Indian Premier League, 23rd match: Kings XI Punjab v Rajasthan Royals at Mohali, Apr 21, 2011
Kings XI Punjab won by 48 runs
21 April 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Talking of Aussies, out walks Paul Reiffel along with co-umpire Sudhir Asnani. Valthaty and Gilchrist come out too. Zinta has her flag ready. Time to play. Gilchrist, playing his 50th IPL game, on strike. Sid Trivedi to bowl

Team news Stop the press. Swapnil "Little Kalu" Asnodkar is back. As is Rahul Dravid. Stuart Binny to play too. Dishant Yagnik is in. Go to Yagnik's player page. Cricinfo has his latest pictures. Match starts in 10 minutes

Toss Simon Doull says "sat shri akal". "Sweet as," say we.

Shane Warne says it is a "batters' payday today". Flat pitch, good bounce, sounds fun? He wins the toss and chooses to field, fearing dew. Warne has made a few changes and "don't remember them". Punjab have made one change, bringing Bhargav Bhatt in place of Vikramjeet Singh Malik

7.15pm Oh by the way, just to establish Test cricket's primacy, have a look at this. Try as it may, no Twenty20 cricket can be as rewarding. Although those two centuries took so much out of Kallis

7pm Shane Warne and Adam Gilchrist are here. Priety Zinta [can never be sure if it is ie or ei] and Shilpa Shetty are here. The former two are retired form full-time cricket. The latter two are retired from full-time Bollywood. Fitting really that we are in the middle stages of IPL IV. Since the game has a certain Australian flavour to it, look what I have found.

P Siddy would have had some hope for a vacancy when Sri Lanka were announcing their Test squad, but turns out Lasith Malinga had pulled out from their Test side in advance. In other news Chris Gayle will be playing the IPL when his national side is involved in a series with Pakistan. Must be one hell of a tournament, the IPL. And you can pick your XIs here. Toss in 30 minutes


Trivedi to Gilchrist, no run, angled across, left alone, bounces in front of the wicketkeeper


Trivedi to Gilchrist, no run, and a repeat, left alone again, and bounces in front of the keeper again. And to say that the wicket is all green


Trivedi to Gilchrist, FOUR, nice punch shot, he seemed to have just defended this length ball, and then it screamed across between cover and extra cover


Trivedi to Gilchrist, 1 no ball, it's all happening! Bowled off a no-ball! And Gilchrist doesn't know of the no-ball, and is walking back when one RR fielder disturbs the bails and appeals for a run-out. Good try. Good knowledge of cricket rules. Well done Dinesh Yagnik


Trivedi to Gilchrist, FOUR, and the free hit has got the deserving treatment, the gentle half-tracker has been pulled over midwicket


Trivedi to Gilchrist, 2 runs, gets the inside half of the bat on a drive, and gets two runs wide of square leg


Trivedi to Gilchrist, 1 wide, wide outside off, angling away, second extra of the over


Trivedi to Gilchrist, 1 run, pushed wide of mid-off to retain the strike

End of over 1 (13 runs) Kings XI Punjab 13/0 (RR: 13.00)

    • AC Gilchrist 11 (7b 2x4)
    • PC Valthaty 0 (0b)
    • SK Trivedi 1-0-13-0

Shaun Tait to bowl now


Tait to Gilchrist, 1 run, bouncer at 150.3ks, nice start, and Gilchrist is late on the pull, which falls short of fine leg

Tait to Valthaty now. Expect Tait's fastest, famous man. Slip, gully, leg gully, deep point


Tait to Valthaty, 1 run, and he has hit the leather off this short ball outside off, but there is a deep point in place to keep them down to one


Tait to Gilchrist, 1 run, full at 149.5ks, Gilly takes a single to mid-on


Tait to Valthaty, 1 no ball, short ball, gets big, and gone! Hang on, though, they are checking it for no-ball, and that too on both counts - front foot and back foot cutting the side line! And he has cut the side line. Two wickets, two no-balls! What a shame. And it was superbly worked out too. Short ball, rising up, two gullies, and guided to the second one of that


Tait to Valthaty, FOUR, and Valthaty pours salt on that wound! Makes room and lofts this free-hit deliver over extra cover


Tait to Valthaty, no run, slower ball outside off, left alone


Tait to Valthaty, 2 wides, wide down the leg side, and Yagnik is ordinary with the keeping gloves, and Tait speaks a famous four-letter word out loud


