Indian Premier League, 44th match: Pune Warriors v Mumbai Indians at Mumbai, May 4, 2011
Mumbai Indians won by 21 runs
4 May 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Wagh to Blizzard, no run, full in length, outside off and he pushes it to covers


Wagh to Blizzard, 1 run, Edged but short of third man. Hint of outswing on this full delivery and Blizzard goes for a lofted off drive and edges it to third man


Wagh to Tendulkar, FOUR, And Tendulkar whips it clear of that fielder. He shuffled across towards off and whip-flicked the full delivery from the off stump line up and through backward square-leg


Wagh to Tendulkar, no run, on a length, moves towards middle, jabbed bat and pad back to the bowler


Wagh to Tendulkar, no run, similar delivery, Tendulkar taps it back to the bowler, on side of the pitch


Wagh to Tendulkar, FOUR, Shout for lbw but there was some inside edge on it. Tendulkar shuffled across again, Wagh kept it full and straight on the middle and Tendulkar crouched to stab at it. The bat-and-pad took the ball to fine-leg boundary. Taufel signals boundary

Mumbai Indians 14/0   SB Wagh 1-0-9-0

Wagh to Rayudu, 1 run, lands on a length on the middle and tilts back in slighly; Rayudu adjusts to jab it behind square-leg


Wagh to Tendulkar, 1 leg bye, bending back from around the leg, and Tendulkar is hit on the pad


Wagh to Rayudu, no run, digs this in short and Rayudu ducks


Wagh to Rayudu, 1 run, almost a yorker, on the middle, hint of inswing into Rayudu who stabs it off the inside edge to fine-leg region


Wagh to Tendulkar, 2 runs, takes a step or two down the track and lunges out to steer it to backward point. It's deflected towards point. Jhunjhunwala has a shy at the striker's end and Tendulkar just about gets back. Overthrows, though


Wagh to Tendulkar, no run, angling across Tendulkar who square drives to point

Mumbai Indians 24/1   SB Wagh 2-0-13-0

Wagh to Rayudu, 1 run, lands on a length around leg and moves towards middle, pushed to the on side for a single


Wagh to Tendulkar, 4 leg byes, There is a leg slip in place and the ball runs off the pad between the keeper and that leg slip. It was a full delivery on the pads, and Tendulkar misses out on the flick. Four leg byes, though


Wagh to Tendulkar, 1 wide, pushes it wide down the leg side and Robin shuffles across


Wagh to Tendulkar, 1 leg bye, on the pads and the ball rolls to fine-leg region


Wagh to Rayudu, 2 runs, leans forward to work it through to deep midwicket


Wagh to Rayudu, 1 run, steers this to third man for a single


Wagh to Tendulkar, FOUR, Wristy upper cut ala Gundappa Vishwanath. Not the firm upper cut Tendulkar usually plays. This didn't climb all that much and he had to use his wrists and bottom-hand over time to slash it up and over slip. Beautifully done

Mumbai Indians 49/1   SB Wagh 3-0-22-0





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