Indian Premier League, 36th match: Kochi Tuskers Kerala v Delhi Daredevils at Kochi, Apr 30, 2011
Delhi Daredevils won by 38 runs
30 April 2011 - day/night match (20-over match)

Minutes away from the start. The Kochi team in a huddle. Sehwag and Warner wait. Umpires Tony Hill and Kumar Dharmasena walk out first, followed by Delhi openers. RP Singh to bowl. One slip in place

Toss has been won by Delhi, who will bat first. Virender Sehwag reckons anything around 120-140 is a good total. Bad news for them is that James Hopes is injured, and Roelof van der Merwe comes in in his place.

Kochi have three changes. South Australia's Michael Klinger, Karnataka's B Akhil and Mumbai's Ramesh Powar come in.

3.10pm Today is a big day, a giant leap for mankind. We will have been through exactly half of this IPL. That is no mean achievement. Before we go to game 37, though, there is game 36, between Kochi and Delhi. The latter is moving fast towards elimination, and needs a few wins. There is still time to go to toss. Time enough for you to predict the playing XIs for this match. Play ESPNcricinfo Team selector.

The yorker is an indispensable part of limited-overs cricket nowadays. Have you ever wondered how the name "yorker" came about? Liam Herringshaw did. And came up with this. It's interesting


Singh to Warner, 1 wide, wide down the leg side, no hint of swing or straightening as this keeps going after pitching around leg


Singh to Warner, no run, short just outside off, forced away square, but can't beat cover-point


Singh to Warner, no run, slightly fuller, but not driving length, Warner stays back and pushes this to cover


Singh to Warner, 2 runs, short and wide, cut away straight to backward, where Jadeja concedes two overthrows at the striker's end


Singh to Warner, no run, short and wide again, but Warner hasn't yet been able to find the placement. Early signs of slowness of the wicket. Can't quite place the ball


Singh to Warner, no run, looking for another cut, but has been cramped up a bit, and gets an underside edge


Singh to Warner, 1 run, swing there as RP pitches this full, Warner gets an inside edge square on the leg side for a single

End of over 1 (4 runs) Delhi Daredevils 4/0 (RR: 4.00)

    • DA Warner 3 (6b)
    • V Sehwag 0 (0b)
    • RP Singh 1-0-4-0

What Sreesanth will turn up today? Good Sreesanth or bad Sreesanth


Sreesanth to Warner, OUT, It's the good Sreesanth first ball, even though it needs some low bounce. Sreesanth bowls short of a length, around middle and leg, and the ball doesn't get up and squeezes under Warner's bat. Off stump gone

DA Warner b Sreesanth 3 (7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 42.85

Naman Ojha is the new man


Sreesanth to Ojha, no run, and it is still good Sreesanth, length ball, in the channel of off, shaping away a bit, pushed to cover


Sreesanth to Ojha, no run, nearly another wicket for Sree. he is swinging the ball, and Ojha moves across along the crease, looking to play it to on. Soft hands mean the leading edge doesn't carry to Sree


Sreesanth to Ojha, OUT, What do you do Jack? This ball hasn't bounced at all. It's bowled back of a length, Ojha goes back to defend it, but it has almost rolled along the ground, hitting him on the boot. No wonder they use this ground more often for football. Good old surli, as we call it in gully cricket, or how Kapil Dev described Kirti Azad's effort to get Ian Botham in the 1983 World Cup semi-final

NV Ojha lbw b Sreesanth 0 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Sreesanth to Venugopal Rao, no run, this one bounces all right, left alone outside


Sreesanth to Venugopal Rao, no run, more swing for Sree, and good bounce too. Defended back to him. Double-wicket maiden

End of over 2 (wicket maiden) Delhi Daredevils 4/2 (RR: 2.00)

    • Y Venugopal Rao 0 (2b)
    • V Sehwag 0 (0b)
    • S Sreesanth 1-1-0-2
    • RP Singh 1-0-4-0

Singh to Sehwag, no run, hint of low bounce again, Sehwag opens the face to guide this to slip. On the bounce of course


Singh to Sehwag, no run, punched away square - the slowness of the pitch means it goes to cover-point and not squarer


