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Syed Abid Ali is carried off the field by fans after securing India's series win

Those fine men of Hyderabad

Playing alongside the likes of Pataudi, Abid Ali, Jaisimha and Abbas Ali Baig was an experience to be cherished

Farokh Engineer sweeps

The boys of endless summer

All grace, good looks and charisma, Farokh Engineer, Salim Durani and ML Jaisimha epitomised the charms of a bygone age

Saad bin Jung

The Nawab of Pataudi in England, 1967

Hyderabad, a love story

In the 1960s and '70s, if you wanted to play tough yet attractive cricket, Hyderabad was the place to be

India v Pakistan, 1st Test, Mohali, 2nd day

A Begum and a Jaisimha fan

As the reporters sit despondently in the press box on the morning of the second day of the Mohali Test, gazing out at the drizzle, IS Bindra, the chief of the Punjab Cricket Association, walks in.

Partab Ramachand

A Prince among cricketers

The tributes paid to him when he passed away three years ago today (July 6) were notable for their warmth and sincerity

He was the Nawab of Hyderabad cricket...

"Do you remember that evening in Bangkok in January 1978 when we had some 12 bahts between us and needed to buy a bottle of soda?" my old captain would ask, recalling the ridiculous experience of circumstantial poverty that had had a couple