Indian Premier League, 40th match: Mumbai Indians v Kings XI Punjab at Mumbai, May 2, 2011
Mumbai Indians won by 23 runs
2 May 2011 - day/night match (20-over match)

Back for the chase. Harbhajan to open the bowling. Valthaty to face


Harbhajan Singh to Valthaty, no run, turning in on leg stump, played away towards midwicket


Harbhajan Singh to Valthaty, no run, short, wide and turning in but Paul cannot capitalise, chopping the cut to point


Harbhajan Singh to Valthaty, 1 run, turns this one from leg stump in front of midwicket to get off the mark

slip for Gilchrist, Harbhajan from round the stumps


Harbhajan Singh to Gilchrist, no run, pushes this one from the back foot towards covers


Harbhajan Singh to Gilchrist, OUT, Gilly is gone, Harbhajan strikes, Gilchrist went down for the big sweep, missed, is struck on the pads, was that going down leg? have to wait for the replays, but he is gone, what a big strike for Mumbai

AC Gilchrist lbw b Harbhajan Singh 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Shaun Marsh walks in at No 3, slip and silly point as well, it is Symonds


Harbhajan Singh to Marsh, no run, shortish and turning away, guided towards point, MArsh is sent back as he rushes out for the run, direct hit but he seems to have made it

End of over 1 (1 run) Kings XI Punjab 1/1 (159 runs required from 19 overs, RR: 1.00, RRR: 8.36)

    • SE Marsh 0 (1b)
    • PC Valthaty 1 (3b)
    • Harbhajan Singh 1-0-1-1

Malinga from the other end


Malinga to Valthaty, no run, stays in the crease expecting the yorker, it is a full ball outside off though, tries to reach out and slap it away but is beaten


Malinga to Valthaty, no run, phew! 144.5 furious full toss on middle and leg, Valthaty was surprised and opened up, got a leading edge towards point as he stabbed at the ball


Malinga to Valthaty, 1 run, 146.6 kph, another ripper of a full ball, almost gets through Valthaty's defences, he somehow manages to get leg out of the way and get some bat on it to send it flying away to Munaf at fine leg


Malinga to Marsh, 1 run, keeping it consistently full is Malinga, and angles this across Marsh who gets a thick edge along the ground as he pushes at it, goes past the slip, but Munaf saves some runs with some quick work at third man


Malinga to Valthaty, no run, 142.1 kph, now the short delivery arrives. Valthaty is caught in the crease with all those full ones, and hops in the air to fend this one down on the leg side


Malinga to Valthaty, no run, tries to play a weak pull shot as he sees another short one climbing, this time around off stump, but Malinga is too quick for him, what an over!

End of over 2 (2 runs) Kings XI Punjab 3/1 (157 runs required from 18 overs, RR: 1.50, RRR: 8.72)

    • PC Valthaty 2 (8b)
    • SE Marsh 1 (2b)
    • SL Malinga 1-0-2-0
    • Harbhajan Singh 1-0-1-1

harbhajan continues with slip and silly point


Harbhajan Singh to Marsh, 1 run, a touch short, MArsh gets on top of it and cuts, but Rayudu gets to it in the covers

Rayudu seems to have some damage to his leg as he went after that ball. He is leaving the field now

Sandip: "Fast bowlers normally rely on a toe crusher after a well directed bouncer. Slinga Malinga goes the other way ...surprise bouncer after a series of nearly toe crushers." No close in men for Paul

blue-eyed: "Munaf saving runs with quick work....!!! Please tell me u were kidding." I wasn't, for once


Harbhajan Singh to Valthaty, no run, bowled slowly through the air, he comes forward and eases it to point


Harbhajan Singh to Valthaty, no run, quietly defends another tossed up ball off the front foot,


Harbhajan Singh to Valthaty, no run, skips down the track. Harbhajan shortens the length, he pushes it to the bowler's left and trots for the single, sees Harbhajan getting to the ball and rushes back