Singh to Sehwag, 2 runs, goes for the shot in the air, doesn't time it well, but clears the infield on the off side. Very difficult wicket to bat on


Singh to Sehwag, FOUR, not difficult if you bowl gentle length balls on Sehwag's pads. He flicks it away through midwicket


Singh to Sehwag, no run, punched away again, but straight to cover-point. Sehwag is frustrated he hasn't found the gap


Singh to Sehwag, 1 run, clipped away off the pads for a single

End of over 3 (7 runs) Delhi Daredevils 11/2 (RR: 3.66)

    • V Sehwag 7 (6b 1x4)
    • Y Venugopal Rao 0 (2b)
    • RP Singh 2-0-11-0
    • S Sreesanth 1-1-0-2

Sreesanth to Sehwag, 1 run, Sehwag has seen balls keeping low at this end, and the first ball e faces he plants the front foot well down and off-drives for a single


Sreesanth to Venugopal Rao, no run, Venu is well forward too to defend this length ball


Sreesanth to Venugopal Rao, 1 run, looking to drive through the covers, gets an inside edge onto the pad


Sreesanth to Sehwag, FOUR, Lovely shot. Front foot down, slightly opening up the stance to maybe take the lbw out, and then driving a length ball with an open face. Finds the gap too


Sreesanth to Sehwag, no run, low bounce again, but it's outside off, and hard work for the keeper to collect it on the bounce


Sreesanth to Sehwag, 1 wide, they don't want to be doing this on this pitch. Low bounce, stay stumps to stumps, but this is a wide down the leg side


Sreesanth to Sehwag, 1 leg bye, half-hearted shout for lbw, but this clearly headed down the leg side

End of over 4 (8 runs) Delhi Daredevils 19/2 (RR: 4.75)

    • V Sehwag 12 (10b 2x4)
    • Y Venugopal Rao 1 (4b)
    • S Sreesanth 2-1-7-2
    • RP Singh 2-0-11-0

Singh to Sehwag, FOUR, Another special shot. He has cut this from around the fifth-stump line! With so little room, he has managed incredible power behind this shot


Singh to Sehwag, 2 runs, chips this over the infield on the leg side


Singh to Sehwag, no run, regulation bounce this time, pushes a shortish delivery to cover


Singh to Sehwag, 2 runs, Sree has been good Sree with the ball, but bad Sree has let Sehwag off. Sehwag clips this towards short fine leg, it is hit gently, slightly in front of Sree, but he doesn't come in forward, and had time to do so. It bounces in front of him, and then through his legs. Many will say this is not a drop because he didn't get a hand to it, but to me it was a chance


Singh to Sehwag, no run, looks for the upper-cut, but misses


Singh to Sehwag, FOUR, another incredible Sehwag shot. With hardy any room to work with, Sehwag rocks back and somehow generates enough power to send this shortish ball flying over cover

End of over 5 (12 runs) Delhi Daredevils 31/2 (RR: 6.20)

    • V Sehwag 24 (16b 4x4)
    • Y Venugopal Rao 1 (4b)
    • RP Singh 3-0-23-0
    • S Sreesanth 2-1-7-2

Here is the classical and the most famous surli in Indian cricket. At 8:22


Sreesanth to Venugopal Rao, no run, comes forward to defend this


Sreesanth to Venugopal Rao, 1 leg bye, another surli, but down the leg side, concedes a leg-bye


Sreesanth to Sehwag, 1 leg bye, normal bounce, but headed down the leg side. Sree appeals, but half-heartedly


Sreesanth to Venugopal Rao, 1 wide, slower legcutter. Pitches outside leg, and then rolls across, yes rolls across to the keeper


Sreesanth to Venugopal Rao, no run, stumps to stumps this time, defended to leg


Sreesanth to Venugopal Rao, no run, driving length Rao drives, but straight to Sree


Sreesanth to Venugopal Rao, no run, good outswing bowling, just short of driving length, starting middle and leg, shaping towards off, takes the leading edge, which doesn't carry to cover

End of over 6 (3 runs) Delhi Daredevils 34/2 (RR: 5.66)

