Indian Premier League, 45th match: Kochi Tuskers Kerala v Kolkata Knight Riders at Kochi, May 5, 2011
Kochi Tuskers Kerala won by 17 runs
5 May 2011 - day/night match (20-over match)

Lee to McCullum, no run, beauty! Lovely stuff, landed on the off stump and nipped away just at the right time to beat the outside edge as McCullum played forward


Lee to McCullum, no run, nice movement for Lee, fullish outside off and moving away, McCullum opts to leave it alone


Lee to McCullum, no run, some swing this time, moving away, landed on middle and off, McCullum gets forward and opens the face slightly to steer it to Tiwary at point


Lee to McCullum, no run, bowled on a good length on middle and off, gets forward and defends it solidly back towards the bowler


Lee to McCullum, no run, beaten again, as good as the first one, held it back slightly and McCullum was committed on the front foot, tried to push through the line but was beaten by the away movement that just went past the outside edge


Lee to McCullum, no run, maiden to start with, pitched up this time and he drives it elegantly but straight towards cover, encouraging start for Kolkata

Kochi Tuskers Kerala 0/0   B Lee 1-1-0-0

Lee to Patel, FOUR, stroked away, pitched on a length outside off and he chases it, square-driving it powerfully through point for a boundary


Lee to Patel, FOUR, short and he latches onto it, beautifully timed, rocks on the back foot and crunches it past a diving point for four more


Lee to Patel, 1 run, ooh, gets an inside edge does Parthiv, a bit of width again and he tries to force it through the off side, gets it just wide of the leg stump to sneak a single


Lee to Klinger, 1 run, angling it towards middle and leg, gets across and works it past square leg for a single


Lee to Patel, no run, fires it on leg stump, gets back and knocks it down into the leg side


Lee to Patel, no run, short of a good length on the off, taps it into the off side from the crease

Kochi Tuskers Kerala 17/1   B Lee 2-1-10-0

Lee to Hodge, FOUR, poor ball, juicy delivery on the pads and Hodge doesn't waste it, glancing it down to the fine leg boundary


Lee to Hodge, 2 runs, driven back firmly but Lee gets a hand to it, rolls down in front of long-off and by the time the fielder gets to it, they've come back for the second


Lee to Hodge, 1 leg bye, short ball and he's struck on the ribs, Mahela calls for the single and Hodge responds, obstructing Lee's vision by running in front of the stumps and making it comfortably


Lee to Jayawardene, 1 run, low full toss outside off, Mahela moved away and steered it past Gambhir, was it dropped? Seemed like it, Gambhir dived full length to his right but wasn't able to clasp it, just a single in the end as he palmed it off into the deep, a tough chance again


Lee to Hodge, no run, short outside off, tries to upper cut that but it's too quick and beats the bat


Lee to Hodge, 1 no ball, called a no-ball since it was the second bouncer of the over, went for the upper cut again did Hodge and missed


Lee to Hodge, 2 runs, brilliant fielding by Morgan in the deep, pitched up outside off, made room and crunched it through the off side past extra cover, Morgan ran several paces to his right, dived and hauled it back in to keep them down to just two

Kochi Tuskers Kerala 125/4   B Lee 3-1-20-0

Lee to Gomez, 1 run, back of a length on middle, turned down towards fine leg for a single


Lee to Hodge, SIX, Hodge sends that into the stands, short ball on middle and he is into position early and pulls it ferociously into the crowd, plenty of venom in that shot


Lee to Hodge, FOUR, pitched up and Hodge cashes in, moves away and drives him over extra cover for a one bounce four, landed just inside the ropes


Lee to Hodge, SIX, The length ball again and Hodge is enjoying himself, in the slot on middle, he makes a bit of room and swings it away, another monstrous strike into the stands


Lee to Hodge, FOUR, Punishment! Lee can't get the yorker, instead it's another pitched up delivery outside of fand Hodge isn't going to spare it, makes room and carts it over the covers for four more


Lee to Hodge, 1 run, finally gets it right, Hodge can only dig it out into the leg side past midwicket for a single

Kochi Tuskers Kerala 156/5   B Lee 4-1-42-0





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