Indian Premier League, 46th match: Deccan Chargers v Delhi Daredevils at Hyderabad (Deccan), May 5, 2011
Delhi Daredevils won by 4 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)
5 May 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Hello there. Welcome to Deccan v Delhi. A tale of two inconsistent teams.

Please read the Preview by Dustin Silgardo.

Dustin has David Warner in the spotlight. He writes, "David Warner scored three half-centuries and a 46 in his first five matches of this IPL, but has since reached double figures just once. He needs to find that early form in order to take some of the pressure off Sehwag."

Toss Delhi has choosen to bowl first.

Sangakkara We have always had great wickets here in Hyderabad. Any team coming in can expect great tracks.

Sehwag: We have to win all five. It's possible. Last time Deccan Chargers did it; so hopefully we can do it this time. We talked about in the meeting that we should play fearless cricket. We would like to use whatever is in the track and bowl well. We should give our best in this game. Warner, Van Der Merwe, and Umesh Yadav are out. Avishkar Salvi, Aaron Finch and James Hopes are in.

Sangakkara: For us this is a good opportunity to challenge ourselves and put up a good score. Pragyan Ojha is out and Ishant Malhotra is in. "

TV flashing that JP Duminy in for Cameron White. Sanga didn't say that; this is from the tv.

Just ten odd minutes for the start of the game.


Morkel to Dhawan, FOUR, What a shot. Especially if you consider that it was the first ball. Shikhar Dhawan leaned forward to play a peachy extra cover drive. The front elbow high and lovely punch at the point of impact. It was a full pitched delivery


Morkel to Dhawan, FOUR, Edged this time, past second slip. It was a good-length delivery that moved away from Dhawan who stabbed out at it.


Morkel to Dhawan, 1 leg bye, ha! yorker on the boot! It screamed full towards leg stump line, Dhawan didn't have any time to get his bat down in time and he tries to get his foot up and away from the line of fire. Too late. The ball rams into his boot


Morkel to Ravi Teja, no run, short of length, climbing outside off, edged away towards second slip


Morkel to Ravi Teja, 1 leg bye, another one that moves past the prod and runs away of the pad


Morkel to Dhawan, no run, shout for lbw but that was high. It landed on a length and straightened on the leg and middle line. Dhawan was beaten by the pace and by that straightening and was hit on the pad. I think it was high. Let's see if they show a replay. Replays in: It pitched outside leg stump

End of over 1 (10 runs) Deccan Chargers 10/0 (RR: 10.00)

    • S Dhawan 8 (4b 2x4)
    • DB Ravi Teja 0 (2b)
    • M Morkel 1-0-8-0

Replays in: It pitched outside leg stump


Pathan to Ravi Teja, 1 run, gets forward to dab this one for a single


Pathan to Dhawan, 1 run, around the off stump line, leans forward to tap it to the off side


Pathan to Ravi Teja, no run, gets forward and across to push the length delivery to covers


Pathan to Ravi Teja, 1 run, full in length, just outside off, Teja goes for a big onside hoick and edges it to midwicket region


Pathan to Dhawan, 1 run, around the off stump line, steered to point region


Pathan to Ravi Teja, no run, straightens on the middle stump line, from a length, tapped out to the off side

End of over 2 (4 runs) Deccan Chargers 14/0 (RR: 7.00)

    • DB Ravi Teja 2 (6b)
    • S Dhawan 10 (6b 2x4)
    • IK Pathan 1-0-4-0
    • M Morkel 1-0-8-0

Salvi to Dhawan, FOUR, Crunchy! It was a length delivery on the middle stump line and Shikhar, aka babu as they call him, wafts it up and over the bowler. Imperious swing of the bat. Very nonchalantly done.


