Indian Premier League, 47th match: Royal Challengers Bangalore v Kings XI Punjab at Bengaluru, May 6, 2011
Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 85 runs
6 May 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Kumar to Gayle, no run, ripper, pitches leg, and then decides to zip across Gayle from a length, he pushes and is beaten


Kumar to Gayle, no run, a bit further up this time, same result, this one moves away in the air, and then continues on that path, Gayle manages another feeble push


Kumar to Gayle, FOUR, this is more like Gayle, after two went away, this one came in, Gayle had already made up his mind, came down the track, and clobbered it over midwicket


Kumar to Gayle, 1 run, bangs this one short of a length on leg and gets it to straighten, Gayle rides the bounce, plonks it down and picks up a single


Kumar to Dilshan, no run, gives him some width outside off stump, Dilshan goes hard at it and punches without timing to mid off


Kumar to Dilshan, FOUR, more width, and short in length too, Dilshan likes it, stands in the crease, and cuts hard over point, thank you very much

Royal Challengers Bangalore 9/0   P Kumar 1-0-9-0

Kumar to Gayle, no run, PK continues to get the ball to move away appreciably, but this one is some way outside off stump, and for once Gayle is happy to leave it alone


Kumar to Gayle, no run, more movement, Gayle is beaten outside off stump as another one goes across him


Kumar to Gayle, 1 run, Gayle manages to get away from all the intense examination, tucking one off his pads to midwicket


Kumar to Dilshan, no run, no matter what the track is doing, Dilshan knows no lower gear, he stands in the crease and tries to play his swat-drive, gets an inside edge as this one bounces high


Kumar to Dilshan, FOUR, there is no one at deep square leg, there is no one at fine leg, Dilshan gets a length ball on leg stump, and is happy to flick it away in a flash, the man from deep midwicket runs in a mile and puts in the dive, in vain as he touches the rope


Kumar to Dilshan, no run, reverts to the line outside off stump, Dilshan sticks to swat-driving, more bounce again, and Dilshan is beaten

Royal Challengers Bangalore 17/0   P Kumar 2-0-14-0

Kumar to Kohli, no run, length ball outside off stump, left alone


Kumar to Kohli, no run, keeps a touch low as it comes in with the angle on off, Virat does a SAchin as he crouches down after keeping it out


Kumar to Kohli, no run, tight stuff from PK now, not much movement but on a straight line around off stump, Virat plays it out on the leg side


Kumar to Kohli, no run, the swing comes back, bowled fuller with more zip from the wrist, and it moves further away outside off as Virat has a go at it and misses


Kumar to Kohli, 1 run, how did that miss the stumps? Virat had almost committed harakiri, plonking one in front of extra cover and calling Gayle for the run, he was nowhere to be seen when McLaren dived and lobbed the ball at the non-striker's stumps, it seemed to be heading for timber but swerved just a bit in the end, missing by millimetres, or any smaller unit you can think of


Kumar to Gayle, no run, patted back to the bowler off the back foot

Royal Challengers Bangalore 48/1   P Kumar 3-0-15-0

Kumar to Gayle, SIX, smoked! Gayle stands motionless, but as the length ball approaches him, he breaks in to a flurry of action, and creams PK over the Chinnaswamy roof


Kumar to Gayle, SIX, now he stays back to a length ball, gets back leg towards the leg side, and pulls it mercilessly, gets lot of height on it, and just gets it over the wide long on boundary


Kumar to Gayle, FOUR, no violence this time, but Punjab are bleeding nevertheless, Gayle tucks one on the pads happily past short fine leg


Kumar to Gayle, 1 run, works this one through square leg, he wanted a second, there was only one


Kumar to Kohli, 1 run, Virat shuffles and plays one of those whippy flicks in front of square leg for a single


Kumar to Gayle, FOUR, 50 off 28 balls for the big man, the crowd loves it, Gayle stands tall and belts a length ball wide of extra cover, long off dives but it trickles in to the boundary

Royal Challengers Bangalore 77/1   P Kumar 4-0-37-0





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