Indian Premier League, 60th match: Kings XI Punjab v Delhi Daredevils at Dharamsala, May 15, 2011
Kings XI Punjab won by 29 runs
15 May 2011 - day/night match (20-over match)

Aaron to Valthaty, no run, stays back to push this to the off side


Aaron to Valthaty, no run, short and bouncing outside off and Paul can't get bat to ball. He goes under the ball which climbs more than he thinks it would


Aaron to Valthaty, no run, tries the yorker, serves a full toss to Paul, who backed away to the leg side, and mistimed the shot to mid-on


Aaron to Valthaty, 1 wide, digs in a bouncer but it sails down the leg side


Aaron to Valthaty, no run, The ball continues to move past the edge. Paul went after this delivery outside off but was very late.


Aaron to Valthaty, 1 wide, Searches for the yorker but sprays it wide down the leg side


Aaron to Valthaty, FOUR, How did it go to the boundary?! It looked a jab, a stab and a rather indecisive one at that. It was on the middle and leg, and he looked as if he was cramped for room and he tried to work it to the on side. The ball lobbed over square-leg and kept running


Aaron to Valthaty, FOUR, Swat! It was a short of length delivery and Paul swatted it across the line and it ran away through wide mid-on region.

Kings XI Punjab 33/1   VR Aaron 1-0-10-0

Aaron to Marsh, no run, Almost a catch at midwicket. Marsh went for the pull and ended up mistiming it completely but it falls short of Hopes


Aaron to Marsh, no run, More troubles with that pull shot. Again beaten for pace. Marsh is late on the shot and the ball rolls away to mid-off


Aaron to Marsh, 1 run, stays back to turn it to square-leg region


Aaron to Valthaty, no run, This one kicks up from back of length even as it straightens outside off and Paul is beaten by that extra bounce. The ball flies over the blade


Aaron to Valthaty, FOUR, Edged to third man boundary. Paul moves outside leg and looks to punch it up and over the off side. The bounce and pace does him in but he gets a lucky fat edge


Aaron to Valthaty, 1 run, the bouncer arrives now and Paul looks to be caught in the danger zone. The ball keeps moving towards him and at the very end, he gets his bat up and swats the ball past square-leg

Kings XI Punjab 70/1   VR Aaron 2-0-16-0

Aaron to Marsh, 1 run, around that off stump line, steered to third man


Aaron to Valthaty, no run, drives this full delivery but straight to covers


Aaron to Valthaty, no run, Hopes' pace was fine to deal with but Varun's pace is proving a tad difficult. Paul moved outside leg and is late on the cut. He was also cramped for room as the bowler followed him with a shortish delivery


Aaron to Valthaty, no run, full in length and outside off, Paul throws his bat at it but the ball had already flashed past him


Aaron to Valthaty, no run, A bouncer this time and Paul goes down under


Aaron to Valthaty, 1 run, shortish delivery at the ribcage, Paul short-arm stabs it weakly through backward square-leg region

Kings XI Punjab 90/1   VR Aaron 3-0-18-0

Aaron to Karthik, 1 wide, tries to serve a full delivery but slips it down the leg side


Aaron to Karthik, 1 wide, The bouncer arrives now and it climbs very high over DK. David Hussey wanted to steal a bye as the keeper was way back but he has to get back in a hurry as Dk doesn't respond


Aaron to Karthik, no run, shortish delivery outside off, DK can't connect with his cut shot


Aaron to Karthik, 1 run, stays back to guide the back-of-length delivery to left of backward point


Aaron to Hussey, 1 run, full in length on the middle, tapped to off side for a single


Aaron to Karthik, no run, a length delivery outside off whooshes past the attempted flamboyant cut!


Aaron to Karthik, FOUR, Dropped by the keeper Naman Ojha DK was beaten for pace and bounce again as he went for the cut. The ball went off the edge and went to right of Naman who couldn't hold on. Varun is steaming in anger and disappointment.


Aaron to Karthik, no run, goes for the quick yorker and DK digs it out back to the bowler

Kings XI Punjab 134/3   VR Aaron 4-0-26-0





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