    • Y Venugopal Rao 1 (9b)
    • V Sehwag 24 (17b 4x4)
    • S Sreesanth 3-1-8-2
    • RP Singh 3-0-23-0

Jadeja to bowl now


Jadeja to Sehwag, 1 run, flicked away off the pads, gets a single


Jadeja to Venugopal Rao, OUT, Gone! Not the best of shot. Playing around the pad, and also playing for the turn. And Jadeja is not the biggest of turners of the ball. Pitches outside off, going straight with the arm, hitting him in front. Looks pretty straight, unless replays show that he was hit outside the line of off. And the relays show it hit him in line with off

Y Venugopal Rao lbw b Jadeja 1 (10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 10.00

Nick: "Welcome to Bowling Alley of Kochi. Ball will roll through but you only have 3 pins to hit." In comes Yogesh Nagar


Jadeja to Nagar, no run, stretches well forward and outside off to defend this


Jadeja to Nagar, no run, shorter, flatter, defended to cover


Jadeja to Nagar, no run, another push into the cover region


Jadeja to Nagar, 1 run, tossed up outside off, and Nagar drives this square for a single

End of over 7 (2 runs) Delhi Daredevils 36/3 (RR: 5.14)

    • Y Nagar 1 (4b)
    • V Sehwag 25 (18b 4x4)
    • RA Jadeja 1-0-2-1
    • S Sreesanth 3-1-8-2

Sree to bowl out


Sreesanth to Nagar, 1 leg bye, appeal for leg before, but again he is sliding down the leg side. They steal the leg-bye


Sreesanth to Sehwag, no run, short ball, just outside off, gets right back to defend this


Sreesanth to Sehwag, no run, stays low, Sehwag has to jam his bat down on this. He does well, because the line was straight


Sreesanth to Sehwag, no run, bouncer, sharp bouncer, Sehwag sways out of its line


Sreesanth to Sehwag, 1 run, slower legcutter, but doesn't turn enough and hits him on the pad outside the line of leg. They take another leg-bye


Sreesanth to Nagar, 1 run, yorker, right on the crease, Nagar squeezes it out and breaks the maiden. Good spell from Sree: 4-1-10-2

End of over 8 (3 runs) Delhi Daredevils 39/3 (RR: 4.87)

    • Y Nagar 2 (6b)
    • V Sehwag 26 (22b 4x4)
    • S Sreesanth 4-1-10-2
    • RA Jadeja 1-0-2-1

Jadeja to Nagar, 1 run, short and wide, cut away to sweeper-cover for one


Jadeja to Sehwag, 1 run, another shooter, and Sehwag's bat comes down in time again, working this into the on side


Jadeja to Nagar, 1 run, comes forward, the ball doesn't turn and takes the inside edge, for a single towards short fine


Jadeja to Sehwag, no run, angling in, middle and leg, played to cover


Jadeja to Sehwag, no run, comes down the rack, is hit on the pad as Jadeja fires it down


Jadeja to Sehwag, no run, tossed up outside off, looks for drive over extra, the ball doesn't come on, and he ends up hitting it back to the bowler. Along the ground

End of over 9 (3 runs) Delhi Daredevils 42/3 (RR: 4.66)

    • V Sehwag 27 (26b 4x4)
    • Y Nagar 4 (8b)
    • RA Jadeja 2-0-5-1
    • S Sreesanth 4-1-10-2

Vinay Kumar comes into the attack


Vinay Kumar to Nagar, 2 runs, starts back of a length outside off, punched away square, wide of third man, comes back for two


Vinay Kumar to Nagar, no run, slightly fuller, slightly closer to the stumps, defends off the back foot


Vinay Kumar to Nagar, 1 run, slower ball, but outside off, and it's easier to negotiate the low bounce and place it past cover


Vinay Kumar to Sehwag, no run, sharp short delivery, chest-high, Sehwag plays it towards backward point


Vinay Kumar to Sehwag, 1 run, full on the pads, worked away for a single


Vinay Kumar to Nagar, no run, slower ball, around off and just outside, pushed back to the bowler

End of over 10 (4 runs) Delhi Daredevils 46/3 (RR: 4.60)

