Punjab v Delhi, IPL 2011, Dharamsala May 15, 2011

Missed run-outs and dropped catches

Plays of the Day from the IPL game between Kings XI Punjab and Delhi Daredevils in Dharamsala

A sacrificial lamb that escaped
When Paul Valthaty tapped the ball to point and didn't respond to Adam Gilchrist's call for a single, it looked a run out was inevitable. Gilchrist had charged too far across and even slipped when trying to turn. Yogesh Nagar had the ball and Irfan Pathan was near the stumps at the non-striker's end. It should have been a dead ringer but Nagar fired the throw really hard and on the bounce at Irfan who couldn't collect it. Meanwhile, Valthathy had decided to sacrifice his wicket and crossed Gilchrist. Both escaped.

Revenge is best served cold
When Shalabh Srivastava took the wicket of Naman Ojha, who had tonked him for a few sixes, he should have been screaming in joy. Instead, there was no reaction. No, he wasn't trying to be cool. He didn't even realise he had got his man. He turned back after Glchrist collected the ball and saw that the umpire had ruled it out. He swung around in delight but by then Ojha had turned and disappeared from the scene.

Leap, pouch and land safely
When Travis Birt pulled a delivery to deep midwicket, he must have thought he had hit a six. And he should have but Ryan Harris intervened in some style. Harris leaped, arched back in the air, put one hand up, plucked the ball and landed safely inside the playing arena. It was a classic Youtube moment.

Clanger - 1
Dinesh Karthik waited at the deep midwicket boundary to intercept a lofted hit from Venugopal Rao. He pouched it and stepped back but he realised he was not to going to complete a legal catch as the boundary rope was too near. He tried to throw the ball back into play to avoid a six but just before he could do it, his back foot touched the boundary line. He earned some brownie points in the fair play award as he immediately signalled a six.

Clanger - 2
Karthik fluffed his second chance at redemption. When Nagar pulled a short ball from Praveen Kumar to deep midwicket, Karthik stationed himself under it, swivelled towards his right and went with both hands but spilled the ball.

Sriram Veera is a staff writer at ESPNcricinfo