Indian Premier League, 50th match: Royal Challengers Bangalore v Kochi Tuskers Kerala at Bangalore, May 8, 2011
Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 9 wickets (with 41 balls remaining)
8 May 2011 - day/night match (20-over match)

Wow. You put up 125 and see Dilshan and Gayle come out to chase. These are the days when you want to run back home and not finish the game. RP Singh to bowl. One slip in place


Singh to Gayle, no run, slight threat to swing it away, Gayle defends

Look at that back lift. He waits with the bat held high


Singh to Gayle, no run, comes down the track and swings straight, but is beaten by the short ball


Singh to Gayle, no run, back of a length, punched back to RP


Singh to Gayle, 1 wide, bouncer, Gayle coolly lets it sail over his head for a wide


Singh to Gayle, 2 runs, clipped away off the hips, wide of midwicket, comes back for two

KS Ram: "Green what? Why, didn't Oscar Wilde say that the best thing to do with good advices is to pass it on to others; these never are of use to oneself! Well, Green for that maybe..."


Singh to Gayle, no run, Gayle is warming up, hits this on the up, hard, towards mid-off


Singh to Gayle, SIX, Christopher Henry Gayle has announce today's flight. "InterGalyeatic" says the big screen. Just a casual step down the green, just a casual extension of the arms into the shot, and the ball is on the second tier behind long-off. Not an element of uncouthness about that shot

End of over 1 (9 runs) Royal Challengers Bangalore 9/0 (117 runs required from 19 overs, RR: 9.00, RRR: 6.15)

    • CH Gayle 8 (6b 1x6)
    • TM Dilshan 0 (0b)
    • RP Singh 1-0-9-0

Ramesh Powar to bowl


Powar to Dilshan, FOUR, oh this is double-barrel attack. Dilshan sweeps the first ball he faces for four. No attempt to keep it down, up an over square leg


Powar to Dilshan, FOUR, We might not see all the time-outs today, what a loss of revenue! Dilshan comes down the track, and lofts this over mid-on, even though the bottom hand comes off the handle


Powar to Dilshan, 2 runs, short ball, pulled away wide of deep midwicket

Both the deep men now on the on side


Powar to Dilshan, no run, and Dilshan makes room to punch him square on the off side, where Jadeja dives full length to save four runs


Powar to Dilshan, FOUR, and Dilshan is exploiting the prone off side, comes down the track and goes inside-out, over mid-off. One bounce for four


Powar to Dilshan, SIX, Annihilation, thy name is Dilshan and Gayle. This time Dilshan takes on the deep on-side field, charging down the track, hitting this over wide long-on, back into the second tier

End of over 2 (20 runs) Royal Challengers Bangalore 29/0 (97 runs required from 18 overs, RR: 14.50, RRR: 5.38)

    • TM Dilshan 20 (6b 3x4 1x6)
    • CH Gayle 8 (6b 1x6)
    • RR Powar 1-0-20-0
    • RP Singh 1-0-9-0

Parmasweran into the attack now. Over the wicket, left-arm medium


Parameswaran to Gayle, SIX, Sorry, it's Gayle who is into the attack, makes room, gets under a length ball, opens the face, and clears point easily

Keeper comes up


Parameswaran to Gayle, (no ball) SIX, this is ridiculous. Demolition. Slower ball, in his swinging arc, and he lofts it over point again. What's more? It's a no-ball

Free hit coming up


Parameswaran to Gayle, FOUR, Short ball, at this gentle pace, murdered past midwicket


Parameswaran to Gayle, FOUR, Mahela said at the toss he had plans for Gayle. Right. The plan seems to have four to five men on the off-side circle and bowl back of a length. PP does just does that, and he punches it between extra cover and cover. Sweet as


Parameswaran to Gayle, SIX, Carnage. Gayle makes room, wallops a length ball over cover. He has taken this Go Green campaign seriously, and will finish this before flood lights can come on


Parameswaran to Gayle, SIX, Where do you hide when Dilshan and Gayle are going like this? He is toying around with them. Comes down the track and goes straight this time. 91 metres. Over the sight screen