Harbhajan Singh to Valthaty, 1 run, wound himself up for the big shot over the off side, but again reined himself in to push in to covers

slip and silly point return for Marsh


Harbhajan Singh to Marsh, 1 run, Harbhajan fires this one in from round the wicket, ends up on the pads and is flicked away through square leg

End of over 3 (3 runs) Kings XI Punjab 6/1 (154 runs required from 17 overs, RR: 2.00, RRR: 9.05)

    • SE Marsh 3 (4b)
    • PC Valthaty 3 (12b)
    • Harbhajan Singh 2-0-4-1
    • SL Malinga 1-0-2-0

Navin: "I just can't fathom the fact that it is so difficult to face Malinga when the batsman already knows that its going to be a yorker. It's no more a surprise ball. I'm astonished to see that all batsman are struggling like school kids. They could do a lot of things like trying to charge him or stand a feet out of the crease and so on."


Malinga to Marsh, FOUR, with no fuss at all, Marsh clips a full delivery past midwicket, and once it is in the gap, the outfield does the rest


Malinga to Marsh, FOUR, still no fuss from Marsh, only lovely timing, still fuller, width as well outside off, MArsh gets front foot out and pings the gap between cover and extra cover


Malinga to Marsh, 1 run, the length ball from Malinga, surprise, surprise, Marsh plonks it down on the off side off the back foot


Malinga to Valthaty, no run, now the bouncer, Valthaty thought about it, and then weaved out of the line, letting it whizz past


Malinga to Valthaty, no run, he is looking completely at sea against Malinga, tries to drive from the crease, the full delivery rushes far away from the bat outside off stump


Malinga to Valthaty, no run, pinpoint yorker from Malinga, Valthaty does well to bring down bat on it and pat it back, that;s all he could have done with it

End of over 4 (9 runs) Kings XI Punjab 15/1 (145 runs required from 16 overs, RR: 3.75, RRR: 9.06)

    • PC Valthaty 3 (15b)
    • SE Marsh 12 (7b 2x4)
    • SL Malinga 2-0-11-0
    • Harbhajan Singh 2-0-4-1

vidyasagar: "@Navin: The reason why it is so difficult to face him is that he comes at you with so much pace. Plus a yorker is still a yorker! You have to reach down to play it. And to cap it all, Malinga is an intelligent bowler." Here comes Nechim


Ahmed to Marsh, 1 run, on a length around leg stump, Marsh clips him off the pads in front of square leg


Ahmed to Valthaty, no run, Valthaty cannot seem to connect anything at the moment, short, wide and he cuts in the air as he ball beats him


Ahmed to Valthaty, no run, again, he tries to manufacture a pull-swing from the crease from way outside off, feet all over the place, beaten again


Ahmed to Valthaty, no run, eep, third time in a row, he can;t seem to put bat to ball, this one takes off from short of a length around off stump, he tries to ride the bounce and cut, misses


Ahmed to Valthaty, 1 run, dropped Munaf at cover, surprise, outs down a chance, he had to dive forward, he did, surprise, but the ball popped out of his hands, Valthaty's version of the pull had gone towards covers off an edge


Ahmed to Marsh, 1 leg bye, hops to this one from back of a length on the pads but cannot work it away

End of over 5 (3 runs) Kings XI Punjab 18/1 (142 runs required from 15 overs, RR: 3.60, RRR: 9.46)

    • SE Marsh 13 (9b 2x4)
    • PC Valthaty 4 (19b)
    • AN Ahmed 1-0-2-0
    • SL Malinga 2-0-11-0

Munaf comes on now with Davy standing up


Patel to Marsh, 1 bye, Marsh goes hard at a length ball going across him, misses and the ball hits Davy hard on the thumb, and goes down in a lot of pain

sushant: "looks like Sachin took Munaf's third man save too seriously too soon and promoted him inside the circle. time go back to the boundary for Munaf."


