Indian Premier League, 33rd match: Delhi Daredevils v Kolkata Knight Riders at Delhi, Apr 28, 2011
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 17 runs
28 April 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Morkel to Goswami, 1 wide, Morne begins with a big wide down the leg side


Morkel to Goswami, no run, angled across on a length from over the wicket, Goswami leans out to defend into the off side


Morkel to Goswami, no run, Goswami tries to do his Lara impersonation, swaggering away from the stumps and looking for a slashed cover drive off the back foot. Morne responds with his Garner impersonation. Morne wins. Swing and a miss.


Morkel to Goswami, no run, fuller on off, Goswami gets half forward and defends into the off side


Morkel to Goswami, FOUR, and now Goswami pulls out his Ganguly impersonation, moving the front foot away to the leg side to open up the off side and then carves Morne with his pace and bounce through third man.


Morkel to Goswami, no run, good shot, but well fielded at point. Morne gives width and length, Goswami reaches half across and throws his bat at a square drive. He finds point.


Morkel to Goswami, FOUR, top shot from Goswami, he stays put on leg stump and has enough room to free the arms through the off side. Morne keeps it wide enough outside off for the scythed cut over point. Goswami plays it well.

Kolkata Knight Riders 13/0   M Morkel 1-0-9-0

Morkel to Goswami, no run, top ball from Morne, lands one on a length on off stump and watches the fun as it buzzes past the shoulder of Goswami's bat. Big lift.


Morkel to Goswami, FOUR, shot of the day from Goswami. 144 kph, back of a length and not there to be driven. Goswami gets the half step forward, meets the ball and thumps it on the rise over a quickly ducking Kallis' head, and it pistols away to long off.


Morkel to Goswami, 1 run, this one is a touch wider of the stumps, Goswami rides the bounce and plays it into the off side


Morkel to Kallis, FOUR, risky but Kallis pulls it off. He might have tried this against Morne in the South Africa nets. He jumps out and to the leg side, making room to loft inside out, and then forces it between the covers for four.


Morkel to Kallis, FOUR, 154.6 kph, short and just a touch wide outside off. Kallis trots out again and murders it over point. It was short and rising as he met it with a vicious cross-batted slam. Up and over, six runs on this mickey-mouse outfield. Top shot.


Morkel to Kallis, no run, Morne tightens the line and length, fuller and angling into Kallis who defends down the track.

Kolkata Knight Riders 28/0   M Morkel 2-0-22-0

Morkel to Tiwary, SIX, Tiwary has got stuck into a length ball from Morne Morkel here. He's hitting some brutal blows over the short leg side boundary. Morne' natural angle brings it in, and the leg side swipe is on, but Tiwary's timing there was immense.


Morkel to Tiwary, 1 run, wisely lands this outside off, Tiwary dabs a single to point.


Morkel to Pathan, no run, beats him first ball with a smart ball outside off that holds its line and hurries on. Yusuf feels inside the line and misses.


Morkel to Pathan, 1 run, back of a length on off stump, Yusuf dabs a single backward of point for a single. The throw from point thuds into him as he looks to complete the run. Ouch.


Morkel to Tiwary, no run, width outside off, Tiwary reaches and steers but finds point.


Morkel to Tiwary, no run, Morne finishes the over well, with a vicious angling inducker that cuts Tiwary in half. He somehow keeps it down.

Kolkata Knight Riders 91/3   M Morkel 3-0-30-0

Morkel to ten Doeschate, 1 run, angling into the pads, RTD quietly works it square for one.


Morkel to Tiwary, no run, again Tiwary moves too far away, and ends up struggling to reach a ball landed well outside off.


Morkel to Tiwary, 1 run, over-pitched on off stump, Tiwary stays back and drills it towards wide long on for a single.


Morkel to ten Doeschate, SIX, oh boy, I don't think I've seen a ball ever go so high. RTD jumps half forward, swings the bat in a wild circle and jabs the length ball into orbit. The Kotla crowd crinks its collective neck looking into the skies before the satellite begins its descent and lands just a couple of metres over the straight boundary. That got a lot of height, and enough distrance.


Morkel to ten Doeschate, FOUR, top shot. Morne keeps this full on off stump, inches away from a yorker than ball, and RTD spanks it back down the ground. He stood back in the crease to work the lengths there, and reaped the reward.


Morkel to ten Doeschate, OUT, Irfan has held another catch! And this one was pretty good too. RTD looks to hoist Morne over the covers this time, and ends up hitting it high into the night. Irfan runs in from deep point and holds on as he tumbles forward.

RN ten Doeschate c Pathan b Morkel 19 (12b 2x4 1x6) SR: 158.33

Kolkata Knight Riders 140/6   M Morkel 4-0-42-1





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