Kings XI Punjab v Pune Warriors, IPL 2011, Mohali May 8, 2011

Marshmallows on Mother's day

ESPNcricinfo presents the Plays of the Day from the IPL game between Kings XI Punjab and Pune Warriors in Mohali

Robin has a shy and a miss. Again
Robin Uthappa just can't find the stumps. In the game against Mumbai, he missed running out Sachin Tendulkar. Tonight, he failed to get Dinesh Karthik. David Hussey tapped very close on the off side - last time Tendulkar had tapped on the leg side - and Uthappa did nearly everything correctly. He sensed the possibility of a run out, took off his right glove as he dashed across, picked up the ball and fired. Yet again, though, he missed the stumps from close quarters. Last time he sunk to the ground, this time he just yelped in agony.

Wonder what momma thought - I
When Shaun Marsh faced up to his first delivery from his younger brother Mitchell, he received a bouncer which he promptly pulled to the midwicket boundary. Shaun didn't look at his brother as he ran across before he turned and got back to his crease. The camera panned to the dad Geoff who winced. His loyalties lay with his role as the Pune coach. Wonder what the mother thought about it on Mother's day.

Wonder what momma thought - II
The Marsh family had one more shared moment on the big screen. The IPL pulse asked which Marsh would taste the most success in his career and the big screen flashed the result: Younger son: 7%, Elder son 80% and the dad polled just 13%. The camera panned to the Pune dug-out and caught huge giggles from the camp. A smiling Geoff, who has four Test hundreds and nine ODI tons, just shook his head.

Cheeky Yuvraj
It was a very full delivery and until the last instant Yuvraj Singh gave every impression that he was going to play a paddle sweep. He went down on his knee and the bat was almost coming from off to the on side when he suddenly changed his mind. He opened the bat-face and played a delightful steer through the vacant slips to collect a four.

Shake your head, Ryan
Ryan Harris didn't have a great day. He swatted a waist-high full toss to covers and was caught by Yuvraj. The umpires told him to wait as they checked on the height. Would it have gone over his waist if he was in the regular stance position? Or was it just about waist high? The third umpire believed that it was a legal delivery. Harris shook his head as he went back. Later, while bowling, he bowled a few wides and when he sprayed another delivery down the leg side, he again shook his head. He even tried sledging Uthappa and got sledged back. Nothing was going right for him but towards the end, he got a wicket when he had Uthappa top-edging a bouncer. Finally, he had a reason to smile on a dreadful evening.

Bounce it up baby
In a sluggish game there was a rare moment of comic relief, provided by a ball that bounced twice. In an over in which he leaked 22 runs, Bhargav Bhatt's release went awry on one occasion. The ball bounced middle of the pitch and then again bounced just before the bat of Yuvraj who reacted like a golfer hitting a stationary ball, whacking it to cow corner. Bhatt's misery was complete.

Sriram Veera is a staff writer at ESPNcricinfo