Patel to Valthaty, 1 run, goes hard at a pull, Valthaty, and manages to get some bat on it not enough, but gets it over SAchin at midwicket

Davy is still standing up


Patel to Marsh, no run, strikes him on the pads and goes up in appeal, looked a touch high


Patel to Marsh, no run, short and wide, but Marsh cuts it straight to point


Patel to Marsh, no run, another short and wide one, Marsh misses the cut, DAvy with a neat take


Patel to Marsh, FOUR, shot! full delivery and Marsh spirits forward and drives it straight past Munaf for a boundary, superb timing

End of over 6 (6 runs) Kings XI Punjab 24/1 (136 runs required from 14 overs, RR: 4.00, RRR: 9.71)

    • SE Marsh 17 (14b 3x4)
    • PC Valthaty 5 (20b)
    • MM Patel 1-0-5-0
    • AN Ahmed 1-0-2-0

Ahmed to Valthaty, 1 run, goes hard at a wide one outside off, couple of bounces to Harbhajan at third man, who does well to grab it as it flies towards him


Ahmed to Marsh, FOUR, clobber! Marsh shows how the pull is played, takes a step out, sees the ball is short, and immediately rocks back to thump it over midwicket, there is a man in the deep but he had no chance


Ahmed to Marsh, 1 run, slower one, he picks it, stays back and guides it towards point, takes on Pollard with the throw that misses at the non-striker's end


Ahmed to Valthaty, 1 run, Sachin at mid off is deep, Valthaty goes hard at it and mistimes it to Sachin, but is able to take the single


Ahmed to Marsh, 1 run, slaps a back of a length ball to sweeper cover


Ahmed to Valthaty, 1 run, goes hard at a full one outside off, slices it in the air, Munaf at sweeper cover was not going to come forward, he had planted both feet firmly in the ground, and the ball arrived to him on one bounce

End of over 7 (9 runs) Kings XI Punjab 33/1 (127 runs required from 13 overs, RR: 4.71, RRR: 9.76)

    • PC Valthaty 8 (23b)
    • SE Marsh 23 (17b 4x4)
    • AN Ahmed 2-0-11-0
    • MM Patel 1-0-5-0

Patel to Valthaty, no run, Valthaty's struggle continues, the short ball is there to be pulled, but he gets it weakly to drop well in front of Sachin at midwicket


Patel to Valthaty, FOUR, gets this one away finally, low full toss, he scythes it off the front foot, comfortably beating sweeper cover


Patel to Valthaty, 4 byes, 132.1 kph from Munaf, short of a length from Munaf, and it takes off, Valthaty is surprised, and so is Davy as he concedes the byes

Davy goes back now, about time


Patel to Valthaty, no run, Valthaty goes back to swinging-and-missing, shortish and outside off stump, Valthaty tries to cut but misses


Patel to Valthaty, 1 run, makes room this time and squeezes a length ball from middle stump to third man


Patel to Marsh, 1 run, tries to chop this one from middle stump to third man, mistimes it towards point

End of over 8 (10 runs) Kings XI Punjab 43/1 (117 runs required from 12 overs, RR: 5.37, RRR: 9.75)

    • SE Marsh 24 (18b 4x4)
    • PC Valthaty 13 (28b 1x4)
    • MM Patel 2-0-11-0
    • AN Ahmed 2-0-11-0

ankan: "With Malinga continuously attempting yorkers- one should look at how Dhoni handled him in the WC finals- He got low on the ball and met the ball on the full." Suman comes on for some offbreaks


Suman to Marsh, 1 run, short of a length and punched off the back foot to sweeper cover


Suman to Valthaty, 1 run, stands in the crease and flat-bats a length ball turning in to long off


Suman to Marsh, 1 run, angles in to the left-hander, he makes room and punches it to long on


Suman to Valthaty, 2 runs, flights it outside off stump, Paul goes forward and creams it, Munaf saves the boundary with more quick work, on the sweeper cover boundary


Suman to Valthaty, SIX, Valthaty gets another one in the middle of the bat, it was pitched up and he clobbers it over the straight boundary