Salvi to Dhawan, 1 run, turns this through backward square-leg for a single


Salvi to Ravi Teja, no run, in the corridor outside off, Teja tries to square drive and is beaten


Salvi to Ravi Teja, no run, moves outside leg and has a slog at this one and the ball tails past the off stump


Salvi to Ravi Teja, OUT, Late on the pull. Done in for pace and the bounce. A gentle dolly of a catch to the keeper. Teja went for the pull against the short delivery and only managed to top-edge it high and the keeper settled under it. He tried to fetch it from well outside off and that also did him in

DB Ravi Teja c †Ojha b Salvi 2 (9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 22.22


Salvi to Sangakkara, no run, What was that? Sanga tries the "idea shot" as its called in some gully cricket. He tried to leave a length delivery outside off all alone but was late in withdrawing the bat. The ball ran off the bat to the right of the keeper who does well to make a diving stop

End of over 3 (5 runs) Deccan Chargers 19/1 (RR: 6.33)

    • KC Sangakkara 0 (1b)
    • S Dhawan 15 (8b 3x4)
    • AM Salvi 1-0-5-1
    • IK Pathan 1-0-4-0

Pathan to Dhawan, no run, leans forward to flick this full delivery to midwicket


Pathan to Dhawan, FOUR, Very cool! he is in some form tonight. It was the outswinger around off but he waited, covered for the swing, opened the bat-face and unfurled a stylish cover drive through point. Very neatly done.


Pathan to Dhawan, 1 run, just outside off stump, slightly short in length, Dhawan goes for the cut but edges it to the right of backward point


Pathan to Sangakkara, no run, just outside off stump, steered to backward point


Pathan to Sangakkara, no run, stays behind the line of this length delivery and pushes it out to covers.


Pathan to Sangakkara, no run, He took couple of steps down the track, Irfan didn't lose his composure for once and continued with his outswinger plan. Sanga tried to chip it up and over the bowler but the ball curved away past the bat

End of over 4 (5 runs) Deccan Chargers 24/1 (RR: 6.00)

    • KC Sangakkara 0 (4b)
    • S Dhawan 20 (11b 4x4)
    • IK Pathan 2-0-9-0
    • AM Salvi 1-0-5-1

Salvi to Dhawan, 1 run, length delivery outside off stump, Dhawan inside edges his cut to fine-leg region


Salvi to Sangakkara, no run, leans forward to defend a back-of-length delivery to the off side of the pitch


Salvi to Sangakkara, no run, tries to drive this one powerfully but ends up mistiming it to mid-on


Salvi to Sangakkara, FOUR, Lashed away! He went down on his knee and cut it through cover point in his inimitable style. Cut on the front foot.


Salvi to Sangakkara, no run, tries to heave this over wide mid-off region but makes no contact.


Salvi to Sangakkara, 1 run, around the off stump line, punched down to mid-off

Abhi: "Deccan do the right thing by dropping White..but they make the mistake of not sending Sunny Sohal to open, when he scored 50+ in about 24 balls last match. I think it's the minor mistakes like these that's causing them to lose games."

End of over 5 (6 runs) Deccan Chargers 30/1 (RR: 6.00)

    • KC Sangakkara 5 (9b 1x4)
    • S Dhawan 21 (12b 4x4)
    • AM Salvi 2-0-11-1
    • IK Pathan 2-0-9-0

Ajit: "avishkar salvi... indian version of legend Glen mcgrath... only in terms of action (to be precise)"


Morkel to Sangakkara, no run, kicks up from back of length, moves towards off, Sanga gets behind the line to defend it back to the bowler


Morkel to Sangakkara, FOUR, edged over slips. Morne stares. It's a length delivery angling across Sanga who chooses to slam it over midwicket. The ball flew over wide slip


Morkel to Sangakkara, FOUR, Crashed! He cleared his front foot and slammed the length delivery on the up and to the left of the bowler.


Morkel to Sangakkara, FOUR, What a lovely shot! Treat! It's a length delivery around off stump and he leaned forward and lifted it ever so beautifully, ever so classically, over mid-off. Pure class.


Morkel to Sangakkara, 1 run, banged in shorter, again just outside off, Sanga upper cuts it to third man


Morkel to Dhawan, no run, similar delivery and Dhawan plays the conventional square cut but can't beat point

End of over 6 (13 runs) Deccan Chargers 43/1 (RR: 7.16)

    • S Dhawan 21 (13b 4x4)
    • KC Sangakkara 18 (14b 4x4)
    • M Morkel 2-0-21-0
    • AM Salvi 2-0-11-1

Agarkar to Sangakkara, 1 run, Ajitey! starts off with a full delivery on the middle, Sanga pings long-on


Agarkar to Dhawan, 1 run, tries to clip this middle-stump delivery to square-leg and edges it to his body. Sanga calls him over for a quick single. He wants that strike. Here we go.


