Indian Premier League, 27th match: Deccan Chargers v Mumbai Indians at Hyderabad (Deccan), Apr 24, 2011
Mumbai Indians won by 37 runs
24 April 2011 - day/night match (20-over match)

Mishra to Sharma, no run, pushed away calmly off the front foot on the leg side


Mishra to Sharma, no run, pushed down on the leg side but Mishra dives on the practice pitch and stops the ball

Mumbai Indians 70/3   RG Sharma 0* (2b)

Ojha to Sharma, no run, lovely bowling from Ojha, tossed up around off, Rohit looks to comes forward the decides to remain back and push it away to point


Ojha to Sharma, 1 run, cut hard off the back foot but point dives and stops the ball,


Ojha to Sharma, no run, appeal for lbw as the arm ball strikes him on the pads on the back foot, but it was going down leg

Mumbai Indians 72/4   RG Sharma 1* (5b)

Mishra to Sharma, 1 run, short,wide and keeping low, Rohit bashes it to sweeper cover

Mumbai Indians 74/4   RG Sharma 2* (6b)

Steyn to Sharma, no run, 144.5 kph fuller on outside off, he pushes it back to Steyn who fires in the throw back, just past the batsman


Steyn to Sharma, 1 run, chopped down to third man for a single


Steyn to Sharma, no run, the short ball takes off, but it is quite outside off and he can leave comfortably


Steyn to Sharma, 1 run, comes forward and creams a fuller one, but there is a man at sweeper cover

Mumbai Indians 77/4   RG Sharma 4* (10b)

Ojha to Sharma, no run, tossed up and sliding on, pushed away off the front foot, tight stuff from Ojha


Ojha to Sharma, FOUR, this time Rohit gets one away, lunges forward for the slog sweep and gets it in front of square leg for a boundary


Ojha to Sharma, 2 runs, smart batting from rohit, nudges in front of midwicket, there is no one on that area in the circle, and he comes back for the second


Ojha to Sharma, no run, makes him reach out with a flighted one, he stretches forward and pushes to extra cover


Ojha to Sharma, 2 runs, takes another couple with a tuck through midwicket, good over for Mumbai, Ojha has bowled out

Mumbai Indians 87/4   RG Sharma 12* (15b 1x4)

Christian to Sharma, 1 run, waits for a length ball angled in and works it in front of midwicket


Christian to Sharma, 1 run, looks to make room outside leg, sees this one angled in, and adjusts to stylishly whip it down to long on

Mumbai Indians 97/4   RG Sharma 14* (17b 1x4)

Mishra to Sharma, no run, flat and turning away from a length, he stays back and cuts quickly, but straight to backward point


Mishra to Sharma, no run, this one is tossed up, bounces wide outside off, Rohit cannot get the cut past point again


Mishra to Sharma, 1 run, this one is very full outside off, Rohit flows in to a lovely cover drive along the ground


Mishra to Sharma, 1 run, turns one from the pads through square leg, the man runs in from the boundary and keeps them to a single

Mumbai Indians 100/4   RG Sharma 16* (21b 1x4)

Sharma to Sharma, FOUR, Rohit swivels and splits the field on the leg side boundary with a pull that beats the man diving in from deep mdidwicket


Sharma to Sharma, 1 run, flicked uppishly bit bounces in front of midwicket


Sharma to Sharma, FOUR, another one angled in, but this one is short, allows Rohit, who was already outside leg, to help it on its way fine, one hand came off the bat but he only needed to some bat on it, which he did


Sharma to Sharma, 1 run, short of a length now, gets up slowly outside off, Rohit punches wide of extra cover

Mumbai Indians 113/4   RG Sharma 26* (25b 3x4)

Steyn to Sharma, FOUR, smart work, Rohit shuffles across to a slower one, gets outside off and helps it over short fine leg, ends up on a leg himself


Steyn to Sharma, 1 run, squeezed away from outside off and the ball flies to third man

Mumbai Indians 122/4   RG Sharma 31* (27b 4x4)

Sharma to Sharma, 1 run, full toss from ishant, Rohit murders it with a huge swing but there is a man at long off


Sharma to Sharma, 1 run, Ishant sprays it short and wide but Rohit cannot get it away, cuts it wide of sweeper cover but not wide enough to beat him

Mumbai Indians 131/4   RG Sharma 33* (29b 4x4)

Christian to Sharma, SIX, Mumbai showing their class, Rohit gets a low full toss outside off, he is more conventional than Symonds, stands still and hammers it over long off with a huge swing


Christian to Sharma, 1 run, bunted down to long off for a single


Christian to Sharma, SIX, Rohit is middling everything now, again stands stone-still and mows a length ball over midwicket, he follows the line closely and swings it with the angle in to the crowd


Christian to Sharma, SIX, another one, the IPL belongs to Rohit, gets to his 50, Dan helps with a full toss on leg stump, and Rohit kills it over midwicket


Christian to Sharma, FOUR, now he does a Symonds, Dan tries the yorker, but misses by the narrowest of margins, rohit transfers the weight on back foot at the right moment, and muscles it straight back at the bowler, who is floored on the ground with the force of the hit, and the ball splits long on and long off perfectly, 24 in the last over, Mumbai have surged to 172

Mumbai Indians 172/4   RG Sharma 56* (34b 5x4 3x6)





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