Parameswaran to Gayle, FOUR, inside edge, but that too goes wide of the keeper for four. This is robbery in day light. Bangalore are demolishing Kochi. In case you didn't notice, 37 runs came off this over

End of over 3 (37 runs) Royal Challengers Bangalore 66/0 (60 runs required from 17 overs, RR: 22.00, RRR: 3.52)

    • CH Gayle 44 (13b 3x4 5x6)
    • TM Dilshan 20 (6b 3x4 1x6)
    • P Parameswaran 1-0-37-0
    • RR Powar 1-0-20-0

Right. Dilshan scored 20 off the second over. Gayle showed he could go one better, with 37. What does Dilshan do now? They are both wearing bandanas under their helmets. Pirates both. Vinay Kumar to bowl now. He is a smart bowler


Vinay Kumar to Dilshan, no run, stop the press. No boundary. Dot ball in fact. Punched straight to cover-point


Vinay Kumar to Dilshan, 1 run, extra bounce here as he cuts this, but they manage the single

Madhan: "Do we have an auction where India can buy "chris gayle " for few years.."


Vinay Kumar to Gayle, no run, Gayle gives a chance, hitting it hard towards mid-off, but it doesn't carry even though Powar makes a dive in front of him. Good effort


Vinay Kumar to Gayle, no run, slower bouncer, another dot

44 off 14 is Gayle. Fastest IPL fifty belongs to Gilchrist, off 17 balls


Vinay Kumar to Gayle, OUT, and Malinga has bowled. Oops it's Vinay Kumar. What a lovely little moment, against a red-hot Gayle. Vinay goes round the stumps, and stops in his delivery stride to go round arm, slinging this full and straight, beating Gayle and taking the off stump out

CH Gayle b Vinay Kumar 44 (20m 16b 3x4 5x6) SR: 275.00

Virat Kolhi comes in


Vinay Kumar to Kohli, no run, left alone outside off. Seriously? You are following Gayle. Can't shoulder arms and all

End of over 4 (1 run) Royal Challengers Bangalore 67/1 (59 runs required from 16 overs, RR: 16.75, RRR: 3.68)

    • V Kohli 0 (1b)
    • TM Dilshan 21 (8b 3x4 1x6)
    • R Vinay Kumar 1-0-1-1
    • P Parameswaran 1-0-37-0

RP SIngh comes back... with dust just about settling down


Singh to Dilshan, no run, cut away, but straight to cover-point


Singh to Dilshan, 1 run, worked away off the hips for one


Singh to Kohli, no run, angled across him, stays back and pushes this to cover


Singh to Kohli, 1 wide, wide down the leg side, even though RP and Parthiv appealed incessantly for a catch. The noise seems to have come from the thigh pad


Singh to Kohli, 1 run, gets a single wide of mid-on


Singh to Dilshan, 1 leg bye, stays low to beat his attempted pull, Dilshan gets the leg-bye


Singh to Kohli, 1 run, flicked away uppishly into vacant space square on the on side

End of over 5 (5 runs) Royal Challengers Bangalore 72/1 (54 runs required from 15 overs, RR: 14.40, RRR: 3.60)

    • V Kohli 2 (4b)
    • TM Dilshan 22 (11b 3x4 1x6)
    • RP Singh 2-0-13-0
    • R Vinay Kumar 1-0-1-1

Vinay Kumar to Kohli, no run, angled into the pads, misses out on the flick


Vinay Kumar to Kohli, no run, length ball, middle and leg, hit to mid-on. Boring


Vinay Kumar to Kohli, 2 runs, nicely worked away off the pads, Parmeswaran has to make a diving save at deep midwicket


Vinay Kumar to Kohli, no run, back of a length, around off, heavy ball, the ball hitting the bat as opposed to the other way


Vinay Kumar to Kohli, 1 run, pulls awkwardly from in front of his face, somehow keeps it down, gets the single


Vinay Kumar to Dilshan, FOUR, lovely shot, this is short, on top of off, Dilshan leans back a little, waits a little, opens the face a little, and cuts this very very fine

End of over 6 (7 runs) Royal Challengers Bangalore 79/1 (47 runs required from 14 overs, RR: 13.16, RRR: 3.35)

