Chennai Super Kings v Pune Warriors, IPL 2011, Chennai April 25, 2011

A slow runner and a flying fielder

ESPNcricinfo presents the Plays of the Day from the IPL match between Chennai Super Kings and Pune Warriors in Chennai

The slow runner
M Vijay seemed determined to get run out at the start of the innings. First, he took his time getting to the other end of the pitch when Michael Hussey had tipped the ball to Jesse Ryder at point. The very next ball, Vijay played the ball to Alfonso Thomas at short fine leg and was halfway down the track when he decided against the run. Both times, a direct-hit would have had him out. On the third occasion, Vijay steered the ball to short third man and was slow off the blocks to complete the run. He would have been well short but the throw was wide.

The return
Manish Pandey made his comeback to the IPL after a four-match ban and although he only scored 12 with the bat, he announced his return in style on the field. He was standing on the long-on boundary when Michael Hussey sent the ball sailing his way. It looked destined to go over the rope and Pandey had to reach up to take the catch. Not only did he manage to snatch the ball out of the air, but he was well aware of his position in relation to the rope. He could easily have backpedalled over the fence but was in total control of the catch. Pandey made a name for himself with a century for Royal Challengers Bangalore in Centurion during the second season of the IPL.

The wet spot
Jesse Ryder probably did not intend to sabotage Chennai's bowlers but he did when he sent a six into a damp patch. R Ashwin was showing signs of turn but Ryder didn't care. He came down the track, paid little attention to the turn and smacked the ball for six. He went over Ashwin's head, over the sightscreen and into a puddle of water. Fans tried to coax the ball out of the wet spot and eventually did but it had got fairly damp. The slippery spot made no difference because the next ball, Ryder was bowled by Ashwin, who seemed to be gripping the ball just fine.

The apologies
Ashwin wasn't affected by the wet ball, but Albie Morkel, who had to handle it next, certainly was. He was enjoying showing off his bouncer, but accidentally bowled a beamer at Robin Uthappa, as the ball slipped out of his hand. If it wasn't misdirected down leg it would have taken Uthappa's head off. Dhoni could only get a brush of a glove to it and the batsmen took a bye. Dhoni apologised for not saving the single, Morkel apologised, to the umpire and to Uthappa, who accepted graciously.

The flying fielder
Shadab Jakati was brought back for this match but his most memorable act was not while bowling. He summed up Chennai's strong performance in the field with a diving catch. Yuvraj Singh picked up a length ball from Albie Morkel, which he should have put into the stands but only managed to stab at with the toe end of his bat. The ball was still on its way for four, through extra cover, when a leaping Jakati emerged to intercept its path. He had dived full stretch to his left, got both hands to the ball and ended Yuvraj's time at the crease.

Firdose Moonda is ESPNcricinfo's South Africa correspondent