Tait to Gilchrist, FOUR, and now Tait's pace is hurting Tait himself. Gilchrist rocks back to a short-of-a-length delivery and punches it wide of mid-off. And my word, does it travel. Looked like a single when it left his bat. Turns out to be a four, beating the mid-off to the fence. The outfield is as quick as Tait

End of over 2 (14 runs) Kings XI Punjab 27/0 (RR: 13.50)

    • AC Gilchrist 17 (10b 3x4)
    • PC Valthaty 5 (4b 1x4)
    • SW Tait 1-0-14-0
    • SK Trivedi 1-0-13-0

Trivedi to Valthaty, SIX, this was a bouncer in slow motion compared to the pace Tait is bowling at, and Valthaty pulls it without any trouble for six


Trivedi to Valthaty, FOUR, Ooof, what a beautiful shot! Length ball, lofted over mid-on. High elbow. Holds the pose


Trivedi to Valthaty, SIX, Valthatyyyyyy! Unstoppable. Nothing wrong with the delivery, back of a length, on middle, and he short-arm-pulls it over midwicket for another six. What wrists on this

Literally a cat has been set among the pigeons


Trivedi to Valthaty, no run, slower ball now, respectfully defended. Peace brother


Trivedi to Valthaty, FOUR, no more peace... slower ball, picks it up early, makes room, and sends it crashing over point


Trivedi to Valthaty, (no ball) FOUR, another no-ball! And it's a low full toss on the pads too, and he has flicked it wide of square leg to bring up the fastest team fifty in IPL history

And I repeat, this is the fastest team fifty in IPL history. What's more? Free hit coming up


Trivedi to Valthaty, no run, and he slogs at this one, what a shame. The mis-hit goes only as far as square leg

End of over 3 (25 runs) Kings XI Punjab 52/0 (RR: 17.33)

    • PC Valthaty 29 (11b 4x4 2x6)
    • AC Gilchrist 17 (10b 3x4)
    • SK Trivedi 2-0-38-0
    • SW Tait 1-0-14-0

Warne comes on now


Warne to Gilchrist, no run, back of a length, stays back and defends


Warne to Gilchrist, SIX, and RR continue to bleed! A filthy long hop from Warner, Gilly says thank you very much mate, pulling it into the stands


Warne to Gilchrist, FOUR, carnage continues... short again, on the pads, flicked between square leg and midwicket


Warne to Gilchrist, 1 run, mis-fielded this time! gently tapped back to Warne's left, he doesn't collect cleanly, and they steal the single


Warne to Valthaty, 2 runs, decent delivery again, but cut away from back of a length, and takes a couple to wide to sweeper-cover


Warne to Valthaty, 2 runs, under edge on the sweep here, and he still gets a couple as this goes fine of short fine leg

End of over 4 (15 runs) Kings XI Punjab 67/0 (RR: 16.75)

    • PC Valthaty 33 (13b 4x4 2x6)
    • AC Gilchrist 28 (14b 4x4 1x6)
    • SK Warne 1-0-15-0
    • SK Trivedi 2-0-38-0

Watson to try his hand now


Watson to Gilchrist, no run, wide and shortish, punched away, but finds extra cover

round the wicket he is bowling


Watson to Gilchrist, OUT, finally something goes Rajasthan's way! Gilchrist goes for another powerful hit, doesn't get the elevation and Tait takes the easy catch at mid-on. What relief for rajasthan

AC Gilchrist c Tait b Watson 28 (16b 4x4 1x6) SR: 175.00

Shaun Marsh to bat now. Over the wicket goes Watson


Watson to Marsh, no run, angled across Marsh, nearly gets the edge as marsh drives away from the body


Watson to Marsh, 2 runs, drives away from the body again, gets a thick edge square of third man to take a couple


Watson to Marsh, FOUR, beautiful shot! Overpitched delivery, and he off-drives it between bowler and mid-off. High elbow and all that


Watson to Marsh, no run, shorter this time, left alone outside off

End of over 5 (6 runs) Kings XI Punjab 73/1 (RR: 14.60)

    • SE Marsh 6 (4b 1x4)
    • PC Valthaty 33 (13b 4x4 2x6)
    • SR Watson 1-0-6-1
    • SK Warne 1-0-15-0

