I know you are 24 and I can see some talent in you. Most spinners (especially leg spinners) are still learning the art of spin. Even Nathan Lyon is still learning. You're inconsistent but maybe when you are 28 you could stand a decent chance of getting in to the team. Don't think your days with the indian cricket team are gone, there is potential and you're only 24. You also bowled quite consistently in the IPL (NOT SAYING HE SHOULD PLAY FOR INDIA BECAUSE OF THAT).