Agarkar to Sangakkara, 2 runs, Another fine shot. It was a good length delivery moving away from Sanga who plays the on-the-up lofted hit over covers this time.


Agarkar to Sangakkara, no run, punches this on the up but the cover fielder intercepts


Agarkar to Sangakkara, no run, The bouncer arrives and Sanga goes down under.


Agarkar to Sangakkara, 1 leg bye, shout for lbw but that looked high. It landed short of length and straightened on the middle and leg line. The ball moved past the prod and hit him high on the pad

End of over 7 (5 runs) Deccan Chargers 48/1 (RR: 6.85)

    • KC Sangakkara 21 (19b 4x4)
    • S Dhawan 22 (14b 4x4)
    • AB Agarkar 1-0-4-0
    • M Morkel 2-0-21-0

Morkel to Sangakkara, no run, full in length outside off stump and Sanga drags it down to mid-on. He finds the fielder, though

Bharat: "@ Abhi - Sohal is a player who is extremely reliant on luck, not to detract from his scoring abilities, but I would say the gamble of sending Ravi Teja up the order though it failed was one worth taking.."


Morkel to Sangakkara, no run, shuffles across and goes for the pull. But ends up lapping it to right of the keeper. He didn't get hold of that obviously


Morkel to Sangakkara, no run, he shuffles across again, Morne hits the short of length and gets it bounce over the leg stump., Sanga attempts the leg glance but misses


Morkel to Sangakkara, no run, from round the stumps now, moving in with the angle, tapped to on side of the pitch and Morne rushes across to kill the thought of the single


Morkel to Sangakkara, 1 run, leans forward to lift this to left of long-off for a single


Morkel to Dhawan, FOUR, cuts in from outside off, from that round-the-stumps angle and this is the third time (iirc) that Dhawan gets an inside edge on the attempted cut. It runs down to fine-leg region. The angle cramped him

End of over 8 (5 runs) Deccan Chargers 53/1 (RR: 6.62)

    • S Dhawan 26 (15b 5x4)
    • KC Sangakkara 22 (24b 4x4)
    • M Morkel 3-0-26-0
    • AB Agarkar 1-0-4-0

Agarkar to Sangakkara, 1 run, Dropped by Morne What a clanger! Sanga took couple of steps down the track and flicks the length delivery to right of short fine-leg where Morne makes a right royal mess


Agarkar to Dhawan, 2 runs, top edge but lands safely. Agarkar having no luck today. His fans will say that's the story of his life. It was banged in short and Dhawan edged his pull. The ball landed clear of fine-leg fielder


Agarkar to Dhawan, 1 run, pushes this towards covers. Sanga wants a run, has to get back and manages to do it in time to beat the direct hit. Overthrows, though.


Agarkar to Sangakkara, 1 run, shuffles across a touch - he has done it a few times today- and pulls the short-of-length delivery to deep midwicket


Agarkar to Dhawan, OUT, Dhawan tries the Sanga shot but fails. He leaned forward and tried to punch the back-of--length delivery over mid-on but the ball hits him high on the bat and lobs to mid-on.

S Dhawan c Salvi b Agarkar 29 (18b 5x4 0x6) SR: 161.11

Bhatt Kalpit: "Are you joking Veera? Agarkar's fans?!! Agarkar's?" Arre! He has a huge loyal circuit of fans. They scream, "Aag Aag pace like fire!


Agarkar to Duminy, no run, around a length, around that off stump line, tapped to point region

Time out

Aakarsh: "That dismissal [of Shikhar] shows why SANGA is such a class player! ... (An Agarkar fan) Poor guy if sanga goes after him at a later part in the innings everyone starts shouting on him but look at how hard this chap is trying!!! GO AJITEY GO!"

End of over 9 (5 runs) Deccan Chargers 58/2 (RR: 6.44)

    • JP Duminy 0 (1b)
    • KC Sangakkara 24 (26b 4x4)
    • AB Agarkar 2-0-9-1
    • M Morkel 3-0-26-0

Hopes to Sangakkara, 1 run, full in length, eased down to long-on for a single


Hopes to Duminy, 2 runs, full in length, moving away from the off-stump line, JP square drives it to deep backward point region


Hopes to Duminy, 1 run, The slower one, around 113 kmph, full and just outside leg; JP doesn't pick it and tries to flick it to the on side. The ball goes off the leading edge but lands safely at cover point


Hopes to Sangakkara, FOUR, Thrashed! Sanga clears his front foot, fetches the full-length delivery from outside off and smashes it to wide long-on boundary


Hopes to Sangakkara, 1 run, gets forward to ping long-off this time


Hopes to Duminy, no run, in the zone outside off, JP tries to steer it through vacant slip region but is beaten.

