Delhi Daredevils v Kochi Tuskers Kerala, IPL 2011, Delhi May 2, 2011

Bizarre shots, deliveries and dismissals

ESPNcricinfo presents the Plays of the Day from the IPL game between Delhi Daredevils and Kochi Tuskers Kerala in Delhi

Bizarre shot of the day - 1
In the fourth over of the chase Umesh Yadav erred in his release and hurled a chest-high beamer at Brendon McCullum, whose reflexes took over in some style. He was shaping for the pull initially, tried to pull out of the shot and ended up wafting it up and over the fine-leg boundary for a thrilling six.

Bizarre shot of the day -2
In the 19th over of Delhi's innings, Vinay Kumar banged a delivery in short of a length and outside off, only to witness some last-second innovation from Travis Birt. Birt went down on his knee, and was initially shaping to play the paddle sweep. But the line of the delivery forced a change of mind. He arched back, put his bat up like a periscope and steered the ball to third man for a stunning four.

Bizarre ball of the day - 1
In the 12th over, Vinay tried a slower one but it popped out of his hand awkwardly and bounced ridiculously short. Yogesh Nagar, who had charged down the track, went for the pull. But the ball never came. In fact, it bounced once more, this time around the centre of the pitch. Nagar adjusted, moved further down the track and walloped the ball to cow corner for four. Mahela Jayawardene didn't like it and had a chat with the umpire. Perhaps he thought that it should have been signalled a dead ball. It could have gone either way. In fact if it had bounced one more time, the umpire could have even called a no-ball. Jayawardene should be happy that his bowler escaped with just the boundary.

Bizarre ball of the day - 2
How many runs can you give off a single delivery? Umesh Yadav leaked 14 runs from the fifth ball of his first over. First he bowled a wide delivery - a high bouncer at 148.3 kph - and then saw his beamer fly for a six before he finally managed to bowl a legal delivery. No luck though. McCullum crash-pulled the short ball over the midwicket boundary.

Bizarre dismissal of the day
Mahela Jayawardene missed a flick against Roelof Van der Merwe and the ball rolled off his pad to short third man. van der Merwe screamed out an lbw appeal and the umpire Suresh Shastri crouched forward. Fearing and he forgot about the disaster lurking behind him. Shastri ruled him not out and just as a relieved Jayawardene turned back, he was in for a shock. By then, Yogesh Nagar had charged across and under-armed a direct hit with Jayawardene stranded just outside the crease. He survived the lbw but couldn't escape the run-out.

Sriram Veera is a staff writer at ESPNcricinfo