Indian Premier League, 15th match: Deccan Chargers v Kings XI Punjab at Hyderabad (Deccan), Apr 16, 2011
Kings XI Punjab won by 8 wickets (with 14 balls remaining)
16 April 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Welcome back for the chase. Hardly any time for dinner. That's why I had it during the Deccan innings. Gilchrist and Paul to open for Punjab. Steyn to charge in


Steyn to Gilchrist, FOUR, Adam shuffles cross and gets this one off the pads and past short fine leg, boundary off the first ball


Steyn to Gilchrist, no run, pacy length delivery coming in to Gilchrist, he plays it out on the leg side


Steyn to Gilchrist, 1 run, this one does not come back in, angles across outside off stump, he stays in the crease and steers it to third man


Steyn to Valthaty, no run, moves away sharply from short of a good length outside off, he tries to cut it from the crease but it climbs sharply past him


Steyn to Valthaty, FOUR, uses Steyn;s pace nicely this time, backs away a touch, this one moves away again, but short and he cut it over point and wide of third man


Steyn to Valthaty, no run, hangs back in the crease, looking to go off side again, but Steyn rips this one from a length and past his weak waft

End of over 1 (9 runs) Kings XI Punjab 9/0 (157 runs required from 19 overs, RR: 9.00, RRR: 8.26)

    • PC Valthaty 4 (3b 1x4)
    • AC Gilchrist 5 (3b 1x4)
    • DW Steyn 1-0-9-0

yaju: "Btw, what do you eat in dinner. It hardly takes you time." You really want to know, nothing flashy, some rice and veggies. Ishant from the other end


Sharma to Gilchrist, no run, pushed back to the bowler from the crease


Sharma to Gilchrist, no run, angles this across Gilly who goes for the whiplash cut but cannot beat backward point


Sharma to Gilchrist, 2 runs, goes for the pull over midwicket to a short one that climbs quickly on to him and just beats Gony running back from mid on


Sharma to Gilchrist, no run, stands in the crease waiting for this length ball to come on, takes a step out and punches hard to cover


Sharma to Gilchrist, FOUR, slap! Gilly stays on the back foot, bends it in the end and slaps a fuller one past extra cover this time


Sharma to Gilchrist, 1 leg bye, wants to turn one on the pads through square leg, but gets a leading edge towards covers

End of over 2 (7 runs) Kings XI Punjab 16/0 (150 runs required from 18 overs, RR: 8.00, RRR: 8.33)

    • AC Gilchrist 11 (9b 2x4)
    • PC Valthaty 4 (3b 1x4)
    • I Sharma 1-0-6-0
    • DW Steyn 1-0-9-0

Murtaza: "Wonder y sanga didnt start wid a spinner...May b Misra or Dumminy"


Steyn to Gilchrist, 1 run, looks to pull a ball that is not short enough, gets it off the bottom edge in front of square leg


Steyn to Valthaty, FOUR, Steyn goes on the pads from a length, Paul uses the angle nicely to pick him over square leg and couple of bounces in to the boundary


Steyn to Valthaty, (no ball) 1 run, good comeback from Steyn, pacy fuller one that moves away late outside off and takes the outside edge down to third man, Steyn has overstepped


Steyn to Gilchrist, 1 run, Gilchrist goes for the big swipe down the ground, but gets a steepling edge that is taken at extra cover, it is the free hit anyways


Steyn to Valthaty, no run, gives him the furious bouncer, and Paul goes down underneath it


Steyn to Valthaty, 1 run, angled in on leg stump, Paul backs away and drives wide of extra cover, mid off dives across to save the boundary


Steyn to Gilchrist, 1 run, slower one from Steyn on the pads, he works it away towards midwicket

End of over 3 (10 runs) Kings XI Punjab 26/0 (140 runs required from 17 overs, RR: 8.66, RRR: 8.23)

    • AC Gilchrist 14 (12b 2x4)
    • PC Valthaty 10 (7b 2x4)
    • DW Steyn 2-0-19-0
    • I Sharma 1-0-6-0