    • Y Nagar 7 (12b)
    • V Sehwag 28 (28b 4x4)
    • R Vinay Kumar 1-0-4-0
    • RA Jadeja 2-0-5-1

Jadeja to Sehwag, no run, inside edge as he looks force this through cover


Jadeja to Sehwag, 1 run, chipped towards long-on for a single


Jadeja to Nagar, 1 run, lucky there. Jadeja bowls the arm ball as Nagar looks to make room, gets a glove from outside leg, and it beats the keeper


Jadeja to Sehwag, 1 run, slower through the air, pushed down to long-on


Jadeja to Nagar, 3 wides, wide down the leg side, beats the keeper, and Powar makes a diving save after chasing the ball from short fine leg


Jadeja to Nagar, no run, comes forward to defend this


Jadeja to Nagar, 1 run, arm ball again, goes back, gets a single to midwicket

End of over 11 (7 runs) Delhi Daredevils 53/3 (RR: 4.81)

    • Y Nagar 9 (15b)
    • V Sehwag 30 (31b 4x4)
    • RA Jadeja 3-0-12-1
    • R Vinay Kumar 1-0-4-0

Difficult track, but had Rajasthan been playing here, their owner would have coaxed bounce out of this track


Vinay Kumar to Nagar, no run, back of a length, accurate, pushed to midwicket


Vinay Kumar to Nagar, no run, bouncer, stays away from it


Vinay Kumar to Nagar, FOUR, slower ball, sees it early, comes forward, makes room, and hits it wide of extra cover. Top shot. Valuable runs


Vinay Kumar to Nagar, 1 run, full delivery, driven down to long-on for one


Vinay Kumar to Sehwag, 1 run, looking to force this through covers, gets an inside edge square on the on side


Vinay Kumar to Nagar, 1 run, Superb fielding by Vinay, although it is always going to be in vain. Good inswinger first of all, inside edge hits the pad, rolls back onto the pitch, they steal a single, but Vinay is quick in swooping onto the ball, and under-arming it into the stumps. Sehwag is in, though

End of over 12 (7 runs) Delhi Daredevils 60/3 (RR: 5.00)

    • Y Nagar 15 (20b 1x4)
    • V Sehwag 31 (32b 4x4)
    • R Vinay Kumar 2-0-11-0
    • RA Jadeja 3-0-12-1

Saurabh: "Trevor Chappell could have been dangerous on this pitch."


Jadeja to Nagar, no run, cramps him up as he looks to make room, pretty quick delivery


Jadeja to Nagar, 2 runs, full on the pads, nicely placed on the on side to come back for two


Jadeja to Nagar, no run, makes room and cuts, powerfully, but the pitch is slow, and he gets a bottom edge back to Jadeja


Jadeja to Nagar, 1 run, fuller this time, and pushed down to long-off


Jadeja to Sehwag, SIX, Sehwag is playing a bit of a gem here. top shot this time, coming down the track, making the slightest bit of room to free his arms, going inside-out over long-off, into the Kochi dugout. Insult to the bowler, and possible injury to the reserve players if they are not watching


Jadeja to Sehwag, SIX, The old trick. Charge down and hit a spinner for a six, and stay back to hit a short ball next ball. Jadeja does as Sehwag expects, going flat and short, and he pulls him over cow corner another six

End of over 13 (15 runs) Delhi Daredevils 75/3 (RR: 5.76)

    • V Sehwag 43 (34b 4x4 2x6)
    • Y Nagar 18 (24b 1x4)
    • RA Jadeja 4-0-27-1
    • R Vinay Kumar 2-0-11-0

Akhil is the new bowler. Keeper is up


Akhil to Nagar, no run, low bounce outside off again, can't do much with this


Akhil to Nagar, no run, slightly short of a length, hit to mid-off


Akhil to Nagar, 1 run, moves across a bit to work this to on side


Akhil to Sehwag, 1 run, short of a length, middle and leg, pushed down to long-on for one


Akhil to Nagar, no run, accurate delivery around off, pushed to cover


Akhil to Nagar, 2 runs, makes room, cuts this wide of sweeper-cover, gets a couple

End of over 14 (4 runs) Delhi Daredevils 79/3 (RR: 5.64)

