Indian Premier League, 50th match: Royal Challengers Bangalore v Kochi Tuskers Kerala at Bengaluru, May 8, 2011
Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 9 wickets (with 41 balls remaining)
8 May 2011 - day/night match (20-over match)

Gayle to Hodge, OUT, and whoa what a crazy run-out pulled off by ABD. Take a bow AB de Villiers! He didn't need to do this, but he has done it. What drama between Hodge and Patel too. Back from start. Hodge cuts it to short third and charges off right away. Patel, whose call it should be, says no after a bit, and both start going to the non-striker's end. de Villiers meanwhile doesn't know that this is an easy chance, and gets this wild throw, collects it diving to his left, and in the same motion flicks it onto the stumps even as he is going down. To make it more dramatic, there is a photo finish as to who is closer to the non-striker's out and should stay back. Replays show Patel has lost by inches

PA Patel run out 19 (24m 14b 3x4 0x6) SR: 135.71


Gayle to Hodge, no run, looks to turn this to leg, the ball hits the front edge, and comes back to Gayle


Gayle to Hodge, 1 run, and Hodge is edgy, he is desperate to get off the mark. This time he drops it to leg and charges off. Jadeja, though, makes it this time as there is no indecision in the running

Kochi Tuskers Kerala 75/4   BJ Hodge 1* (3b)

Mithun to Hodge, 1 wide, and resumes with a wide down the leg side


Mithun to Hodge, no run, gets his line right now, back of a length, just outside off, defended


Mithun to Hodge, 1 run, comes down the track, is cramped up by a short delivery, runs this down to third man


Mithun to Hodge, 1 run, steered away to third man, and Kaif runs to his right to keep them down to one


Mithun to Hodge, 1 run, full toss, flicked to midwicket for one

Kochi Tuskers Kerala 81/4   BJ Hodge 4* (7b)

Gayle to Hodge, no run, if you are really uncharitable, you could call this this a missed stumping. Gayle saw Hodge come down the track, slipped this in full, beat the bat, and difficult as it is to spot when somebody is hitting over the top of the ball, it also kicked off from a full length. No chance for AB


Gayle to Hodge, no run, Gayle is loving this, this time with a diving save to his left to save a single


Gayle to Hodge, 1 run, helped away into the leg side for one

Kochi Tuskers Kerala 82/4   BJ Hodge 5* (10b)

Aravind to Hodge, no run, back of a length, pretty straight, no room, hit back to the bowler


Aravind to Hodge, OUT, Zaheer has plucked a mango here, and it is mango season too in India. Just about. This was pulled seemingly for four over short fine leg, until Zaheer leapt full length, and stuck his left hand out. Lovely catch

BJ Hodge c Khan b Aravind 5 (17m 12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 41.66

Kochi Tuskers Kerala 89/5   BJ Hodge 5 (12b)





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