Sharma to Gilchrist, 1 run, takes a step across to push a back of a length ball in front of extra cover, 'yeah, yeah, yeah' goes Adam, and they go through for the run


Sharma to Valthaty, 1 wide, ishant tries the slower one but it goes wrong, ending up full and wide down the leg side, Paul tried to tap it away but missed


Sharma to Valthaty, no run, bangs this one in back of a length and gets good lift, Paul went for the forcing cut but it was too close to him and he is beaten


Sharma to Valthaty, no run, the bouncer now, outside off stump, and he lets it go


Sharma to Valthaty, SIX, shortish and wide from Ishant outside off stump, Paul slashes hard at it, and gets it over point, wide of third man and all the way over the ropes


Sharma to Valthaty, no run, pings mid off with the front foot drive to a length ball


Sharma to Valthaty, (no ball) 1 run, Ishant gets the leading edge and it settles in the hands of point easily, it was a full delivery on the pads, Paul was early on the flick and got the edge, but well, Ishant has overstepped, oh then


Sharma to Gilchrist, no run, uff, that is agricultural from Adam, normally he would have gone for the big swipe over the leg side, but he tries the pick-up shot over short fine leg and misses completely outside off

End of over 4 (10 runs) Kings XI Punjab 36/0 (130 runs required from 16 overs, RR: 9.00, RRR: 8.12)

    • AC Gilchrist 15 (14b 2x4)
    • PC Valthaty 17 (12b 2x4 1x6)
    • I Sharma 2-0-16-0
    • DW Steyn 2-0-19-0

Gony to Valthaty, FOUR, Calypso thwacko! Pual gets a helpful short one from Gony, and pulls it in the air on one leg through midwicket


Gony to Valthaty, FOUR, just stands in the crease and mows this length ball over mid off, comfortably clears the man in the end


Gony to Valthaty, SIX, and another one, Paul can;t do anything wrong at the moment, comes down the track, and hammers a fuller one wide of mid off, and it carries all the way

Sanga standing up to Gony now


Gony to Valthaty, no run, stays in the crease, brings front foot out and drives it back to the bowler


Gony to Valthaty, FOUR, slower one from the back of the hand, but he gets this one away as well, slams it wide of the man at long off who dives to his left but cannot stop it


Gony to Valthaty, 1 wide, sprays this one short and wide outside off stump, Sanga saves four byes with a brilliant take


Gony to Valthaty, FOUR, Gony has already gone for plenty this over, and goes for one more boundary now, full and wide outside off stump, and Paul smashes it past point, third man had no chance at all

End of over 5 (23 runs) Kings XI Punjab 59/0 (107 runs required from 15 overs, RR: 11.80, RRR: 7.13)

    • PC Valthaty 39 (18b 6x4 2x6)
    • AC Gilchrist 15 (14b 2x4)
    • MS Gony 1-0-23-0
    • I Sharma 2-0-16-0

gowdham: "Interesting : Big hitters never hit during Free hits, Sehwag had some dots during world cup, now Gilly n some more :)"


Sharma to Gilchrist, 1 run, Gilly chops this one from outside off past the keeper, but third man cuts it off


Sharma to Valthaty, no run, goes for a big pull, but this one is not short at all, and he mistimes it in to the ground


Sharma to Valthaty, no run, hammered off the back foot, he is just standing and thumping them, back of a length outside off but he cannot get it past cover


Sharma to Valthaty, 1 leg bye, sees him backing away a long way outside leg and fires it in to him, he tries to swing it away but cannot connect


Sharma to Gilchrist, no run, Gilchrist pushes a length ball towards covers and immediately shouts 'NO'


Sharma to Gilchrist, 1 run, takes this back of a length ball from off stump and runs it down to third man

End of over 6 (3 runs) Kings XI Punjab 62/0 (104 runs required from 14 overs, RR: 10.33, RRR: 7.42)

    • AC Gilchrist 17 (17b 2x4)
    • PC Valthaty 39 (21b 6x4 2x6)
    • I Sharma 3-0-18-0
    • MS Gony 1-0-23-0

Boris: "A haunting picture to think of Gilchrist trying to play pretty 'dilscoops'! Please just wack them as you usually do Gilly, no need to do anything different!"

kaustubh: "Gony's bowling action is pretty strange...while he is about to bowl, he looks like a bit of Malcolm Marshall (chest-on) but when he bowls he does it side-on. This probably explains the lack of speed!"