    • Y Nagar 21 (29b 1x4)
    • V Sehwag 44 (35b 4x4 2x6)
    • B Akhil 1-0-4-0
    • RA Jadeja 4-0-27-1

Vinay Kumar to Sehwag, SIX, Slower bouncer, on target, between chest and chin, over the top of middle. Doesn't matter to Sehwag. he doesn't commit to an shot, then waits and waits, and then pulls him into the second tier behind midwicket. Fifty up too. Lovely innings


Vinay Kumar to Sehwag, FOUR, and it gets better as Sehwag late-cuts this delivery that stays low, from almost in front of the stumps, past short third man


Vinay Kumar to Sehwag, 1 run, slower full ball, driven down to long-on for one


Vinay Kumar to Nagar, 1 run, OUT, another slower ball, too full, though, and driven wide of sweeper-cover. There was a couple in here, but Nagar was always slow, especially when starting out for the second. Consequently, an accurate and flat throw from Jadeja catches him short

Y Nagar run out 22 (30b 1x4 0x6) SR: 73.33

Travis Birt is the new man in


Vinay Kumar to Birt, 2 runs, and nicely opens the face on the first delivery he faces. Powar makes a sensational diving save at third man


Vinay Kumar to Birt, 1 run, hit wide off Powar again, they look for a second, but you don't risk a second off Powar in this fielding form

End of over 15 (15 runs) Delhi Daredevils 94/4 (RR: 6.26)

    • TR Birt 3 (2b)
    • V Sehwag 55 (38b 5x4 3x6)
    • R Vinay Kumar 3-0-26-0
    • B Akhil 1-0-4-0

Akhil to Birt, 2 no balls, Slower ball slips out, so high is the full toss that Parthiv, standing up, has to jump. All he manages is a hand on it to save four byes


Akhil to Sehwag, SIX, Viru! This is incredible. Slow pitch, low bounce, who cares? Just comes forward, goes inside-out, gets his arm through, and sends a length ball over long-off. Easy


Akhil to Sehwag, no run, wide outside off, border-line case, and Sehwag doesn't go for it


Akhil to Sehwag, FOUR, How is he doing it? Backs away, and cuts this off leg-stump line, past backward point. And remember this is a wicket where 99 of 100 batsmen will find stroke-play difficult


Akhil to Sehwag, 1 run, hit in the air, not in control, but it bounces in front of long-off


Akhil to Birt, 1 run, driven square, gets a single, hands the strike over to the man who should have the strike


Akhil to Sehwag, FOUR, Another beaut from Sehwag. This is not a great delivery, though. Full, middle, and whipped over midwicket for another four

Sehwag has now scored 39 off the last 11 deliveries he has faced. A Sehwag special on a difficult wicket makes it worth going through all the pains of this IPL

End of over 16 (18 runs) Delhi Daredevils 112/4 (RR: 7.00)

    • V Sehwag 70 (43b 7x4 4x6)
    • TR Birt 4 (4b)
    • B Akhil 2-0-22-0
    • R Vinay Kumar 3-0-26-0

Ramesh Powar to bowl now. In the 17th over. With Sehwag in this form


Powar to Birt, no run, Powar has been imperious in the field today, and dives across to his right to prevent a single. It was a full toss that Birt missed out on, though


Powar to Birt, no run, nice offbreak, middle and leg line, pushed to straightish extra cover


Powar to Birt, 1 run, a touch too full, chipped to long-off for one


Powar to Sehwag, SIX, Looked like a mis-hit! You wouldn't say it, though, if you saw it land metres behind the fence. He wasn't quite close to the pitch of the ball, it was closer to the top edge than to the middle, but it cleared long-on easily


Powar to Sehwag, no run, yorks him up this time


Powar to Sehwag, FOUR, Beautiful. One of the best shots you can see. Inside-out over extra cover, after stepping down to get to the pitch of the ball

End of over 17 (11 runs) Delhi Daredevils 123/4 (RR: 7.23)

    • V Sehwag 80 (46b 8x4 5x6)
    • TR Birt 5 (7b)
    • RR Powar 1-0-11-0
    • B Akhil 2-0-22-0

