Indian Premier League July 9, 2010

Gavaskar outlines IPL player retention method


IPL governing council member and former Indian captain, Sunil Gavaskar, has suggested a new formula for player retention which envisages the eight original franchises retaining seven of their existing players provided the franchises are willing to bid up to $2 million for them though the player auction.

According to Gavaskar, the teams would be able to nominate the players they wish to retain but all the players would be part of the auction, with a cap of $2 million per player. If the price of a player at the auction reached the $2 million limit, the player's original franchise would have first right of refusal, provided it was one of the bidders.

The BCCI empowered a three-man panel comprising Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri and Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi to make recommendations on the structure of the league. Gavaskar said the panel agreed that player retention will hurt Pune and Kochi, the two new franchises, but felt the council should abide by an earlier decision that teams could keep four Indian and three overseas players.

The spending limit at the auction would be $8 million, which means the franchises would have to think carefully about players they want to retain. In addition, the total number of players in a squad would be capped at 25, with a restriction on matches a single player can play in order to reduce the risk of burnout. "Since a player could only play 14 matches plus the knockouts, a franchise could play five overseas players in four matches, but not in the knockout stage," Gavaskar said in an email which was sent to the eight captains of the original franchises. The email was not sent to franchise officials or team owners.

The details of IPL 2011 have been shrouded in mystery since the suspension of chairman Lalit Modi in April. The franchise owners had met with BCCI president Shashank Manohar and interim IPL chairman Chirayu Amin on June 24 to exchange their views on next year's event, after which Pataudi, Shastri and Gavaskar had one-one-meetings with the franchise owners about player retention, salary caps and squad sizes. At the meeting, eight of the franchises voiced their opposition to player retention, while Mumbai and Chennai were in favour of keeping players.

Gavaskar said these proposals were put to the full council at a meeting on June 25, but no decision was taken. The issue will now be brought up again at the next council meeting in August.

Nagraj Gollapudi is an assistant editor at Cricinfo

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  • Rajendran on July 12, 2010, 9:20 GMT

    I dont understand why people torment IPL for indian team's dismal performance in the last 2 T20 World cups. I accept that players burn out after playing continously for 4 weeks, but so did the players of other countries. We had an average of 5 to 6 players from each nation playing the IPl for almost the whole season.All International players took part in the IPL night out, so its not fair to point out that IPl is the reason for India's failure. IPL is just used as a scapegoat in this matter by the indian team and especially by dhoni.Indian has never performed well in ICC tournaments be it the World Cup, Champions Trophy, and T20. leave aside the 2007 T20 word cup and the 50 over world cup.They should think about their shortcomings as a team and try to fix those rather than putting the blame on IPL and some dumb people follow the same gimmicks and blame the IPL for overdose of cricket, i feel its provides great entertainment and also identifies local talent in every team which is good

  • Tanmay on July 10, 2010, 16:18 GMT

    @crikbuff.....i totally agree wid u buddy....IPL is dangerous...but sumhow it has caught d imagination of d young ppl across India....we hav already lost two T20 WC's coz of cash rich league....but i dnt see IPL being banned in cuming years...!

  • Moses on July 10, 2010, 14:40 GMT

    Indian Cricket Lovers - pls wake up and realise how much damage IPL is doing to Indian cricket. India performed miserably in the last 2 T20 WCs after IPL burnout, India sent a sub-standard team to the tri-series in Zimbabwe, and our nation was put to shame by their dismal performance. India is playing far lesser test cricket than before, but wasting 7-8 hectic weeks in the IPL tamasha. Our young fast bowlers are all burning out. Our young talents are all being lured by money and IPL nights and are losing focus. IT is now in the open that the IPL is full of scams and corrupt corporate practices. It is a bigger scam than Satyam or Enron. Why are we supporting such a fraudulent ponzi-scheme and allowing it to destroy our national passion - Cricket? It is time to open our eyes and boycott the IPL - please Boycott IPL and SAVE INDIAN CRICKET...

  • Nataraaj on July 10, 2010, 10:46 GMT

    Since there are two new teams next year,let each franchise retain their best 6 players (3 indian & 3 overseas) and go for re-auction for the rest even PAK players also to be considered so that let the new teams also get a strong 15. Restrict a player for maximum 10 matches in league stage+knocknout & continue to restrict only 4 overseas players in playing 11 and give opportunities to young indians to show their talent.

  • Dummy4 on July 10, 2010, 10:08 GMT

    IPL destroys players standards, discriminated against World Champions Pakistan so destroyed image of India forever that this country has no standard or character.

  • Harshal on July 10, 2010, 7:28 GMT

    The Governing Council has hit great middle ground. Those who want to retain can do so, but at very high cost. Also on burnout issue, having more matches per team would not mean having to play more matches. Only one thing: why allow 5 foreign players? GC could have encouraged franchises to hunt for local talent for extra slot. Or may be it is to make IPL more popular outside India and have fatter revenue. So, we would not expect real star players for Pune now. But we can expect a good competitive team. Cheers!

  • kumar on July 10, 2010, 6:23 GMT

    i won't agree..this.there is no good domestic players in kkr team.if franchise retain 7 players. tht will big loss for new teams.gavaskar use sence man..its not like commentry.why csk want dhoni?i dont think so he is good batsman r cap.india knock out last 2 t20 wc becoz of him.won ipl3 becoz one man came into csk after 7 r 8 matches.he was turn aroundcsk fortune.he is none other than dougy..of course csk went semi becoz of dhoni.if thats ur day u one can play blind innings like dhoni against punjab .bajji against dc.

  • Dummy4 on July 10, 2010, 2:24 GMT

    @ playfancric: It is JUSTIFIED that Tendulkar can play IPL and opt out of T20 WC. It's his choice and he did so in the 1st T20WC as well before IPL was formulated.

  • Senthil on July 10, 2010, 0:22 GMT

    My advice to IPL committee, get some people who can make the things simple and interesting. Not complex and vague.

  • Vijay on July 9, 2010, 23:51 GMT

    As much as I hate people like Modi becoming God and dictating terms, I have to admit that Modi was pretty smart and I think he might have had different ideas on how to handle player retention. Modi is a genius and genius' steal. My guess is Modi would have scanned how the other Americal and European franchises work on player contracts and picked a feasible one. I don't get teh sense that anyone in the current panel even thinks about looking what has already been done in other leagues. This could have been a good year to move away from the 3 yr cap for all formula and let the franchises negotiate their own contracts with players within the team salary cap. That way, we wont have this mad changes and completely new look teams every 3 years. It will be more organic and only a few trades or free agent movement will be there every year. and Of course, like Lebron, we might have a Dhoni decision show once in a while, which will add to the fun.

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