Indian Premier League, 62nd match: Pune Warriors v Deccan Chargers at Mumbai, May 16, 2011
Deccan Chargers won by 6 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)
16 May 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Duminy to Marsh, no run, pushed back to Duminy, collects on the follow through in the same fashion as the previous ball, this one bounced before though


Duminy to Marsh, 1 run, carved through the off side, quick single taken

Pune Warriors 74/6   MR Marsh 1* (2b)

Christian to Marsh, 2 runs, nicely timed through mid-wicket, flicked in that region for a couple


Christian to Marsh, no run, defended on the back foot, back to Christian. Prudhvi makes this observation, "No extras yet.. very commendable.."


Christian to Marsh, no run, defended back to Christian


Christian to Marsh, no run, touch shorter and defended again, decent from Christian


Christian to Marsh, no run, still bowling it back of a length and its working, Driven uppishly into the covers, limp shots here and no scoring opportunities really


Christian to Marsh, no run, defended back to Christian, good comeback from him

Pune Warriors 80/6   MR Marsh 3* (8b)

Steyn to Marsh, no run, very good from Steyn, goes past the outside edge and over the top of the stumps, Marsh can't play that


Steyn to Marsh, 1 run, squirted down to fine leg, Marsh actually looking to play on the off side and gets it wrong


Steyn to Marsh, 1 run, lovely shot for one. Smacked down to deep extra, Marsh stands nice and tall and gets hold of it, only one though

Pune Warriors 85/6   MR Marsh 5* (11b)

Christian to Marsh, no run, driven off the back foot to mid-off, hit too quickly and there's no run there


Christian to Marsh, SIX, short and picked up very well by Mitchell Marsh. He hoicked that over mid-wicket, high and mighty. Classic bludgeon, if such a thing exists


Christian to Marsh, 1 run, driven to mid off this time

Pune Warriors 92/6   MR Marsh 12* (14b 1x6)

Mishra to Marsh, 1 run, Mishra flights it and it's pushed to the off side for one


Mishra to Marsh, 1 run, defended backtno Mishra, who misfields off hsi own bowling and allows for a run


Mishra to Marsh, 1 run, googly now from Mishra, Marsh carves it through to the off side

Pune Warriors 97/7   MR Marsh 15* (17b 1x6)

Ojha to Marsh, no run, slapped to point


Ojha to Marsh, 2 runs, Marsh moves the ball again and pushed to long on, they want two and they have to hurry but they get it


Ojha to Marsh, no run, pushed into the off side in defence. Good over from Ojha, just the three from it.

Pune Warriors 102/7   MR Marsh 17* (20b 1x6)

Mishra to Marsh, SIX, that is huge. Mishra gave it air, good length, invites Marsh to come down the wicket and he does and lifts it over long off. It went very high and wasn't very well timed but he still got maximum results


Mishra to Marsh, 1 run, looks to drive that through mid on but Mishra does some decent fieldin off his bowling and its just one

Pune Warriors 112/7   MR Marsh 24* (22b 2x6)

Steyn to Marsh, 1 run, back of a length and driven off the back foot to long on


Steyn to Marsh, FOUR, full toss and Marsh takes one step towards it and smacks over point, great shot


Steyn to Marsh, 1 run, dropped pulled very hard from Marsh, down to Christian at long on who gets to and then lets it go, perhaps the momentum from running just saw the ball pop out


Steyn to Marsh, 1 run, turned to short fine, good over for Pune from these two, the last one is coming up

Pune Warriors 121/7   MR Marsh 31* (26b 1x4 2x6)

Ojha to Marsh, SIX, Sanga has decided that Ojha will bowl the last over and what a start this is. Whack! Marsh smacks that into the sight screen, again just a step forward and its gone high and long and all the way


Ojha to Marsh, OUT, Ojha has the last laugh. Marsh tries to play a similar shot, plays too early and doesn't read the turn very well. The ball sneaks through and middle stump is removed

MR Marsh b Ojha 37 (28b 1x4 3x6) SR: 132.14

Pune Warriors 127/8   MR Marsh 37 (28b 1x4 3x6)





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