Tait is back


Tait to Valthaty, no run, starts with a nice yorker, which Valthaty drives to mid-off

two orthodox slips in place


Tait to Valthaty, no run, short and wide, Valthaty goes for a wild cut, misses


Tait to Valthaty, no run, bouncer, chest-high, Valthaty backs away to attempt the upper-cut. No connection, though


Tait to Valthaty, 4 leg byes, an indication of Tait's pace is that this one hits Valthaty in the hip area, and flies across the outfield for four leg byes


Tait to Valthaty, no run, Valthaty backs away and swings, but misses this shortish delivery outside off


Tait to Valthaty, no run, maiden over! And the score in 77 after six over! Paul tries the upper-cut again, and is beaten by the pace again

End of over 6 (4 runs, maiden) Kings XI Punjab 77/1 (RR: 12.83)

    • PC Valthaty 33 (19b 4x4 2x6)
    • SE Marsh 6 (4b 1x4)
    • SW Tait 2-1-14-0
    • SR Watson 1-0-6-1

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Punjab are 77 after 6 overs despite one of those overs being a maiden. Go figure. Watson back round the wicket to Marsh


Watson to Marsh, 1 run, full outside off, pushed to cover for one


Watson to Valthaty, no run, pitched up around off, driven to cover


Watson to Valthaty, 1 run, clipped away off the pads for a single to square leg


Watson to Marsh, 1 run, runs this off the face of the bat to third man


Watson to Valthaty, 1 run, another incredible shot. Back of a length, and he punches it on the up, back at Watson, who gets a hand to it, saving three runs


Watson to Marsh, FOUR, and Marsh matches it with the extra-cover drive! Comes forward, opens the bat face slightly to place this wide of extra cover. Amazing batting

End of over 7 (8 runs) Kings XI Punjab 85/1 (RR: 12.14)

    • SE Marsh 12 (7b 2x4)
    • PC Valthaty 35 (22b 4x4 2x6)
    • SR Watson 2-0-14-1
    • SW Tait 2-1-14-0

Warne comes back


Warne to Valthaty, no run, sharp legbreak, played towards point


Warne to Valthaty, 1 run, short again, cut away to sweeper-cover

Boys, can you get Paul's orange cap here?


Warne to Marsh, FOUR, lovely batting, for all the hitting here, marsh has played three beautiful shots quietly. This time he comes down the track and chips Warne over midwicket. No violence


Warne to Marsh, no run, defends this one back to the bowler


Warne to Marsh, 1 run, opens the face on this, uses soft hands, and they take a single


Warne to Valthaty, no run, punched away, but finds extra cover

End of over 8 (6 runs) Kings XI Punjab 91/1 (RR: 11.37)

    • PC Valthaty 36 (25b 4x4 2x6)
    • SE Marsh 17 (10b 3x4)
    • SK Warne 2-0-21-0
    • SR Watson 2-0-14-1

Stuart Binny, Roger's son, to bowl military medium


Binny to Marsh, 1 run, back of a length, pushed wide of cover for a single


Binny to Valthaty, 1 run, slower ball, the inside edge gets him a single towards square leg


Binny to Marsh, 1 run, pushed to long-off for one


Binny to Valthaty, 2 runs, As soon as the match finishes, Valthaty must go to a casino! Slower ball, he skies it and it falls between mid-off and long-off. Two fielders go after you, after you


Binny to Valthaty, 1 run, The casino is waiting Paul! Another mis-hit towards long-off, and Asnodkar comes charging in, puts the dive in, but it bursts through his hands. And he hurts himself too as he takes the fall


Binny to Marsh, 1 run, slower full toss, quite non-happeningly turned away for a single

End of over 9 (7 runs) Kings XI Punjab 98/1 (RR: 10.88)

    • SE Marsh 20 (13b 3x4)
    • PC Valthaty 40 (28b 4x4 2x6)
    • STR Binny 1-0-7-0
    • SK Warne 2-0-21-0

Warne to Marsh, 1 run, chipped towards deep midwicket again, gets a single


Warne to Valthaty, SIX, Long hop! And that can mean only one thing. Another six for Valthaty. Not his fault that Warne bowled a juicy half-tracker on the pads


Warne to Valthaty, no run, respects the respectable legbreak, defending it to cover