End of over 10 (9 runs) Deccan Chargers 67/2 (RR: 6.70)

    • JP Duminy 3 (4b)
    • KC Sangakkara 30 (29b 5x4)
    • JR Hopes 1-0-9-0
    • AB Agarkar 2-0-9-1

Ajit: "The only bowler who has shown improvement this IPL is Ajit Agarkar. Others were always bad, or always good, or went down."

Juniour: "Nobody calls "Sir Aggy" him by name; not even Ravi 'Scream' Shashtri "


Venugopal Rao to Sangakkara, 1 run, tries to drive this hard to long-on region but ends up dragging it down to deep midwicket


Venugopal Rao to Duminy, 1 run, skips down the track and on drives it to long-on for a run


Venugopal Rao to Sangakkara, FOUR, Bang! Sanga moves down the track, doesn't get to the pitch of the ball but decides to kill it. He flat bats it just to the right of the lunging Hopes at extra cover.


Venugopal Rao to Sangakkara, FOUR, Oh boy! he is in a great aggressive mood tonight. He goes down on his knee to sweep this to the boundary.


Venugopal Rao to Sangakkara, 1 run, leans forward to whip it through midwicket for a single


Venugopal Rao to Duminy, 1 run, Duminy does the same to retain the strike

End of over 11 (12 runs) Deccan Chargers 79/2 (RR: 7.18)

    • JP Duminy 5 (6b)
    • KC Sangakkara 40 (33b 7x4)
    • Y Venugopal Rao 1-0-12-0
    • JR Hopes 1-0-9-0

Hopes to Duminy, no run, lands on a length around middle and leg and moves across to outside off. Duminy is comprehensively beaten on the defensive prod. He was squared-up there ala Sarwan!


Hopes to Duminy, 1 run, pushes this through covers for a run


Hopes to Sangakkara, 1 leg bye, drifts to the pads, tickled towards short fine for a single


Hopes to Duminy, 1 run, slower cutter, pushed towards mid-off for a quick single

Sunil: "Since Veera mentioned my tribe ( Agarkar fans ) , thought I'll pipe up . Has anybody noticed that Delhi started winning only after Agarkar and Hopes started playing ?"


Hopes to Sangakkara, FOUR, Slog time! Edgy. He ran down the track and tried to slug this length delivery across the line. The lucky edge. And the ball runs past the leg stump to fine-leg boundary


Hopes to Sangakkara, 1 wide, And so James pushes this even further outside off. Wide, though.


Hopes to Sangakkara, OUT, Sanga's slog-mood has done him in. He was playing so so beautifully but suddenly started to play the across-the-line hoicks. This was full and on the leg stump line, so the shot to the leg was on but he would have normally whip-flicked it. Instead, this time, he tried to heave it but only got a top edge to covers

KC Sangakkara c Sehwag b Hopes 44 (36b 8x4 0x6) SR: 122.22

End of over 12 (8 runs) Deccan Chargers 87/3 (RR: 7.25)

    • JP Duminy 7 (9b)
    • JR Hopes 2-0-16-1
    • Y Venugopal Rao 1-0-12-0

Salvi to Christian, 1 run, tries to play the leg glance and it rolls away to fine-leg region. The umpire checks with him whether he got a touch on it ( that's my interpretation of that conversation) and signals.


Salvi to Duminy, no run, gets forward to push this to the off side


Salvi to Duminy, 1 run, runs this down to third man for a single


Salvi to Christian, 1 wide, Glen Salvi pushes this down the leg side for a wide


Salvi to Christian, 2 runs, fullish, on the middle and leg, flicked through to Irfan at deep backward square-leg


Salvi to Christian, no run, around the off stump line, jabbed back down the track


Salvi to Christian, no run, around that off stump line, nudged to backward point

End of over 13 (5 runs) Deccan Chargers 92/3 (RR: 7.07)

    • DT Christian 3 (4b)
    • JP Duminy 8 (11b)
    • AM Salvi 3-0-16-1
    • JR Hopes 2-0-16-1

Tubelight: "Agarkar is heading towards his best...Agark...Agarkar...Agarkest."