Gony to Gilchrist, FOUR, Sanga persists with Gony who delivers a harmless shortish one, Gilly rocks back and pulls it over midwicket in a flash


Gony to Gilchrist, 1 leg bye, tries the pick-up shot over square leg, but misses and takes it on the pads


Gony to Valthaty, no run, tries the bouncer, gets it on target and makes Paul duck


Gony to Valthaty, 1 run, slower and fuller, he eases it in the air down the ground on the bounce to long off with a straight-batted loft


Gony to Gilchrist, SIX, Adam Gilchrist tees off in to the crowd, length ball on his pads and he mows it over wide long on, this is the real one, not the scooping one


Gony to Gilchrist, 1 run, wide one outside off, swatted away down the ground towards long off

End of over 7 (13 runs) Kings XI Punjab 75/0 (91 runs required from 13 overs, RR: 10.71, RRR: 7.00)

    • AC Gilchrist 28 (21b 3x4 1x6)
    • PC Valthaty 40 (23b 6x4 2x6)
    • MS Gony 2-0-35-0
    • I Sharma 3-0-18-0

Mishra in to the attack


Mishra to Gilchrist, no run, and right away, he gets one to turn in to Gilly and raps him on the pads, Mishra implores, shouts, jumps in the air, but the umpire is unmoved, that was really close, in fact it is hitting leg, lucky Gilly


Mishra to Gilchrist, 1 run, fuller and outside off, slammed away to long off


Mishra to Valthaty, no run, tossed up slower through the air, comes forward and defends


Mishra to Valthaty, FOUR, turning away but dropped short, he rocks back and slaps it away over extra cover


Mishra to Valthaty, no run, cannot work this one on leg stump away


Mishra to Valthaty, no run, good sharp take by slip to his left, it was bowled full and slid in straight on the pads, he went for a swing, and the ball carried to slip, umpire thinks there is no bat, there was a huge appeal

End of over 8 (5 runs) Kings XI Punjab 80/0 (86 runs required from 12 overs, RR: 10.00, RRR: 7.16)

    • PC Valthaty 44 (27b 7x4 2x6)
    • AC Gilchrist 29 (23b 3x4 1x6)
    • A Mishra 1-0-5-0
    • MS Gony 2-0-35-0

Christian comes on


Christian to Gilchrist, no run, squeezes away a full and wide one to point


Christian to Gilchrist, SIX, in to the second tier goes Adam, length ball around off and he slams it high and way over long on


Christian to Gilchrist, FOUR, squeezes a wide and full one past point, sweeper cover tries a football style diving tackle, gets legs to the ball, but it trickles over the ropes


Christian to Gilchrist, 1 run, another full toss wide outside off, gets away this time as Gilly slaps it straight to Ravi Teja at sweeper cover


Christian to Valthaty, 1 run, meets the ball with a straight bat but cannot beat a diving extra cover


Christian to Gilchrist, FOUR, this is really poor bowling, consistently full and wide outside off, Gilly hammers it wide of sweeper cover and he gets nowhere near it

End of over 9 (16 runs) Kings XI Punjab 96/0 (70 runs required from 11 overs, RR: 10.66, RRR: 6.36)

    • AC Gilchrist 44 (28b 5x4 2x6)
    • PC Valthaty 45 (28b 7x4 2x6)
    • DT Christian 1-0-16-0
    • A Mishra 1-0-5-0

Mishra to Valthaty, 1 run, slides on quickly from back of a length, he stays back and punches in the air to long off


Mishra to Gilchrist, no run, turns in to Adam who cannot work it away


Mishra to Gilchrist, SIX, Gilly finds his range, and it lies beyond the boundary, comes out and lofts a flighted one straight down the ground, 50 for him


