Rajasthan v Chennai, IPL 2011, Jaipur May 9, 2011

Vijay's triple-strike, Jakati's double-take

Plays of the day from the match between Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings in Jaipur

Three strikes
Suresh Raina and M Vijay were timing the ball beautifully during their half-century stand, and with their kamikaze running, a run-out seemed Rajasthan Royals' best chance to break through. In the 14th over, Vijay glanced the ball to fine leg and was zipping back for the second when he realised Raina didn't want the second. The throw missed, and he survived. Two balls later, he was haring for a single which Raina didn't want. Again the throw missed, and he survived. In the next over, Vijay toe-ended the ball towards backward point and jogged through for a single, looking back to see where the ball was. Johan Botha fielded and unleashed a slide-rule throw which caught the dallying Vijay just short.

Dwayne Bravo checks in
It took a marathon journey, including four stopovers, to transport Dwayne Bravo from the Caribbean to Jaipur. He was so tired that he was the only member of the Chennai squad to be given a business-class ticket for the final leg of his flight, from Mumbai to Jaipur. If he was feeling any effects of the exhausting voyage, he didn't show it during the match. In the second over of Rajasthan's chase, he almost pulled off a stunning bit of fielding. He swooped on the ball from point, and under-armed it at the stumps as he fell over. He would have got the big wicket of Shane Watson if the throw had hit. It narrowly missed, and Watson batted on.

How not to catch
Shadab Jakati doesn't have the reputation of being the most sure-fingered of fielders, and he showed why in Jaipur. When Watson top-edged a sweep, the ball swirled towards Jakati, who settled under it but nearly fumbled. The ball popped out of his hands two times, and a relieved Jakati clasped it on the third attempt. In the 12th over, another top edge looped towards him at mid-off. He got under the ball early and attempted to take it Australian-style but he overbalanced and the ball bobbled out of his hands, and on to the ground.

How to catch
Suresh Raina is among the finest fielders in India, and he showed why in Jaipur. Rajasthan's challenge was just about being kept alive by a dashing half-century from Ajinkya Rahane. In the 15th over, Rahane tried to club Bravo over long-on. It was a flat, brutal hit that seemed headed for the crowd, but Raina intercepted it with a well-timed leap to pluck the ball overhead, landing just a couple of yards inside the rope.

A double take
There have been plenty of surprises from the bowlers this season. There have been several double-bouncers, and Vinay Kumar has shown off a Lasith Malinga-style sidearm delivery. Add to that list the Jakati two-timer. On the final delivery of the 11th over, he walked up to bowl, and half-rolled his arm over without actually releasing the ball. He went through with his bowling action once more, and the second time he did fire the ball in towards the unsettled batsman, Johan Botha, who chipped it to mid-on. Umpire Simon Taufel quickly walked over to Jakati and warned him not to repeat the trick, as it constituted unfair play.

Keeping his feet on the ground
Doug Bollinger has always been termed a trier, someone who gives it everything when he's on the field. Bollinger found himself on the floor early during the Rajasthan chase, when he fell over after attempting a pacy bouncer. Even in the penultimate over, with the match safely in Chennai's bag, there was no shortage of enthusiasm. He slipped in another short ball, which Botha top-edged. The ball soared high and was going to land just behind the stumps. Bollinger called early for the catch, and sprinted to pouch it. He got there in time, and hung on to it. Once again he couldn't balance himself, though, and tumbled over clumsily.

Siddarth Ravindran is a sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo