Indian Premier League, 25th match: Mumbai Indians v Chennai Super Kings at Mumbai, Apr 22, 2011
Mumbai Indians won by 8 runs
22 April 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Randiv to Symonds, 1 wide, another wide from Randiv, he slips it down the leg side


Randiv to Symonds, no run, tossed up outside off and turning in, Symonds plays it back down the track


Randiv to Symonds, 2 runs, another straighter one, squares of a nervy Symonds who pushes from the crease after getting across. Outside edged towards third man for two


Randiv to Symonds, 1 run, straightens from middle, Symonds slaps with the turn to square leg

Mumbai Indians 78/3   A Symonds 3* (3b)

Ashwin to Symonds, no run, turn from outside off, Symmo is playing the spin from the pitch, he isn't picking it. Played with bat and pad close to each other back down the track


Ashwin to Symonds, no run, loopy ball, worked with the spin to midwicket


Ashwin to Symonds, 1 run, Symonds is not picking him at all, the floater that holds its line, is outside edged to point.


Ashwin to Symonds, 1 wide, slides a wide down the leg side


Ashwin to Symonds, 1 run, drifts into the pads, Symonds carefully pull-slaps backward of square leg

Mumbai Indians 90/3   A Symonds 5* (7b)

Raina to Symonds, 1 run, speared in, full on the pads, Symonds clips it from the crease through square leg.


Raina to Symonds, no run, how did that miss the stumps? Raina gets this ti skid on from middle and Symmo plays all over it as he looks to heave. He might have got an inside egde, and that was really close to the leg stump.


Raina to Symonds, 1 run, this time he gets the single away, in front of square with more assurance.

Mumbai Indians 95/3   A Symonds 7* (10b)

Randiv to Symonds, no run, huge appeal, turned down. Very full from Randiv on middle and leg, and it was straightening into the stumps. Symonds was caught on the crease. It was clipping the top of leg stump.


Randiv to Symonds, FOUR, lovely shot, Symonds' muscles come into the pitcture. Full on leg stump again, he just crouches out to the pitch and mows it over the infield. Didn't do much at all, but the ball flew away in fear.


Randiv to Symonds, no run, skidder on off, played into the off side without fuss


Randiv to Symonds, no run, beats him outside off with a quick floater, Symonds looks to guide through point but misses

Mumbai Indians 107/3   A Symonds 11* (14b 1x4)

Joginder Sharma to Symonds, SIX, Symonds sends him into downtown Mumbai. Hapless length stuff from Joginder, on the stumps and despite Symonds' reluctance to get forward, this is in the slot. He pile-drives it just over the head of long-on.


Joginder Sharma to Symonds, 1 run, this time he lands it well outside off in the mid-120s. Symonds has a huge swipe at it and gets it down to third man

Mumbai Indians 119/3   A Symonds 18* (16b 1x4 1x6)

Ashwin to Symonds, SIX, oh boy, this is brutal. He's tonked a full ball well outside off over long on with a swiped drive. The timing was immense.


Ashwin to Symonds, 2 runs, poor from Chennai, they give away an overthrow after Symonds worked him with the angle to square leg


Ashwin to Symonds, 1 run, again Symonds looks to cart him straight, but can't get much behind this one. On the bounce to long on.

Mumbai Indians 134/3   A Symonds 27* (19b 1x4 2x6)

Bollinger to Symonds, no run, smart ball, Bollinger cramps Symonds outside off and doesn't give him length either as he motors out of the crease. He ends up looking to carve through the off side, but misses


Bollinger to Symonds, 1 run, another hustling short ball, Symonds looks to make room and swat it, and ends up mis-timing a single down the ground.

Mumbai Indians 137/3   A Symonds 28* (21b 1x4 2x6)

Raina to Symonds, 1 run, spears the first one in full and Symonds drags it to midwicket for one


Raina to Symonds, 1 run, Symonds pushes a single to end the over. Poor one from Raina.

Mumbai Indians 160/3   A Symonds 30* (23b 1x4 2x6)

Bollinger to Symonds, 1 leg bye, short ball, hurries onto Symonds who pulls and gets hit in the midsection now. He winces as he runs across, and Rohit is at the other end in no time. He wants a 100.


Bollinger to Symonds, 1 run, short of a length outside off, Symonds under edges to Dhoni and they hare across.


Bollinger to Symonds, 1 wide, monster bouncer that. 137 kph on a length and it shoots away. Might have hit a patch of grass or something, it went well over the batsman's head.


Bollinger to Symonds, no run, Dougie has finished off with two nerveless overs, despite that slippery full toss that went for a six. He gets the last one to squeeze under Symmo's bat outside off as he looks to chop it away. They think of a single, but Dhoni collects and prances up to the stumps to deny them the run.

Mumbai Indians 164/4   A Symonds 31* (26b 1x4 2x6)





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