    • TM Dilshan 26 (12b 4x4 1x6)
    • V Kohli 5 (9b)
    • R Vinay Kumar 2-0-8-1
    • RP Singh 2-0-13-0

Jadeja to bowl now


Jadeja to Kohli, no run, and a huge lbw shout first ball, pretty close to, the straighter one, pitches off and middle, goes with the arm, hits Kohli in font of leg. Sliding down


Jadeja to Kohli, 1 run, driven past Jadeja for a single to long-off


Jadeja to Dilshan, no run, drives inside-out, finds short extra cover


Jadeja to Dilshan, no run, the quicker one, cramps Dilshan up


Jadeja to Dilshan, no run, another quick and straight delivery, played back to Jadeja


Jadeja to Dilshan, FOUR, slower through the air, and short too, Dilshan rocks back to cut this past the slip

End of over 7 (5 runs) Royal Challengers Bangalore 84/1 (42 runs required from 13 overs, RR: 12.00, RRR: 3.23)

    • TM Dilshan 30 (16b 5x4 1x6)
    • V Kohli 6 (11b)
    • RA Jadeja 1-0-5-0
    • R Vinay Kumar 2-0-8-1

Vinay Kumar to Kohli, no run, punched away off the back foot, can't beat cover


Vinay Kumar to Kohli, 1 run, drops and runs, gets the single before point can come in


Vinay Kumar to Dilshan, FOUR, just short of a length, but Dilshan is deep in the crease to make this into a cutting length, past point


Vinay Kumar to Dilshan, 1 run, this is slightly fuller, but what the hell, Dilshan still cuts it, gets just the single, though


Vinay Kumar to Kohli, FOUR, and Kohli proves his brief is not to make sure that all time-outs are taken. Cuts this 10 metres to the left of deep point, but it is hit so hard that he has no chance to prevent the boundary


Vinay Kumar to Kohli, no run, comes forward to push this to cover

End of over 8 (10 runs) Royal Challengers Bangalore 94/1 (32 runs required from 12 overs, RR: 11.75, RRR: 2.66)

    • V Kohli 11 (15b 1x4)
    • TM Dilshan 35 (18b 6x4 1x6)
    • R Vinay Kumar 3-0-18-1
    • RA Jadeja 1-0-5-0

Brave lads. They still have a slip in


Jadeja to Dilshan, FOUR, short and wide, cut away for four


Jadeja to Dilshan, 2 runs, driven past extra cover this time, comes back for two


Jadeja to Dilshan, no run, opens the face on this, can't get it past point


Jadeja to Dilshan, 1 leg bye, fired into the pads, concedes the leg-bye


Jadeja to Kohli, 1 run, driven inside-out, for a single to long-off

Update on Pujara, who injured his right knee that got injured while fielding today. The pain he says is the same as when he felt when he tore a ligament on his left knee previously. They have sent him for scans, hope they come back with better news


Jadeja to Dilshan, no run, cut away to point

End of over 9 (8 runs) Royal Challengers Bangalore 102/1 (24 runs required from 11 overs, RR: 11.33, RRR: 2.18)

    • TM Dilshan 41 (23b 7x4 1x6)
    • V Kohli 12 (16b 1x4)
    • RA Jadeja 2-0-12-0
    • R Vinay Kumar 3-0-18-1

Luke: "Is this the sequel to Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Bangalore Cricketbat Massacre."

Powar comes back


Powar to Kohli, no run, flat, punched away into the off side


Powar to Kohli, no run, straighter one, hit straight to mid-off


Powar to Kohli, 1 run, pulled away, one bounce to deep midwicket


Powar to Dilshan, FOUR, lovely shot, proper cricketing shot, coming down the track, getting close to the pitch of the ball, driving it past extra cover, all along the ground


Powar to Dilshan, 1 run, short and flat, cut to sweeper-cover for one


Powar to Kohli, 1 run, shimmies down the track, pushes this down to long-on for one

End of over 10 (7 runs) Royal Challengers Bangalore 109/1 (17 runs required from 60 balls, RR: 10.90, RRR: 1.70)

    • V Kohli 14 (20b 1x4)
    • TM Dilshan 46 (25b 8x4 1x6)
    • RR Powar 2-0-27-0
    • RA Jadeja 2-0-12-0