Suman to Valthaty, 1 run, tries to repeat the stroke, but this one is flatter and fuller, and he goes back to squeeze it down to long off

End of over 9 (12 runs) Kings XI Punjab 55/1 (105 runs required from 11 overs, RR: 6.11, RRR: 9.54)

    • PC Valthaty 23 (32b 1x4 1x6)
    • SE Marsh 26 (20b 4x4)
    • TL Suman 1-0-12-0
    • MM Patel 2-0-11-0

Pollard comes on now


Pollard to Valthaty, 1 run, gentle short of a length ball, swatted away down to long on


Pollard to Marsh, 1 run, Marsh hangs back in the crease, lets the length ball come on and caresses it past point to third man


Pollard to Valthaty, 2 runs, whack! Valthaty hops in the air, gets in top of a short one and forehands it with both hands over a leaping Pollard


Pollard to Valthaty, 1 wide, more short stuff from Pollard, bounces over Valthaty


Pollard to Valthaty, 1 run, the yorker from Pollard, he goes back and swings it down to long on


Pollard to Marsh, 1 run, good slower one from Pollard, Marsh picks it late and pushes it on the off side


Pollard to Valthaty, no run, another slower one from Pollard, stays low as Valthaty is in to the slog very early

End of over 10 (7 runs) Kings XI Punjab 62/1 (98 runs required from 60 balls, RR: 6.20, RRR: 9.80)

    • PC Valthaty 27 (36b 1x4 1x6)
    • SE Marsh 28 (22b 4x4)
    • KA Pollard 1-0-7-0
    • TL Suman 1-0-12-0

sunil: "Munaf saving 2 boundaries in a match with quick fielding is against all the known laws of cricket !" Here is Symonds for the first time in this IPL


Symonds to Marsh, FOUR, fullish on leg stump, and MArsh lofts it wide of long on nicely


Symonds to Marsh, no run, length ball going across and he pushes it out to point


Symonds to Marsh, 1 run, Marsh does a Valthaty, goes hard at a short one, but mistimes it as it weakly rolls away to long on


Symonds to Valthaty, SIX, crash! full ball from Symonds, Valthaty stands tall and creams it over the bowler;s head


Symonds to Valthaty, OUT, went again for the straight boundary, this time he did not get it as cleanly off the bat as he backed away a bit towards leg, Pollard appeared from long on and the ball disappeared in to his hands, that will be the end of Valthaty

PC Valthaty c Pollard b Symonds 33 (38b 1x4 2x6) SR: 86.84

David Hussey comes out


Symonds to Hussey, no run, goes forward and looks to drive a full and wide ball, did he get an edge on that, Davy, standing up, failed to gather anyways

End of over 11 (11 runs) Kings XI Punjab 73/2 (87 runs required from 54 balls, RR: 6.63, RRR: 9.66)

    • DJ Hussey 0 (1b)
    • SE Marsh 33 (25b 5x4)
    • A Symonds 1-0-11-1
    • KA Pollard 1-0-7-0

Pollard to Marsh, 1 run, cuts away from leg stump, he pushes it in front of point for a quick run


Pollard to Hussey, 1 run, comes in from a length outside off, he goes back and plonks it on the off side close to the wicket for a single


Pollard to Marsh, 1 run, tries to angles it full and away from the left-hander who drives it along the ground to long off


Pollard to Hussey, no run, can;t get this one away, came forward and tried to push it past the bowler who quickly got to it


Pollard to Hussey, 1 leg bye, shuffles and works it away off the pads in front of square leg


Pollard to Marsh, 1 run, slaps a length ball towards sweeper cover, tidy over from Pollard

End of over 12 (5 runs) Kings XI Punjab 78/2 (82 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 6.50, RRR: 10.25)

    • SE Marsh 36 (28b 5x4)
    • DJ Hussey 1 (4b)
    • KA Pollard 2-0-11-0
    • A Symonds 1-0-11-1

Rayudu seems to have magically recovered and is back on the field in place of Davy, behind the stumps

maddy: "I am unable to decide which one is the fact - either the bowlers have become more tactful or the Indian pitches have become more bowler friendly - in this year's IPL, 160 seems to be a winning score, most of the time."