Hopes to Duminy, 2 runs, full and moving across JP who slashes it to right of third man. Edged away


Hopes to Duminy, FOUR, full and on the off stump line, JP smashes it to right of long-on who does well to get there and even puts in a dive but ends up pushing the ball to the boundary.


Hopes to Duminy, no run


Hopes to Duminy, SIX, Fabulicious! That's the JP we know. He fetched this length delivery from the middle stump line and absolutely walloped it over midwicket boudnary


Hopes to Duminy, 1 run, rotates the strike with an on drive to long-on


Hopes to Christian, no run, on the middle stump line, nudged to the on side

End of over 14 (13 runs) Deccan Chargers 105/3 (RR: 7.50)

    • DT Christian 3 (5b)
    • JP Duminy 21 (16b 1x4 1x6)
    • JR Hopes 3-0-29-1
    • AM Salvi 3-0-16-1

Dev: "I can't believe that People out here do not have a respect for India's 3rd most successful bowler!"


Nagar to Duminy, 2 runs, gets back to clip it through midwicket for couple of runs


Nagar to Duminy, no run, moves down the track for the big hit but once he realised he wasn't upto the pitch of the ball, he lunges forward to defend


Nagar to Duminy, 2 wides, floated full and down the leg side for a wide. The keeper doesn't collect it cleanly


Nagar to Christian, 1 run, moves down the track, takes it on the full and drags it from outside off to deep midwicket


Nagar to Duminy, (no ball) 1 run, Turn Brad Hogg mode on- He would have screamed "J P is not happy!" He top edges the slog sweep and it's a simple catch to deep midwicket. Hold on JP Will be happy! That was a no ball! The replays confirm that and Duminy is back. The crowd roar!


Nagar to Christian, FOUR, full toss time! Bang. The ball is being picked from wide midwicket boundary


Nagar to Christian, (no ball) 1 run, OMG Another wicket of a no ball Christian went down the track and went for the slog. The ball lobbed off the top edge to backward point. The umpire had his doubts and went upstairs. No ball indeed. Two wickets off no balls this over.


Nagar to Duminy, SIX, Crash bang wallop! JP time. He rushes down the track for the free hit and kills this delivery over midwicket boundary.


Nagar to Duminy, 1 run, He goes again but this time doesn't get the elevation and the distance .. the ball lands well in front of the deep midwicket fielder

End of over 15 (20 runs) Deccan Chargers 125/3 (RR: 8.33)

    • JP Duminy 31 (21b 1x4 2x6)
    • DT Christian 9 (8b 1x4)
    • Y Nagar 1-0-20-0
    • JR Hopes 3-0-29-1

Pathan to Duminy, 1 run, yorker length on the middle and off line, squeezed through point


Pathan to Christian, 1 run, full again, dug out to mid-off for a single


Pathan to Duminy, 1 run, fullish delivery, driven to sweeper cover

Raghu: "having said that Agarkar will come back for his 2nd spell and silent all his fans by going for runs"


Pathan to Christian, FOUR, How did it go to fineleg? He fetched it from around off stump and short-arm drag-pulled it to the fine-leg boundary. Ah replays confirm that I am going blind. It went off the inside edge.


Pathan to Christian, 1 run, drives this to long-on for a single


Pathan to Duminy, 1 run, full, driven but its intercepted at covers.

Time out

End of over 16 (9 runs) Deccan Chargers 134/3 (RR: 8.37)

    • JP Duminy 34 (24b 1x4 2x6)
    • DT Christian 15 (11b 2x4)
    • IK Pathan 3-0-18-0
    • Y Nagar 1-0-20-0

Aravind: "Regarding umpires checking for no ball when they have a doubt; they do this only if a wicket falls of that ball, else they don't do it. So how many no balls have gone undeclared and how many free hits do the batsmen miss this way?"