Mishra to Gilchrist, no run, pushed back to the bowler


Mishra to Gilchrist, no run, played away towards covers


Mishra to Gilchrist, 1 run, good ball from Mishra, slides it wide and short across Adam as he sees him charging out, he adjusts to reach out and slap it away on the bounce to sweeper cover

End of over 10 (8 runs) Kings XI Punjab 104/0 (62 runs required from 60 balls, RR: 10.40, RRR: 6.20)

    • AC Gilchrist 51 (33b 5x4 3x6)
    • PC Valthaty 46 (29b 7x4 2x6)
    • A Mishra 2-0-13-0
    • DT Christian 1-0-16-0

JP D in to the attack


Duminy to Gilchrist, 1 wide, looks to work this one fine on the leg side, but does not connect cleanly


Duminy to Gilchrist, 1 run, shuffles and works this one from middle and leg down the ground


Duminy to Valthaty, 1 run, slammed off the front foot to long off


Duminy to Gilchrist, 1 wide, fired wide down the leg side from round the stumps


Duminy to Gilchrist, 2 leg byes, nothing is going right for Deccan, Gilly goes down for the big sweep, but the ball flies past Sanga, Ishant runs hard and clumsily puts in the dive, landing hard on the ground


Duminy to Gilchrist, no run, pushed back to the bowler


Duminy to Gilchrist, no run, fired in around leg stump, Gilly gets in to a tangle and cannot work it away


Duminy to Gilchrist, 1 run, fires in another one, a touch short and Gilly looks for the pull, but it hurries on to him and he mistimes it in slowly in the air to long on

End of over 11 (7 runs) Kings XI Punjab 111/0 (55 runs required from 54 balls, RR: 10.09, RRR: 6.11)

    • AC Gilchrist 53 (38b 5x4 3x6)
    • PC Valthaty 47 (30b 7x4 2x6)
    • JP Duminy 1-0-5-0
    • A Mishra 2-0-13-0

joel: "Gilly you legend, who would have thought after 8 overs you would beat Valthaty to a half century. still the best aussie wicketkeeper/batsmen."


Steyn to Gilchrist, 1 wide, Sanga goes flying to his right to take a pacy length ball sprayed wide down leg by Steyn


Steyn to Gilchrist, 1 run, slower one this time around off stump, Gilly stays in the crease and steers it to third man


Steyn to Valthaty, no run, furious delivery, moving away from short of a length, Paul looks to hammer it through point, too quick for him at 149.4 kph


Steyn to Valthaty, no run, and again, this time he hops in the air and throws his bat at this short of a good length delivery but it bounces high over his blade


Steyn to Valthaty, no run, Paul getting the working over from the world's premier pacer, bouncer this time and he ducks quickly


Steyn to Valthaty, 1 run, now the slower one, lovely stuff from Steyn, he was early in to the drive, but long off is right on the boundary, and extra cover cannot get to it


Steyn to Gilchrist, 2 runs, whipped off the pads wide of fine leg by Gilly for a couple

End of over 12 (5 runs) Kings XI Punjab 116/0 (50 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 9.66, RRR: 6.25)

    • AC Gilchrist 56 (40b 5x4 3x6)
    • PC Valthaty 48 (34b 7x4 2x6)
    • DW Steyn 3-0-24-0
    • JP Duminy 1-0-5-0

Praveen: "Did anyone bother to notice the supreme efforts by Sanga behind wickets to stop all those weird widish deliveries??"


