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Decision to play is player's call - IPL chief


The decision to play is a player's call and no player is forced to represent his club or country, particularly when it's a case of injury, the IPL chief Sundar Raman has said. "I think it has always been up to the player to decide," he told ESPNcricinfo. "Firstly, he has to see whether he is fit or not. And the BCCI physio will take a look at the player and subject to a satisfactory report, he plays.

"The player knows his body better than anyone else does and I don't think I want to sit in judgement on that. If the physio believes that the player is not fit to play a game, he would report that and the player would not play the game.

"Nobody is forced to play. Nobody is forced to play for the country. Nobody is forced to play for their club."

Concerns over players playing despite injuries have come to the fore following Gautam Gambhir's shoulder injury sustained during the World Cup and aggravated during the IPL. Gambhir, who captains Kolkata Knight Riders, played in his team's eliminator play-off on Wednesday hours after the team physio Andrew Leipus wrote to the BCCI that Gambhir needed four to six weeks' rest to recover. Gambhir, however, claimed he had not been aware of the seriousness of the injury and had not discussed the matter with Leipus prior to the game.

Raman refused to comment on the Gambhir issue. "I am honestly not in a position to comment on the Gambhir situation because the Indian physio has to see Gambhir, submit his report, take a view on whether he was fit not fit so it is too premature for me to say right now."

However, he added: "I don't think any player would want to carry or feign an injury and continue to go and play. A player knows his body. I believe they are professionals and if the player is injured, if there are any practices or processes that have not been put in place, that is for the administrative part of it to ensure that all of that is taken care of.

"The player takes the view of somebody who is an expert in that field and I think that's the way it is. I am looking at it as what would I have done? I would have listened to my body."

Tariq Engineer is a senior sub-editor at Cricinfo

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  • Dummy4 on May 29, 2011, 6:00 GMT

    decision to play is the player's call, and it means decision to play the IPL, not int'l matches. the board still reserves the right to ask a player to represent the country in an intl series.

  • Sowndra Rajan on May 28, 2011, 7:50 GMT

    Please guys don't say IPL is destroying indian team.IPL is entertainment for us thats all.In future must be watch the players fitness every match, if the player him self play with stress and he will injured for national team must be give punishment and marginal un expected fine.From this ponit our national physo must be work honest don't faver to any one.So that all club physio must be give report our national team players fitness only. Why sachin,Dhoni need rest they play 20-20 with out any rest after finish WC,why they not take rest IPL this is all lake of BCCI.Please from now itself BCCI make new rule for the IPL national team if any one ask rest give them rest for next one year they ban for IPL&National team only can play domestic.yes i agree sachin is god of cricket and indian team then y he not play WI tour in test,one day ok but test need must experience people to guide.If Deli team had victoryi means he never go for treatment they out from IPL so he gone.

  • Prince on May 28, 2011, 7:41 GMT

    Well said @yaaro_mathobb. In our personal lives we do jobs which pays us more. I am sure most of us are employed/self-employed in private sector rather than in government. Why, because that pays us more or suits our interest more. Lets stop to be hypocrites. Lets look at the positive side of things: Senior players absence is giving opportunity to the youngsters. They are also Indians. They too are selected based on cricketing merits. If they have the mettle in them they shall bring the series home for us, the country. Best of luck to our old and young boys. There are some countries in which all healthy young men are forced to spend at least a few years in Army. I am glad India is not one amongst them. With the kind of population we have, we can afford to be 'large hearted'.

  • Sushanth on May 28, 2011, 6:35 GMT

    As concerning the issue of money, if you, as a salaried worker were to be paid overtime, you might actually sit at your office suring lunch or past leaving time. If I paid you a percentage extra depending on performance and satisfaction, you might actually do your work properly, instead of half-assing it. Why are cricketers held to higher standards than we hold ourselves to? As a country we are ready to attack other people for things we do ourselves. We are ready to bitch and moan about people and their inconsistencies when we ourselves like to hide our problems behind closed doors. Let them enjoy their money. If you want to enjoy a nice game of cricket, why not go play one with your friends? Organize a game with some underpriveledged children or an orphanage and play a simple, good, clean game with them? Why do you bother to watch what goes on in the IPL or with our national team if it only gets you agitated? I am forever an Indian Cricket Fan and will always stand by me team.

  • Sialkoti on May 28, 2011, 4:32 GMT

    Its all money talking. If ICC starts giving millions of dollars to cricketers to play International cricketers they will play with injuries too.

    Money makes a player insane and he only thinks about his bank account rather than his body. Take injections, have pills and play IPL for 3 hours. Any injured player can do that and that what Ghambir and Sehwag did. again its all money.

  • sharath on May 28, 2011, 2:55 GMT

    @Most of the Indians here : First of all, I am an Indian. Stop whining now and importantly stop being hypocrites. We were all happy when Gayle played for RCB and not WI (now please do not pull the WI selection committee's drama here. Gayle had rejected central contract long back, to play in the IPL), we whined when SL called its players back. Now when our players are not available for the national team selection, what happened to our love towards IPL?

  • gerard on May 27, 2011, 23:06 GMT

    Well if the BCCI lets the players pick and choose which matches they play it is heading down a road to nowhere. What next the players opting out if the do not like the look of the wicket or do not fancy facing a quick bowler. The IPL is destroying Indian cricket. Is it fair to then drop a younger player who has stepped in and done well for himself just because a Sachin or a Shewag want to play again? Picking the strongest team to play for India must be the primary objective of the BCCI. It must be made clear to the players, Sachin included, that opting out without a good reason is not an option. The international players should only be allowed to play a limited number of IPL matches and their fitness reviewed after ever game. The good thing is that finally the Indian Public is beginning to see through the reality show aspect of the IPL and viewer figures are dropping, hopefully the whole thing will die a death out of public apathy

  • Mahesh on May 27, 2011, 20:43 GMT

    There is lot of difference between staying around 15-20 hours under hot scraching sun for a test match and 1.5 hours under cool evening lights for a Twenty20 match. for a international tour players should practice everyday and also they don't get any entertainment to get refreshed. for IPL players not practing everyday and also they are getting lot of entertainment in the form of late night parties. Players alre getting lot of money without much strain and also with lots of entertainment. Who hates that? Please stop comenting on players and administrators from your cool AC office desk. if you ever play a first class game for 4-5 days you will know the problem of playing cricket for 4 to 5 days. Players also human beings they will have their own priorities like everyone else. If you don't like IPL please don't watch. for people llike meIPL is giving lots of entertainment and relief from soap operas.

  • rahul on May 27, 2011, 19:22 GMT

    @Eliyafridi playing for country is thematterofnational pride it is not the tamasha like ipl players has toplay if called for..!!!! there is no choice

  • kanishka on May 27, 2011, 14:46 GMT

    problem is IPL itself, firstly it is so long & strenous,it drains out indian international players & secondly the huge money it offers, much more than international cricket, that is why Indian international players are playing in IPL through injuries like sehwag, gambhir, yuvraj and other like Tendulakar, Dhoni and Zaheer they played whole of IPL and opting out from WI international tour! this is the not the first time IPL is hurting Indian international cricket, IPL2 and IPL3 made India crash out of follow up World T20 in early stages in 2009 and 2010. still no lessons learnt! this is real SHAME for indian cricket. the only remedy for this solution is to make IPL short 2 week competetion rather than 6-7 weeks and they should reduce the money offered in IPL to lower than what Indian international players make. that would help indian international players to choose country over club, unless that happens all real cricket lovers who love international cricket should boycott watching IPL

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