82 off 48. Getting tougher and tougher for Punjab

moazzam: "If Munaf's hands are Touch me Not for the ball, than Pollard's hands are venus fly trap."


Patel to Marsh, 1 run, pushed down the ground to long off


Patel to Hussey, OUT, Hussey plays an ugly slog, makes room and flat-bats a short ball, gets it high off the bat, Rohit comes charging in from long off, puts in the dive and takes the ball inches from the ground, excellent catch

DJ Hussey c Sharma b Patel 1 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20.00


Patel to Marsh, no run, goes for the cut to a ball that is not wide enough, and is beaten


Patel to Marsh, 1 run, stabbed away off the back foot in front of point


Patel to Karthik, 1 run, shuffles in the crease and works a length ball behind square leg


Patel to Marsh, 1 leg bye, misses the whip across the line, Munaf thinks that is hitting the stumps, and appeals, looked a bit high

End of over 13 (4 runs) Kings XI Punjab 82/3 (78 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 6.30, RRR: 11.14)

    • SE Marsh 38 (32b 5x4)
    • KD Karthik 1 (1b)
    • MM Patel 3-0-14-1
    • KA Pollard 2-0-11-0

rajesh: "Why do I get a feeling that David Hussey lacks ownership during chases? Never seems like staying there and seeing it to the end."

Helge: "Can anybody tell me what kind of a pitch Mr. PK needs to be dangerous? I mean all seamers find something today except for him... maybe time for Punjab to drop him!"


Pollard to Marsh, 1 run, length ball on the pads that is turned away to Harbhajan at short fine leg


Pollard to Karthik, OUT, that is hitting leg stump if there is no inside edge, Dinesh walks across his stumps looking for the single to square leg, misses and right away umpire Reiffel raises his finger, does not seem to be any inside edge on the replays

KD Karthik lbw b Pollard 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Nayar is in at No 6


Pollard to Nayar, 1 run, Nayar comes forward and eases a full ball past point


Pollard to Marsh, 1 run, length ball that is worked away for another single


Pollard to Nayar, FOUR, Nayar with the crouching stance, gets up late and goes for the pull to a short one that rushes on, the top edge flies over the keeper


Pollard to Nayar, no run, shuffles to work this one but midwicket is close enough to cut off the single

End of over 14 (7 runs) Kings XI Punjab 89/4 (71 runs required from 36 balls, RR: 6.35, RRR: 11.83)

    • AM Nayar 5 (3b 1x4)
    • SE Marsh 40 (34b 5x4)
    • KA Pollard 3-0-18-1
    • MM Patel 3-0-14-1

chris: "Rajesh: He is one of the greatest finishes in the world game. I am a Victorian I know what he is like. Hasty statement on what was a poor shot." Nechim is back


Ahmed to Marsh, 1 bye, 121.8 kph slower one going across the left-hander who looks to slog it through midwicket, but the ball barely misses off stump


Ahmed to Nayar, 1 run, Nayar goes a foot outside leg stump, sees this one angled across and throws his bat at it, sending it through point


Ahmed to Marsh, FOUR, full and wide delivery, Marsh eases to the pitch and slaps it past extra cover, Harbhajan put in a late dive at sweeper cover but it was always going away from him


Ahmed to Marsh, 1 run, smashed down to long off for a single this time


Ahmed to Nayar, 1 run, slower one again, Nayar manages to push it in front of point, initial hesitation before they set off for the run


Ahmed to Marsh, FOUR, Marsh gets the boundary to bring up the 100, short of a length and he pulls it, getting a bit of an inside edge that goes backward of deep square leg, there is no one there

End of over 15 (12 runs) Kings XI Punjab 101/4 (59 runs required from 30 balls, RR: 6.73, RRR: 11.80)