Sanjeev: "If there ever was a "Most Popular Player" award on Cricinfo it should go to Agarkar! A match hasn't gone by where we dont mention him! Irrespective of him playing or not! Agarkar ki jai ho! (hail Agarkar)"


Agarkar to Duminy, 1 run, slightly slower full toss, eased down to long-off

Gana: "Sehwag is doing some crazy things :@.. He has five bowlers. But the 2 extra bowlers have given 31 in 2 overs. I didn't get the idea behind on this!"


Agarkar to Christian, 1 run, fullish, short of yorker length, squeezed out to extra cover


Agarkar to Duminy, FOUR, Bad ball. Slower bouncer goes awry. It was short and down the leg side. JP crash-pulls it to the backward square-leg boundary. fine-leg was in the circle.


Agarkar to Duminy, SIX, Humongous! . This is a full toss and Duminy has walloped it over long-on boundary


Agarkar to Duminy, 1 run, reaches outside off and digs out this very full delivery for a single


Agarkar to Christian, 2 runs, dips full outside off stump line, dragged down to long-on

End of over 17 (15 runs) Deccan Chargers 149/3 (RR: 8.76)

    • DT Christian 18 (13b 2x4)
    • JP Duminy 46 (28b 2x4 3x6)
    • AB Agarkar 3-0-24-1
    • IK Pathan 3-0-18-0

Morkel to Duminy, 2 runs, moves outside leg and ends up scooping a full delivery over the bowler and it lands safely in the mid-on region.


Morkel to Duminy, SIX, 50 up Blast! The JP shot. Duminy clears the front foot and murders this way beyond midwicket boundary.


Morkel to Duminy, 1 run, OUT, JP is run out. He turned this to third man and returned for the second. The throws is flat and accurate and the keeper does the rest. Entertaining knock ends. He ambled across for the first run and decided late to turn for the second. Silly mistake.

JP Duminy run out 55 (31b 2x4 4x6) SR: 177.41


Morkel to Chipli, 1 run, leans forward to tap this to cover point for a single


Morkel to Christian, no run, full and in the zone outside off stump, Christian is beaten on the drive


Morkel to Christian, 1 run, driven to covers for a quick single

End of over 18 (11 runs) Deccan Chargers 160/4 (RR: 8.88)

    • DT Christian 19 (15b 2x4)
    • B Chipli 1 (1b)
    • M Morkel 4-0-37-0
    • AB Agarkar 3-0-24-1

Agarkar to Christian, 1 run, gets forward to drive this to long-off.

The bat is broken! Beware of Agarkar! Christian goes for a new piece of wood.


Agarkar to Chipli, OUT, Agarkar takes out Chipli. It was a length delivery around off stump. Chipli tries to heave this to the on side but top edges it to midwicket.

B Chipli c Finch b Agarkar 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00


Agarkar to Christian, 1 run, just a single as he drives it hard but straight to long-off


Agarkar to Malhotra, 1 run, kicks up from short of length, lapped down to fine-leg region


Agarkar to Christian, no run, full and dipping on Chritian who lunges out and only manages to squeeze it to the bowler


Agarkar to Christian, 2 runs, slips a full toss, dragged to right of deep midwicket.

End of over 19 (5 runs) Deccan Chargers 165/5 (RR: 8.68)

    • DT Christian 23 (19b 2x4)
    • I Malhotra 1 (1b)
    • AB Agarkar 4-0-29-2
    • M Morkel 4-0-37-0

Just five that over. Aagarkar also threw that wonderful throw to take out JP.


Salvi to Malhotra, 1 run, pushes this to covers for a single


Salvi to Christian, 1 run, low full toss outside off stump, driven to sweeper cover.


Salvi to Malhotra, FOUR, Whack! he moved outside leg and creamed the full delivery on middle up and over extra cover


Salvi to Malhotra, 1 run, he moves towards off, opens his stance but misses out on this full toss outside off. he is cramped for room by that movement of his and ends up jabbing it to covers


Salvi to Christian, 2 runs, drags this full delivery to long-on region


Salvi to Christian, 1 run, another mishit drive from Dan. Just a single to covers.

176 to win. Sanga, JP and Shikhar have ensured Deccan get a good score here. Join us in a short while for the chase.

End of over 20 (10 runs) Deccan Chargers 175/5

    • DT Christian 27 (22b 2x4)
    • I Malhotra 7 (4b 1x4)
    • AM Salvi 4-0-26-1
    • AB Agarkar 4-0-29-2





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