Duminy to Valthaty, SIX, Paul takes off straight down the ground, and gets to his 50, long off was interested till the end but the ball just beat him over the ropes


Duminy to Valthaty, 1 run, swipes this one through midwicket off the back foot, he is going at everything


Duminy to Gilchrist, 1 run, works this one on the pads in front of square leg


Duminy to Valthaty, 1 run, mistimes the pull off a shortish but quicker one to long on


Duminy to Gilchrist, 1 run, slapped away wide of point who does well to dive and stop the ball, it was Chipli


Duminy to Valthaty, SIX, another one, this guy is in some touch, comes down the track and smokes a full delivery way above long off,

End of over 13 (16 runs) Kings XI Punjab 132/0 (34 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 10.15, RRR: 4.85)

    • PC Valthaty 62 (38b 7x4 4x6)
    • AC Gilchrist 58 (42b 5x4 3x6)
    • JP Duminy 2-0-21-0
    • DW Steyn 3-0-24-0

Mishra to Gilchrist, 1 run, turning in from middle stump, goes back and pushes it for a single down to long on


Mishra to Valthaty, no run, misreads the googly, throws his bat playing for the leg break, struck on the pads outside leg, ball loops away to slip


Mishra to Valthaty, 1 run, fuller one, slogged away down to long off


Mishra to Gilchrist, no run, another googly, but a touch short, he goes back and pushes it back to the bowler


Mishra to Gilchrist, 2 runs, worked away off the pads through midwicket, Paul comes back for the second, and just makes it


Mishra to Gilchrist, OUT, Mishra gets Gilly with a flat half-tracker, Gilly pulls it straight to deep square leg, he did not have to move at all, Mishra gives him a send-off, gesturing towards the dressing room, Gilly acknowledges the generous applause as he walks back

AC Gilchrist c Ravi Teja b Mishra 61 (46b 5x4 3x6) SR: 132.60

End of over 14 (4 runs) Kings XI Punjab 136/1 (30 runs required from 36 balls, RR: 9.71, RRR: 5.00)

    • PC Valthaty 63 (40b 7x4 4x6)
    • A Mishra 3-0-17-1
    • JP Duminy 2-0-21-0

Nayar comes in at No 3


Christian to Valthaty, no run, bangs this one short, and Paul gets out of the way


Christian to Valthaty, 1 run, slapped away over the bowler to long off


Christian to Nayar, no run, beats him outside off stump with a pacy ball that angles across him even as he pushes forward


Christian to Nayar, no run, walks across and chops a length ball close to the stumps, does not know where the ball has gone as he looks around


Christian to Nayar, no run, defends this one on a length outside off


Christian to Nayar, 2 runs, gets a short and wide one and slaps it wide of sweeper cover for a couple

End of over 15 (3 runs) Kings XI Punjab 139/1 (27 runs required from 30 balls, RR: 9.26, RRR: 5.40)

    • AM Nayar 2 (4b)
    • PC Valthaty 64 (42b 7x4 4x6)
    • DT Christian 2-0-19-0
    • A Mishra 3-0-17-1

mukesh: "hats off gilly the way u have entertained millions of people since long time with such a skill and exceptional gentlemanly behaviour."

salman: "I always believed amit mishra is the best indian spinner. better than over rated bhaji and chawla."

ab: "seems like valthaty is out to reclaim the orange cap....amazing turnaround by the kings...they were one of my favs for the the bottom 3 position initially..."


Mishra to Valthaty, 1 run, driven hard off the front foot, extra cover cannot stop it cleanly


Mishra to Nayar, 1 leg bye, Nayar comes out of his crouching stance down the track, but only manages to push it away off the pads in front of extra cover


Mishra to Valthaty, SIX, Paul doing it again for Punjab, goes down on the knee and slog-sweeps from outside off stump and high over deep midwicket


Mishra to Valthaty, no run, looks to repeat the shot, doesn't pick the googly and is beaten


Mishra to Valthaty, FOUR, connects alright this time, down the track, and slams this flat delivery wide of long off for another boundary


Mishra to Valthaty, OUT, he is gone finally, looked to belt another one over long on, but could not time it well, Iishant took a well-judged catch running to his left from long on

PC Valthaty c Sharma b Mishra 75 (47b 8x4 5x6) SR: 159.57

End of over 16 (12 runs) Kings XI Punjab 151/2 (15 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 9.43, RRR: 3.75)

    • AM Nayar 2 (5b)
    • A Mishra 4-0-28-2
    • DT Christian 2-0-19-0

Dinesh comes out now


Sharma to Karthik, no run, hullo, Dinesh gives Ishant a blind charge and is beaten completely outside off stump