    • SE Marsh 49 (38b 7x4)
    • AM Nayar 7 (5b 1x4)
    • AN Ahmed 3-0-22-0
    • KA Pollard 3-0-18-1

Harbhajan is back now


Harbhajan Singh to Nayar, FOUR, Nayar charges out, is beaten in flight, but still gets the boundary, reaches out and slices this one with the turn over point and it runs away


Harbhajan Singh to Nayar, 1 run, takes this one on the full and sweeps it in the air to deep square leg


Harbhajan Singh to Marsh, FOUR, thinking that Marsh will charge out, Harbhajan fires this one wide across Marsh, who hangs back, reaches out and thrashes it to the cover boundary, that will be another serene 50 for Marsh


Harbhajan Singh to Marsh, 1 run, turned away towards midwicket


Harbhajan Singh to Nayar, 2 runs, the reverse sweep from Nayar, again takes it on the full, but Malinga cuts off the boundary at sweeper cover


Harbhajan Singh to Nayar, OUT, gone this time, Harbhajan slants this one across Nayar as he sees him coming out, Nayar has to really stretch out to get to it, and manages to tamely push it for Symonds to take a diving catch at extra cover

AM Nayar c Symonds b Harbhajan Singh 14 (9b 2x4 0x6) SR: 155.55

End of over 16 (12 runs) Kings XI Punjab 113/5 (47 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 7.06, RRR: 11.75)

    • SE Marsh 54 (40b 8x4)
    • Harbhajan Singh 3-0-16-2
    • AN Ahmed 3-0-22-0

Malinga is back


Malinga to Marsh, 1 run, low full toss that is eased away calmly to sweeper cover


Malinga to Bipul Sharma, 1 run, the yorker from Malinga, but outside leg stump, he digs it away towards extra cover

Praveen: "Finally we got to see "AM Nayar c Symonds b Harbhajan Singh". Did they hug each other!?" No, they didn't


Malinga to Marsh, 1 run, can't get him away, squeezes another full one to third man


Malinga to Bipul Sharma, OUT, the inevitable has happened, slanted in from a low height, homes in flat on the stumps, Bipul can't do anything, off stump is in the way, and is uprooted

Bipul Sharma b Malinga 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

rajkrish: "c Symonds b Harbhajan Singh!!! The Royal Wedding was nothing compared to this :)"


Malinga to Chawla, no run, Piyush gets another one zooming in on the stumps, but he manages to get bat on it, nearly a run out but point misses with the direct hit


Malinga to Chawla, 1 leg bye, goes wrong for once, low full toss down the pads, he can't flick it fine

End of over 17 (4 runs) Kings XI Punjab 117/6 (43 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 6.88, RRR: 14.33)

    • PP Chawla 0 (2b)
    • SE Marsh 56 (42b 8x4)
    • SL Malinga 3-0-14-1
    • Harbhajan Singh 3-0-16-2

Harbhajan Singh to Chawla, 1 run, tossed up slowly through the air, pushed away in front of point, SAchin lobs the ball to the keeper but MArsh is home


Harbhajan Singh to Marsh, 1 run, Marsh can't launch in to this one, only a single to long on


Harbhajan Singh to Chawla, FOUR, down the track comes Chawla, gets to the pitch and lofts nicely with the turn past extra cover, beats Rohit who charges to his right from long off and puts in the dive


Harbhajan Singh to Chawla, 1 run, plonked on the wicket and they rush through for the single


Harbhajan Singh to Marsh, 1 run, yorker from Harbhajan around leg stump, he digs it down to long on


Harbhajan Singh to Chawla, 1 run, fires in the low full toss, Chawla hits it hard but long off is very straight and gets to it

End of over 18 (9 runs) Kings XI Punjab 126/6 (34 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 7.00, RRR: 17.00)

    • PP Chawla 7 (6b 1x4)
    • SE Marsh 58 (44b 8x4)
    • Harbhajan Singh 4-0-25-2
    • SL Malinga 3-0-14-1

VTG: "Warning to all Teams in the IPL--When u play against Mumbai, you have only 16 overs to a result of a rare phenomenon called Malinga..hence beware & plan accordingly."


