Indian Premier League, 45th match: Kochi Tuskers Kerala v Kolkata Knight Riders at Kochi, May 5, 2011
Kochi Tuskers Kerala won by 17 runs
5 May 2011 - day/night match (20-over match)

Unadkat to Patel, 1 run, short of a good length, knocks it away past point towards third man for a single

Kochi Tuskers Kerala 7/1   PA Patel 1* (1b)

Lee to Patel, FOUR, stroked away, pitched on a length outside off and he chases it, square-driving it powerfully through point for a boundary


Lee to Patel, FOUR, short and he latches onto it, beautifully timed, rocks on the back foot and crunches it past a diving point for four more


Lee to Patel, 1 run, ooh, gets an inside edge does Parthiv, a bit of width again and he tries to force it through the off side, gets it just wide of the leg stump to sneak a single


Lee to Patel, no run, fires it on leg stump, gets back and knocks it down into the leg side


Lee to Patel, no run, short of a good length on the off, taps it into the off side from the crease

Kochi Tuskers Kerala 17/1   PA Patel 10* (6b 2x4)

Unadkat to Patel, FOUR, Parthiv's looking really good, angling in towards the pads and Parthiv moves across to just chip it over midwicket for a boundary, lovely timing once again


Unadkat to Patel, no run, pacy this time, banged it short outside off, Parthiv thinks of playing at it initially and then decides to withdraw but it just went past the outside edge, had him in a bit of trouble


Unadkat to Patel, no run, he now wants to send it into the streets, came down the track to that shortish delivery and had a swoosh, missed


Unadkat to Patel, 1 run, shortish on the off, runs it down towards third man to keep strike

Kochi Tuskers Kerala 23/1   PA Patel 15* (10b 3x4)

Iqbal Abdulla to Patel, FOUR, tossed up, lands full on middle and off, Parthiv steps out of the crease and smacks him over mid-off, a nice welcome


Iqbal Abdulla to Patel, no run, shortish, waits for it to turn in slightly, punched towards extra cover


Iqbal Abdulla to Patel, 1 run, slightly short on the off, drops it wide of point for a single


Iqbal Abdulla to Patel, 1 run, made a bit of room and Abdulla chased him, pushed it full on the pads and he drove it towards deep midwicket for one more

Kochi Tuskers Kerala 30/1   PA Patel 21* (14b 4x4)

Unadkat to Patel, no run, short of a good length on the off, gets back and knocks it towards point


Unadkat to Patel, OUT, Rajat Bhatia holds his nerve to take a good catch, Unadkat dropped short and Parthiv appeared to have made his mind up. He's thrown his wicket away here, came down the track and again tried to swing it over midwicket, miscued it and Bhatia ran back a few paces and clasped it close to his chest on the third attempt

PA Patel c Bhatia b Unadkat 21 (16b 4x4 0x6) SR: 131.25

Kochi Tuskers Kerala 30/2   PA Patel 21 (16b 4x4)





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