Indian Premier League, 13th match: Mumbai Indians v Kochi Tuskers Kerala at Mumbai, Apr 15, 2011
Kochi Tuskers Kerala won by 8 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)
15 April 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Singh to Jacobs, no run, comes back in sharply from short of a good length, Davy is surprised as it takes off at his throat and fends it away


Singh to Jacobs, 1 run, this one is a bit fuller, and on leg stump, comes back in and allows him to tuck towards square leg for a single


Singh to Jacobs, 1 leg bye, Davy gets in to a tangle as another one from RP jags back in, tucking him up, but Sachin pushes him for the single and makes it safely to the other end

Mumbai Indians 7/0   DJ Jacobs 1* (3b)

Vinay Kumar to Jacobs, no run, good start from VInay, length ball outside off that swerves away off the seam, Davy comes forward and shoulders arms


Vinay Kumar to Jacobs, 1 leg bye, Vinay goes up for lbw, this one was angled in to the pads, and Davy missed the flick, again they pinch a single even as Vinay is appealing, going down leg

Mumbai Indians 8/0   DJ Jacobs 1* (5b)

Singh to Jacobs, no run, Davy is not being able to get RP away, the movement in to him is getting him in to awkward positions, misses this on


Singh to Jacobs, 1 run, this one is fuller, angled in on leg, and tucked away towards midwicket


Singh to Jacobs, no run, again Davy is troubled by the incoming delivery, charged at it looking to go over the off side, and could not connect


Singh to Jacobs, no run, this one is right off the middle of the bat, but it is a forward defensive on the off side


Singh to Jacobs, no run, misses out again, tried to turn this short of a good length ball fine on the leg side

Mumbai Indians 21/0   DJ Jacobs 2* (10b)

Vinay Kumar to Jacobs, 1 run, very full delivery outside off, Davy tries to drive it through covers but gets it off a thick edge to the left of a diving point, third man fields

Mumbai Indians 23/0   DJ Jacobs 3* (11b)

Singh to Jacobs, no run, fuller one from RP, he comes forward and pushes it to cover


Singh to Jacobs, 1 leg bye, full and swinging down leg stump, he gets it a tangle outside leg, but they pinch the run as the ball rolls towards RP


Singh to Jacobs, no run, going straight on outside off from a length, Davy goes for the big drive, but is too late on the shot

Mumbai Indians 35/0   DJ Jacobs 3* (14b)

Gomez to Jacobs, no run, meanwhile Davy continues to find the field, this one is pushed away to short extra cover


Gomez to Jacobs, 1 run, throws his bat at a wide one outside off stump, there is a man at sweeper cover

Mumbai Indians 47/0   DJ Jacobs 4* (16b)

Perera to Jacobs, 1 wide, called a wide, didn't look to be one, Davy went hard at it from the crease and, well, missed


Perera to Jacobs, 2 runs, eases this one past point, lovely timing on this one from Davy, but Hodge runs in hard from third man and dives to stop the ball with his foot, almost kicks it back in football fashion, like a tackling defender would have done


Perera to Jacobs, 1 run, fuller one around off and Davy drives down the ground to long off


Perera to Jacobs, 1 run, goes very hard at it , long off is in business again

Mumbai Indians 55/0   DJ Jacobs 8* (19b)

Gomez to Jacobs, FOUR, likes Raiphi;s friendly pace, goes down on the knee and slogs him over midwicket


Gomez to Jacobs, OUT, Raiphi ends Davy's painful stay this time, in the blockhole, Davy was surprised, played all over it and found his off stump rattled

DJ Jacobs b Gomez 12 (21b 1x4 0x6) SR: 57.14

Mumbai Indians 61/1   DJ Jacobs 12 (21b 1x4)





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