Malinga to Chawla, 1 run, very full delivery driven away off the front foot to sweeper cover


Malinga to Marsh, 1 run, they just keep coming, there is no getting away, another yorker is jammed away to long off


Malinga to Chawla, 1 leg bye, goes for the flick to another full delivery, outside leg this time, can't do much with it


Malinga to Marsh, 2 runs, clips a full one neatly off the toes, but now that he has got Malinga away, there is Pollard to contend with on the wide long on boundary, and he stops the boundary with a big dive


Malinga to Marsh, OUT, that's the end of Marsh, and that's the game for Mumbai! pacy low full toss, Marsh tried to smash it over midwicket, but was late on the shot and looped it straight to Sachin on the edge of the circle at midwicket, 160 looks like 180 when you have someone like Malinga

SE Marsh c Tendulkar b Malinga 61 (47b 8x4 0x6) SR: 129.78


Malinga to Harris, 1 run, goes hard at a full one and inside edges it towards square leg

End of over 19 (6 runs) Kings XI Punjab 132/7 (28 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 6.94, RRR: 28.00)

    • RJ Harris 1 (1b)
    • PP Chawla 8 (8b 1x4)
    • SL Malinga 4-0-19-2
    • Harbhajan Singh 4-0-25-2

Patel to Harris, OUT, gets under a length delivery and lofts it hard, but it just goes high and settles in to the monster hands of Pollard coming in from long on

RJ Harris c Pollard b Patel 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

surendranath: "I always visualize Malinga in T20 as a Tequila shot. His spell (4 overs) will be short but they are really effective!!!! :) "


Patel to Chawla, 1 run, backs away and steers a length ball to Malinga at third man

kishan: "The only way to neutralize a Malinga is to have a Lance Klusner."


Patel to Kumar, 1 run, makes room but Munaf follows him with a low full toss, and he works it away through square leg


Patel to Chawla, 1 run, short of a length and he goes hard at the pull, but the ball tamely rolls away to Pollard at deep midwicket


Patel to Kumar, no run, slower one from Munaf angling in, PK backed away but could not do anything with it as it kept a touch low


Patel to Kumar, 1 run, good straight drive from PK off a fuller one to long on, but that is a comfortable win for Mumbai

That will be it for us from this game. Another one starts in five minutes, from Delhi. and there is Nitin's bulletin to read as well. For the moment, this is Abhishek Purohit signing off. Cheers!

Kieron Pollard is the Man of the Match. Pollard: "Been a long time since I have come up and actually done something for the team. Guys at the top of the order have been doing the job for us. Today I backed myself to do well."

Sachin Tendulkar: "I thought it was a good total, may be short by 15-20 runs, some good ground fielding, and brilliant start with the bowling. Bhajji gave us a good start and the others carried on. Today Pollard struck some big sixes that is what is he capable of. Symmo is capable as well, and I am sure there is more to come. Pollard is brilliant in the field. We all know the value of having him."

Adam Gilchrist: "Definitely we were in the game when our bowlers kept them to 160. Lot of credit to our bowling. Our batting did not produce the goods today. We have left a lot up to Shaun every time he has played, we cannot leave it up to him each time."

krishna: "More than half the tournament is done and Mumbai has the Highest points, Highest Net Run Rate, Orange Cap and Purple Cap Go Mumbai..."

So after the wobble at Jaipur, Mumbai are back to what they do, choking off the opposition after putting up a decent total. Malinga, Harbhajan and Munaf going for 62 runs and picking up six wickets. Game over. Hang on for the presentation

End of over 20 (4 runs) Kings XI Punjab 136/8 (24 runs required)

    • P Kumar 2 (3b)
    • PP Chawla 10 (10b 1x4)
    • MM Patel 4-0-18-2
    • SL Malinga 4-0-19-2





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