Indian Premier League, 33rd match: Delhi Daredevils v Kolkata Knight Riders at Delhi, Apr 28, 2011
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 17 runs
28 April 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Pathan to Goswami, no run, lovely ball. Irfan special, circa 2003. Comes in with the angle, lands outside off and bends away magically. Better batsmen have fallen to it, but Goswami doesn't edge as he pokes.


Pathan to Goswami, 1 run, this time too straight, ends up on the hips and Goswami tucks it square for one


Pathan to Goswami, 1 run, good first over from Irfan, will have to see if he can keep it going as the ball gets slightly older. Again that away movement from the left hander as Goswami carefully steers to third man

Kolkata Knight Riders 4/0   SP Goswami 2* (3b)

Morkel to Goswami, 1 wide, Morne begins with a big wide down the leg side


Morkel to Goswami, no run, angled across on a length from over the wicket, Goswami leans out to defend into the off side


Morkel to Goswami, no run, Goswami tries to do his Lara impersonation, swaggering away from the stumps and looking for a slashed cover drive off the back foot. Morne responds with his Garner impersonation. Morne wins. Swing and a miss.


Morkel to Goswami, no run, fuller on off, Goswami gets half forward and defends into the off side


Morkel to Goswami, FOUR, and now Goswami pulls out his Ganguly impersonation, moving the front foot away to the leg side to open up the off side and then carves Morne with his pace and bounce through third man.


Morkel to Goswami, no run, good shot, but well fielded at point. Morne gives width and length, Goswami reaches half across and throws his bat at a square drive. He finds point.


Morkel to Goswami, FOUR, top shot from Goswami, he stays put on leg stump and has enough room to free the arms through the off side. Morne keeps it wide enough outside off for the scythed cut over point. Goswami plays it well.

Kolkata Knight Riders 13/0   SP Goswami 10* (9b 2x4)

Pathan to Goswami, no run, Goswami goes fishing. Only salmons of doubt for him. Irfan again gets it to curl away.


Pathan to Goswami, no run, now he backs away and looks to slash, but again the ball is in another zip code as Irfan continues to banana it away.


Pathan to Goswami, 1 run, finally Goswami gets behind the line, and defends from middle and off towards mid-on for a pinched single.

Kolkata Knight Riders 15/0   SP Goswami 11* (12b 2x4)

Morkel to Goswami, no run, top ball from Morne, lands one on a length on off stump and watches the fun as it buzzes past the shoulder of Goswami's bat. Big lift.


Morkel to Goswami, FOUR, shot of the day from Goswami. 144 kph, back of a length and not there to be driven. Goswami gets the half step forward, meets the ball and thumps it on the rise over a quickly ducking Kallis' head, and it pistols away to long off.


Morkel to Goswami, 1 run, this one is a touch wider of the stumps, Goswami rides the bounce and plays it into the off side

Kolkata Knight Riders 20/0   SP Goswami 16* (15b 3x4)

Pathan to Goswami, 1 run, Run out appeal, and Goswami is struggling. He's just got in, though. Fuller ball and moving away from Goswami, who tips and runs. The fielder, Rao, prances in from cover, picks up and shoots down the stumps at the bowler's end. Just in.


Pathan to Goswami, FOUR, vicious from Irfan, and Goswami can be proud that he even got bat on that. It landed on leg stump, moved away like a yo-yo and took the outside edge as it was headed to slip. The edge was thick enough to take it away from Sehwag at the lone slip. What a spell from Irfan!

Kolkata Knight Riders 34/1   SP Goswami 21* (17b 4x4)

Yadav to Goswami, no run, Goswami backs away and ends up too far from the ball. He finally reaches it and cuts without power to point


Yadav to Goswami, 1 run, on the pads, nudges it away square for a single.

Kolkata Knight Riders 36/1   SP Goswami 22* (19b 4x4)

Agarkar to Goswami, OUT, Drumroll. Agarkar has struck first ball. And it might a poor decision. Unlucky for Goswami, who looks unhappy. Agarkar's knack for picking up wickets continues, even when the batsman is not actually out. No wait. The replay suggests he edged it. Full and wide outside off, Goswami looks to steer and it looked like he nicked it after all. Ojha completes the catch.

SP Goswami c †Ojha b Agarkar 22 (20b 4x4 0x6) SR: 110.00

Kolkata Knight Riders 42/2   SP Goswami 22 (20b 4x4)





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