Indian Premier League, 63rd match: Kings XI Punjab v Royal Challengers Bangalore at Dharamsala, May 17, 2011
Kings XI Punjab won by 111 runs
17 May 2011 - night match (20-over match)

van der Wath to Valthaty, FOUR, beautifully clipped away, landed in the slot on leg stump and he picked it nicely over midwicket

Kings XI Punjab 4/0   PC Valthaty 4* (5b 1x4)   JJ van der Wath 0.5-0-4-0

Langeveldt to Valthaty, FOUR, streaky Valthaty, lands on a length on the off, tries to smash that over the bowler's head after making room, gets a thick outside edge over the slips and wide of third man

Kings XI Punjab 22/0   PC Valthaty 18* (14b 2x4 1x6)   CK Langeveldt 1.2-0-12-0

van der Wath to Marsh, FOUR, superb shot, short-arm pull, which means he has converted this shortish length into pulling length, and over square leg

Kings XI Punjab 29/1   SE Marsh 4* (4b 1x4)   JJ van der Wath 1.4-0-9-0

Aravind to Gilchrist, FOUR, vintage Gilly, in the slot on off stump and Gilchrist had made his mind up, hammering it over the bowler's head this time for a one bounce four

Kings XI Punjab 51/1   AC Gilchrist 21* (15b 1x4 2x6)   S Aravind 1.3-0-11-0

Aravind to Marsh, FOUR, nicely done, waited for it to come on, was the slower one, and opened the face at the right time, late-cutting it past the keeper for four more, Punjab are picking up the pace, time for the timeout

Kings XI Punjab 62/1   SE Marsh 15* (15b 2x4 1x6)   S Aravind 2-0-22-0

Mithun to Gilchrist, (no ball) FOUR, full and wide, Gilchrist slashes hard, gets a thick edge and it races away to the third-man boundary, what's worse for Bangalore, it's a no-ball

Kings XI Punjab 106/1   AC Gilchrist 61* (29b 2x4 7x6)   A Mithun 1.3-0-17-0

Kohli to Gilchrist, FOUR, nicely struck, poor ball but it was crunched through deep extra cover

Kings XI Punjab 125/1   AC Gilchrist 68* (33b 3x4 7x6)   V Kohli 1-0-13-0

Aravind to Gilchrist, FOUR, Gilchrist a touch fortunate there, tried to swing it over midwicket but ended up getting an inside edge past the keeper to the fine-leg boundary

Kings XI Punjab 130/1   AC Gilchrist 72* (34b 4x4 7x6)   S Aravind 2.2-0-27-0

Gayle to Marsh, FOUR, made some room and Gayle chased him, hurled it hard down the leg side and Marsh just helped it on its way to the fine-leg boundary

Kings XI Punjab 142/1   SE Marsh 35* (30b 3x4 2x6)   CH Gayle 2.5-0-26-0

van der Wath to Marsh, FOUR, a fifty for Marsh, continuing his prolific run, aiming for th eblockhole but he isn't getting it right, driven hard over extra cover

Kings XI Punjab 159/1   SE Marsh 52* (34b 4x4 4x6)   JJ van der Wath 2.3-0-25-0

van der Wath to Marsh, FOUR, beautifully placed, it was a full toss and he found the gap with perfection, making a bit of room and pushing it firmly between extra cover and long-off, the carnage continues

Kings XI Punjab 163/1   SE Marsh 56* (35b 5x4 4x6)   JJ van der Wath 2.4-0-29-0

van der Wath to Marsh, FOUR, Marsh is unstoppable here, van der Wath can only scratch his head, pitched up and that was drilled over the covers

Kings XI Punjab 167/1   SE Marsh 60* (36b 6x4 4x6)   JJ van der Wath 2.5-0-33-0

Gayle to Gilchrist, FOUR, found the gap again, full toss and he knows how to deal with those, chipped it between long-on and deep midwicket and you know the result

Kings XI Punjab 183/1   AC Gilchrist 80* (41b 5x4 7x6)   CH Gayle 3.4-0-33-0

Mithun to Marsh, FOUR, no respite for Bangalore, width and length and Marsh caresses it with a full-blooded drive past extra cover

Kings XI Punjab 189/1   SE Marsh 72* (40b 7x4 5x6)   A Mithun 2.1-0-26-0

van der Wath to Gilchrist, FOUR, doling out length deliveries, Gilly is on his way to a century, stood his ground and crunched it past extra cover

Kings XI Punjab 203/1   AC Gilchrist 92* (48b 6x4 8x6)   JJ van der Wath 3.3-0-49-0

Langeveldt to Gilchrist, FOUR, Century for Gilchrist, overdue you would think for this season, full and wide and he hammered it over extra cover, plenty of runs in that region today and a fitting way to reach the landmark, well done, riding on the Punjab resurgence is Gilly

Kings XI Punjab 227/1   AC Gilchrist 102* (53b 7x4 9x6)   CK Langeveldt 3.3-0-44-1

Langeveldt to Gilchrist, FOUR, the punishment continues, pitched up and it's sliced over point, Bangalore have no answers to his

Kings XI Punjab 231/1   AC Gilchrist 106* (54b 8x4 9x6)   CK Langeveldt 3.4-0-48-1





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