Sharma to Karthik, 1 run, dropped short and wide, Dinesh cuts it hard off the back foot, but point drops the sharp diving chance to his left, JP Duminy it was who went leaping but could not hold on


Sharma to Nayar, 2 runs, Nayar walks across the stumps and shovels a length ball past midwicket for a couple


Sharma to Nayar, 1 run, Nayar swings on one leg for a ferocious pull off a short one on leg, but hits it straight to deep square leg


Sharma to Karthik, no run, Dinesh hops in the air to keep down a sharply rising short one from Ishant, tries to go for the single but the ball was close to the stumps


Sharma to Karthik, 1 run, this time he hops and keeps the short one down in front of point and Nayar lumbers across for the single

End of over 17 (5 runs) Kings XI Punjab 156/2 (10 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 9.17, RRR: 3.33)

    • KD Karthik 2 (4b)
    • AM Nayar 5 (7b)
    • I Sharma 4-0-23-0
    • A Mishra 4-0-28-2

Christian to Karthik, 1 run, angled in on the pads, worked away off the back foot behind square leg

ajit: "with full respect to runs valathay is scoring.. i don't thnk he is that good... he can't pick wrong one of mishra ... can't play genuine pace of steyn."


Christian to Nayar, FOUR, Nayar goes for the pull off the front foot, bends the back leg, and hammers it past deep square leg


Christian to Nayar, FOUR, swivels and goes for another pull, the top edge flies over the keeper in to the boundary


Christian to Nayar, 1 leg bye, appeal for leg-before, Deccan haven't had anything going their way, full toss that Nayar swipes across the line and misses, they scramble for the leg-bye, that was very close, Dan cannot believe it, but Punjab are home

That is all from us for this game fellas. Do join us for tomorrow's games. Till then this is Abhishek Purohit signing off. Cheers!

Apparently, Paul becomes the first player to take a four-wicket haul and make a half-century in the IPL.

Paul Valthaty is the Man of the Match. Paul: "Probably I am a calm person. It was important that I forgot my previous innings, new game, new day. Happy that I did it. Honestly my family and friends helped me out. Adam spoke to me as well before we came to the ground. So far so good. Previous innings I remained not out. I would not dwell too much in to this. So far so good. It is a long tournament. I will try to take each game as it comes. To be on par with the god of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, is great."

Gilchrist comes up to loud cheers: "I was trying to hang in with Paul. Nice to get that partnership. The way Paul is going the total was n't enough. He is a very calm customer. He has a had a very busy couple of days with messages and all, but he has dealt with it very well. We complemented each other very well through phases. I was giving him the strike early on, and later he did the same. It was a tough chase. If you play as well as Paul did, you end up winning easier. They have a very experienced bowling line-up, very pleasing for our batsmen to come through."

Sangakkara: "I thought it was a competitive total, maybe 15-20 runs more. Gilly and Paul batted really well. they hit every loose ball to the boundary or over it. we weren't just good enough today."

While we wait for the presentation, Sid Monga has his bulletin ready for you to read.

136-run opening stand between Gilchrist and Valthaty, and that's where the match ended as a contest. Paul blazed away first, then Gilchrist teed away and got to his half-century first. Comfortable win for Punjab. And yeah, Paul also took four wickets earlier with his really slow slower ones.

Smid: "So Paul can bat,he can bowl. What next? Wicketkeeping? Watch out Gilly!!" Haah!

Harbinder: "with full respect to Ajit....There arn't many in the world let alone indian domestic circuit who can play the genuine pace of steyn."

sharma: "@Ajit: if all good players could players could play the 'genuine pace' of Steyn then he wouldn't be the best bowler in the world. Valthaty's not Bradman, but give the guy some credit.." Ajit has a point, he wasn't picking the googlies very well. But Steyn is a different case, of course, not many can get him away.

Ankit: "@ajit:hey...u should admire the courage with which Valthaty played those's still early dayz for him at the BIG stage!!!"






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