Warne to Valthaty, OUT, the have broken the code! They have dismissed Valthaty! No. 50 in IPL for Warner. And what revs on this one. Valthaty comes down the track looking for another six, but the dip leaves him ever so short of the pitch of the ball, and he hits this off the lower part of the bat. Tait collects the mis-hit at long-off

PC Valthaty c Tait b Warne 46 (31b 4x4 3x6) SR: 148.38


Warne to Marsh, 1 run, Marsh is looking solid, placing this wide of long-on for two. Called one short, though


Warne to Marsh, no run, back of a length, hit back to Warne, who lets the throw rip back

End of over 10 (8 runs) Kings XI Punjab 106/2 (RR: 10.60)

    • SE Marsh 22 (16b 3x4)
    • KD Karthik 0 (0b)
    • SK Warne 3-0-29-1
    • STR Binny 1-0-7-0

Binny to Karthik, 1 wide, wide down the leg side

Steve took this one down: "Harsha's best comment on Valthaty "If he leaves his credit card in train station, 5 or 6 people will come to return it to him" Anyway, Paul is gone now. Was good while it lasted


Binny to Karthik, 1 run, full on the pads, clipped away

Between overs, Warne let Karthik have an earful


Binny to Marsh, no run, driven uppishly, short of cover


Binny to Marsh, 1 run, driven wide of cover for a single this time


Binny to Karthik, 3 runs, Karthik drives nicely past extra cover, all along the ground. It is so well timed that Watson at sweeper cover has to put in a dive to keep them down to three


Binny to Marsh, FOUR, Marsh plays the extra-cover drive even better, beautiful shot. Lazy it looks, and that's why it looks so good. Driven wide of long-off and straight of extra cover


Binny to Marsh, 1 run, placed wide of cover this time

End of over 11 (11 runs) Kings XI Punjab 117/2 (RR: 10.63)

    • SE Marsh 28 (20b 4x4)
    • KD Karthik 4 (2b)
    • STR Binny 2-0-18-0
    • SK Warne 3-0-29-1

Menaria to bowl


Menaria to Marsh, 1 run, starts off with a long hop, but Marsh doesn't get all of it, and gets just a single to deep midwicket


Menaria to Karthik, 1 run, that's a very round-arm for an SLA. Short and wide, cut away for one


Menaria to Marsh, FOUR, another long hop, and he can't get away with three hit-me deliveries. Marsh pulls this deservedly for four


Menaria to Marsh, 1 run, cut away for one this time


Menaria to Karthik, no run, first full delivery, and it is blocked by Karthik


Menaria to Karthik, no run, full again, and Menaria dives to his right to save the single

End of over 12 (7 runs) Kings XI Punjab 124/2 (RR: 10.33)

    • KD Karthik 5 (5b)
    • SE Marsh 34 (23b 5x4)
    • AL Menaria 1-0-7-0
    • STR Binny 2-0-18-0

Pavan: 'Guys at Cricinfo, please have that ad with the Bikini image removed. Its kinda embarassing to check scores or any other page on your site at office with that image being so prominent. And yeah, whats with the commentator, you keep referring to Warne as Warner :P"

Here's what I have to say: Boss, just imagine watching the IPL on TV in your office.

Raut to bowl legbreaks now


Raut to Marsh, no run, under edge on the cut, and it bounces straight into the keeper's mouth. The helmets be blessed


Raut to Marsh, FOUR, and another lovely extra-cover drive for four. He is just bettering the previous shots with every new one through the covers


Raut to Marsh, 1 run, cut away for one


Raut to Karthik, no run, extra bounce, and it goes straight on, hitting him in the pad


Raut to Karthik, 1 run, slog-sweep, along the ground, gets a single to deep midwicket


Raut to Marsh, 2 runs, flicked away off the stumps for one

End of over 13 (8 runs) Kings XI Punjab 132/2 (RR: 10.15)

    • SE Marsh 41 (27b 6x4)
    • KD Karthik 6 (7b)
    • AS Raut 1-0-8-0
    • AL Menaria 1-0-7-0

Warne to bowl his last over


Warne to Karthik, no run, shapes up for the slog sweep, but then sees it dip viciously and ends up cutting it straight to point


Warne to Karthik, 1 run, on the pads, helped away for a single


Warne to Marsh, SIX, that's the first uncultured shot Marsh has played all night. And it's might effective too. Slog-swept way into the stands


