Indian Premier League, 25th match: Mumbai Indians v Chennai Super Kings at Mumbai, Apr 22, 2011
Mumbai Indians won by 8 runs
22 April 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Morkel to Sathish, no run, seam movement straight away, but no carry. Very wide outside off, Sathish pokes and misses as it moves away.


Morkel to Sathish, no run, slanted in from well wide of the crease, Sathish looks to flick but misses and it struck on the front pad.


Morkel to Sathish, no run, very similar to the first ball, again the ball dies after passing Sathish's flat-footed swish.


Morkel to Sathish, no run, top stuff from Morkel, he's getting this to bend away nicely. Sathish doesn't move the front foot to the off stump line and gropes inside the line. Play and a miss.


Morkel to Sathish, no run, Sathish feels the pressure, he jumps out in search of a hittable length and Morkel again gets it to curve away, Sathish drives hard on the up and nearly hits it straight to Badri at cover.


Morkel to Sathish, no run, Morkel starts with a maiden, and he's got all but one ball in that over to move away devilishly. Sathish again swings wildly in hope but the ball just keeps going away and he misses the line by a lot in the end.

Mumbai Indians 0/0   R Sathish 0* (6b)

Morkel to Sathish, OUT, Sathish was picked to play out the first over and perish in the second. Unfortunate dismissal there, he really got a piece of that short ball from Morkel but smashed the pull straight to midwicket inside the circle. Sathish was advancing as Morkel bowled it and pulled it off the front foot, and hence got it in front of square.

R Sathish c Anirudha b Morkel 0 (7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Mumbai Indians 9/1   R Sathish 0 (7b)





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