Vinay Kumar comes back


Vinay Kumar to Birt, FOUR, length ball outside off, and Birt joins the party, lofting this over extra cover. There was enough room for him to free his arms


Vinay Kumar to Birt, no run, slower ball, shortish outside off, and it rolls along the pitch. Shooter, not the first one either


Vinay Kumar to Birt, FOUR, lucky runs... Comes down the track, is yorked by Vinay, but the thick edge beats short third man


Vinay Kumar to Birt, 1 run, looks for the pull bit it is not short enough, but he manages a single to midwicket


Vinay Kumar to Sehwag, OUT, They finally get Sehwag out. Well worked-out dismissal. Vinay goes round the wicket, has long-on, deep extra, and sweeper-cover, and angles the ball across hi. It is a slower ball, and he doesn't get his all on this shot towards extra cover, and picks the man on the boundary. Top innings, though - 49 off the last 15 balls he faced

V Sehwag c Hodge b Vinay Kumar 80 (47b 8x4 5x6) SR: 170.21


Vinay Kumar to Birt, SIX, this is not that clever from Vinay. One slower ball too many, Birt gets down on a knee and lofts back over his head for a six

End of over 18 (15 runs) Delhi Daredevils 138/5 (RR: 7.66)

    • TR Birt 20 (12b 2x4 1x6)
    • IK Pathan 0 (0b)
    • R Vinay Kumar 4-0-41-1
    • RR Powar 1-0-11-0

Bold move to bowl Powar now


Powar to Pathan, no run, yorks him up first ball


Powar to Pathan, SIX, no justice for the bowler. He sees Pathan comes down, pulls the length ball, beats him in the flight, but that bat is so good the mis-hit carries for a six over cow corner


Powar to Pathan, 1 run, yorker again, Pathan digs it out for one


Powar to Birt, OUT, slog-sweep, but Powar is delightfully slow through the air, and Birt is that half a second early into the shot, skying it to deep midwicket

TR Birt c Vinay Kumar b Powar 20 (13b 2x4 1x6) SR: 153.84


Powar to Pathan, 1 run, full across him, driven to sweeper-cover for one

van der Merwe to bat. His trademark shot is an attempted pull that goes to point


Powar to van der Merwe, 1 run, comes down the track, chips him over his head, takes one, wants two, decides against it, sees Jadeja fumble, wants two, decides against it. Rightly so, because Jadeja's return hits the stumps at the striker's end on the full

End of over 19 (9 runs) Delhi Daredevils 147/6 (RR: 7.73)

    • RE van der Merwe 1 (1b)
    • IK Pathan 8 (4b 1x6)
    • RR Powar 2-0-20-1
    • R Vinay Kumar 4-0-41-1

RP Singh to bowl the last over


Singh to van der Merwe, no run, well bowled, yorker angled across him, can't quite reach it


Singh to van der Merwe, 1 run, steered to third man for a single, brings Pathan on strike


Singh to Pathan, 4 leg byes, poor delivery, down the leg side with fine leg up, and even though Pathan doesn't get bat on it, he will take four leg-byes


Singh to Pathan, FOUR, length ball, heaved away, gets four wide of square leg. Not great bowling


Singh to Pathan, 1 run, this is better, yorker outside off, steered to third man


Singh to van der Merwe, OUT, good straight drive, but this is a run-out because he has got a finger on it on its way to the stumps at the striker's end. Don't expect the non-striker to be in the crease at this time either. They have not yet decided on this, but Irfan has already thrown his pads off and has started bowling some looseners. Given out finally, and correctly

IK Pathan run out 13 (7b 1x4 1x6) SR: 185.71

Have we seen the best innings of this IPL so far? There were balls that were rolling along the wicket, the pitch was so slow you couldn't time the shots, but have a look at this: Sehwag 80 off 47, the rest of Delhi 77 off 69, including 16 extras. Sehwag scored 49 off the last 15 deliveries he faced, and it was some clean hitting. Most impressive was how he made room and kept cutting off leg stump. This will be one difficult chase. Do join us for it

End of over 20 (10 runs) Delhi Daredevils 157/7

    • RE van der Merwe 2 (4b)
    • RP Singh 4-0-29-0
    • RR Powar 2-0-20-1





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