Jadeja to Kohli, FOUR, good shot, goooood shot, inside out from leg-stump line, over extra cover


Jadeja to Kohli, no run, flat and quick, hit back to Jadeja


Jadeja to Kohli, 1 run, into the pads, helped around the corner


Jadeja to Dilshan, 1 run, flighted around off, pushed for a single to cover


Jadeja to Kohli, no run, quick and flat, played back to the bowler


Jadeja to Kohli, no run, quick, into the pads, can't get it off the square

End of over 11 (6 runs) Royal Challengers Bangalore 115/1 (11 runs required from 54 balls, RR: 10.45, RRR: 1.22)

    • V Kohli 19 (25b 2x4)
    • TM Dilshan 47 (26b 8x4 1x6)
    • RA Jadeja 3-0-18-0
    • RR Powar 2-0-27-0

Parmasweran comes back


Parameswaran to Dilshan, no run, and already his economy rate has come down from 37 to 31.62 as he beats him outside off


Parameswaran to Dilshan, 1 run, cut away to deep point for one


Parameswaran to Kohli, 1 run, short and wide again, another single


Parameswaran to Dilshan, 1 run, length, around off, pushed to cover


Parameswaran to Kohli, no run, pulled away from outside off, to mid-on


Parameswaran to Kohli, no run, full and wide, driven straight to mid-off - PP's economy rate has falled drastically from 37 to 20

End of over 12 (3 runs) Royal Challengers Bangalore 118/1 (8 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 9.83, RRR: 1.00)

    • V Kohli 20 (28b 2x4)
    • TM Dilshan 49 (29b 8x4 1x6)
    • P Parameswaran 2-0-40-0
    • RA Jadeja 3-0-18-0

Jadeja to Dilshan, 2 runs, crashed away to deep point, a fumble from PP allows them to come back for two. Fifty for Dilshan


Jadeja to Dilshan, 1 run, swept away powerfully for a single


Jadeja to Kohli, no run, punched away to short extra cover


Jadeja to Kohli, 2 runs, pushed into the on side, all fielders on the boundary, and they come back for the second


Jadeja to Kohli, no run, flighted around middle and off, defended


Jadeja to Kohli, 1 run, driven down the ground for a single

End of over 13 (6 runs) Royal Challengers Bangalore 124/1 (2 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 9.53, RRR: 0.28)

    • V Kohli 23 (32b 2x4)
    • TM Dilshan 52 (31b 8x4 1x6)
    • RA Jadeja 4-0-24-0
    • P Parameswaran 2-0-40-0

Parameswaran to Kohli, FOUR, beautiful shot to finish this massacre here, Kohli gets right on his toes, rides the bounce and punches this between mid-off and extra cover

He might not have got proper sleep, but Gayle has woken Bangalore out of their early-season slumber, and has fashioned a five-match winning streak. They are now placed third in the table with a game in hand over the second-placed Kolkata. And for Kochi - with 10 points from 11 games - it is exceedingly to make it to the playoffs. That's all I have for you, but we will bring you the next match too. So just switch to the other tab. Okay bye

Quotes from presentation
Chris Gayle is MoM. He says: "Good game. Enjoyed it. Another victory under the belt. Good all-round performance. Can't complain. Vettori breaking that Klinger-McCullum partnership was excellent. Late night for me. I couldn't sleep well. Went to bed at 6am."

Daniel Vettori: "Great performance. Our fielding was outstanding, most pleasing aspect of our game. To get McCullum out early made a big difference. Normally I get him out with a bad LB, this was probably the first legitimate time I got him out. Complete performance over all."

Mahela Jayawardene: "Our goal was to put a decent score and put pressure on them, but credit to them, they bowled well, fielded well. Small total, and Chris and Dilshan were always going to come hard at us. Disappointed."

Phew. Dilshan says he needs a bulletproof chest-pad when batting with Gayle. And don't forget Bangalore won the game in the field when they pulled Kochi back from 41 for 0 after five overs. Vettori led that effort, and Gayle and Dilshan just provided the exclamation mark. Vettori is my Man of the Match. Let's see what happens at the presentation






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