Warne to Marsh, SIX, 50 off 29 deliveries! And another slog-sweep. Much straighter this time, but it defies gravity just as long-on thinks he might have a chance


Warne to Marsh, 2 runs, shorter, gets a couple to deep midwicket


Warne to Marsh, SIX, that's not how you treat a legend, not one who might have played with your father back in the day... Third six in the over, via another slog sweep. Warne is quiet now. Liz Hurley is watching from the stands

End of over 14 (21 runs) Kings XI Punjab 153/2 (RR: 10.92)

    • SE Marsh 61 (31b 6x4 3x6)
    • KD Karthik 7 (9b)
    • SK Warne 4-0-50-1
    • AS Raut 1-0-8-0

Trivedi comes back


Trivedi to Karthik, 1 run, steered to third man for a single

Marsh back on strike. And Boris writes in, "To Hilditch and Co: Are you watching this?"


Trivedi to Marsh, 2 runs, short ball, stays low, but he still recovers enough to place it square of short fine leg


Trivedi to Marsh, 1 run, and he almost took Karthik out here. Hit straight back to Karthik's gut, who does well to get out of the way. And is thus still standing on his own two feet


Trivedi to Karthik, FOUR, there is no surprise in this slower ball. Karthik is standing deep in the crease, waiting, "Come, come". It finally arrives and is pulled for four


Trivedi to Karthik, FOUR, regulation pace, regulation result, as he cuts this short and wide delivery square of point and fine of third man


Trivedi to Karthik, FOUR, this is getting ridiculous now! Karthik is down on a knee expecting another slower ball, and scoops it over short fine

End of over 15 (16 runs) Kings XI Punjab 169/2 (RR: 11.26)

    • KD Karthik 20 (13b 3x4)
    • SE Marsh 64 (33b 6x4 3x6)
    • SK Trivedi 3-0-54-0
    • SK Warne 4-0-50-1

Back comes Tait


Tait to Marsh, 1 wide, beaten for pace, and it's called a wide as it angles away. That's harsh, the batsman had reached the line of the ball, and didn't have to overstretch


Tait to Marsh, 1 run, opens the face, gets a single to point

Mojo: "The way bowlers are abusing slower ball soon it would be the regular delivery and normal delivery would be referred to 'Faster ball'" This man won't abuse slower balls, though


Tait to Karthik, 1 run, cut to third man for another single


Tait to Marsh, 1 run, pulled away to deep midwicket, gets a single


Tait to Karthik, 1 leg bye, walks across the line to try and pull, is beaten by the pace, gets a leg-bye


Tait to Marsh, 1 bye, slower ball, another fumble from Yagnik, and the bye doesn't amuse Tait


Tait to Karthik, OUT, Tait finally gets a deserved wicket... it's shortish but not wide, and it's fast and bounces more than expected. The edge is taken by the keeper, and then the umpire's finger comes up ever so slowly as Karthik starts to walk and then stops

KD Karthik c †Yagnik b Tait 21 (16b 3x4 0x6) SR: 131.25

End of over 16 (6 runs) Kings XI Punjab 175/3 (RR: 10.93)

    • SE Marsh 66 (36b 6x4 3x6)
    • SW Tait 3-1-18-1
    • SK Trivedi 3-0-54-0

Watto to bowl. He will need to score a few runs tonight, and save some now


Watson to Marsh, 1 run, cut away to third man for one

Nayar is the new batsman, five fielders inside the circle


Watson to Nayar, no run, pushed to point, they keep him on strike


Watson to Nayar, 1 run, a good bouncer, gets the top edge, but - why am I not surprised - it lands safe in front of fine leg


Watson to Marsh, 1 run, punched away to extra cover for another single


Watson to Nayar, OUT, Nayar is gone. He looked to drop and run, and then stopped. Then he saw Marsh charging at him and realised it would be criminal to turn his back at Marsh, and went for the single anyway. That stutter, though, cost him his wicket

AM Nayar run out 1 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33


Watson to Marsh, no run, just holds its line outside off, and Marsh ends up pushing inside its line

Two good overs for RR, just nine off

End of over 17 (3 runs) Kings XI Punjab 178/4 (RR: 10.47)

    • SE Marsh 68 (39b 6x4 3x6)
    • R McLaren 0 (0b)
    • SR Watson 3-0-17-1
    • SW Tait 3-1-18-1

Trivedi to continue living his nightmare


Trivedi to McLaren, 2 wides, and nightmare it is, as he bowls a big wide down the leg side, too wide for Yagnik to collect it cleanly


Trivedi to Marsh, 2 runs, clipped away off the pads, and he hares back for two to keep the strike

Ashwin Kumar: "Nayar Vs Warne is not goin to happen, Hurley must be relieved"


Trivedi to Marsh, 1 run, slower ball, driven down to long-off for one


Trivedi to McLaren, no run, slower bouncer, and McLaren ducks under it


Trivedi to McLaren, no run, another slower bouncer, and McLaren misses again, these are three superb overs


Trivedi to McLaren, no run, another bouncer, and Asnani calls it one for the over, although I can bet my house the previous bouncer was over shoulder too, and this should have been a no-ball. Good on Sid Trivedi, though, to realise that one for the over had not been called and then going for another bouncer


Trivedi to McLaren, no run, angled across, and that beats the attempted scoop. Superb comeback from Trivedi, which means he is only tied with RP Singh for the worst figures in all IPLs, and doesn't exclusively own the dubious distinction

End of over 18 (5 runs) Kings XI Punjab 183/4 (RR: 10.16)

    • R McLaren 0 (4b)
    • SE Marsh 71 (41b 6x4 3x6)
    • SK Trivedi 4-0-59-0
    • SR Watson 3-0-17-1

The last three overs have just gone for 14


Watson to Marsh, OUT, and that frustration shows as Marsh gets a top edge on this pull off the front foot. Watson calls for it, and takes it without trouble. Rajasthan are back momentarily

SE Marsh c & b Watson 71 (42b 6x4 3x6) SR: 169.04


Watson to McLaren, 1 run, full and wide, would have been a wide, but he gets the toe end of his bat there and gets a single

Sunny Singh to bat now


Watson to Sunny Singh, 1 run, mean short delivery, heads towards his neck, and Sunny drops it at his feet and runs


Watson to McLaren, 1 run, short again, pulled away for just a single


Watson to Sunny Singh, FOUR, okay, one bouncer too many, Sunny is waiting, and pulls it to midwicket


Watson to Sunny Singh, no run, comes back with a superb yorker, right on the crease, dot ball

End of over 19 (7 runs) Kings XI Punjab 190/5 (RR: 10.00)

    • Sunny Singh 5 (3b 1x4)
    • R McLaren 2 (6b)
    • SR Watson 4-0-24-2
    • SK Trivedi 4-0-59-0

So just 21 off the last four overs. Rajasthan need to finish this off well. Punjab need to find a way out of this choke over the last four overs. Tait to bowl it


Tait to McLaren, OUT, and he gets another wicket, not with the best ball he has bowled, though. This was short, and gentle in pace when compared to Tait's usual pace, but McLaren pulls it straight down deep midwicket's lap

R McLaren c Raut b Tait 2 (7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 28.57


Tait to Sunny Singh, no run, left alone! Sunny backs away, Tait bowls a bouncer outside off. No shot! And for the record, Asnani has called one for the over


Tait to Sunny Singh, 1 leg bye, yorker, just a single to short fine leg

Piyush Chawla to face now


Tait to Chawla, no run, short, quick, no room, and Chawla is like a deer in the headlights, and defends it to the bowler


Tait to Chawla, FOUR, this time the deer charges at the headlights! Similar delivery, and pulls this one over midwicket


Tait to Chawla, OUT, finishes it off with a full delivery, the off stump goes towards the keeper. Chawla makes room, and misses, and the poor off stump...

PP Chawla b Tait 4 (3b 1x4 0x6) SR: 133.33

And just look at Liz Hurley cheer. Warne applauds his team on the way back. He knows they have made a serious come back and given themselves a chance by going for just 26 in the last five overs. Prahsant sums up this innings with this: "Watson and Tait have combined figures of 5/47 from 8 overs. The rest have gone for 2/148 from 12!" Tait bowled a maiden, took three wickets, went for just 22. Still a big chase beckons. Join us then

End of over 20 (5 runs) Kings XI Punjab 195/7

    • Sunny Singh 5 (5b 1x4)
    • SW Tait 4-1-22-3
    • SR Watson 4-0-24-2





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