Indian Premier League, 63rd match: Kings XI Punjab v Royal Challengers Bangalore at Dharamsala, May 17, 2011
Kings XI Punjab won by 111 runs
17 May 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Langeveldt to Valthaty, SIX, short and wide, contrasting start compared to van der Watch, gifts him a hit-me delivery and Valthaty takes full toll, rocking back to crash that over the covers for a flat six

Kings XI Punjab 11/0   PC Valthaty 11* (7b 1x4 1x6)   CK Langeveldt 0.1-0-6-0

Mithun to Gilchrist, SIX, Gilchrist's 100th Twenty20 six, and what a typical beauty it is. Judges the length early, which is not all too short, but rocks back and pulls this over deep square, deep into the stands. Trademark shot

Kings XI Punjab 36/1   AC Gilchrist 8* (10b 1x6)   A Mithun 0.2-0-6-0

Aravind to Gilchrist, SIX, gave him the charge to counter any of that movement or bounce, took it off the length and smashed it over mid-off's head, just managed to clear the ropes

Kings XI Punjab 47/1   AC Gilchrist 17* (14b 2x6)   S Aravind 1.2-0-7-0

Aravind to Marsh, SIX, Marsh connects superbly, you almost thought that was Gilly for a moment, short and he gets into position early, rocking back to pull it confidently over the midwicket boundary

Kings XI Punjab 58/1   SE Marsh 11* (14b 1x4 1x6)   S Aravind 1.5-0-18-0

Gayle to Gilchrist, SIX, Gilchrist, meanwhile, cashes in on a full delivery, was tossed up and he cracked it hard and flat over long-off

Kings XI Punjab 70/1   AC Gilchrist 29* (19b 1x4 3x6)   CH Gayle 1.4-0-10-0

Gayle to Gilchrist, SIX, that's his favoured slog-sweep, was flighted again, landed full outside off and he swung it calmly over the deep midwicket boundaryt, off the meat and cleared the ropes by a distance

Kings XI Punjab 76/1   AC Gilchrist 35* (20b 1x4 4x6)   CH Gayle 1.5-0-16-0

Langeveldt to Gilchrist, SIX, picked the slower one and sent it out of Dharamsala, landed on a length and he sent it miles behind deep square leg, he's finally arrived this IPL has Gilly

Kings XI Punjab 86/1   AC Gilchrist 43* (23b 1x4 5x6)   CK Langeveldt 2.3-0-24-1

Langeveldt to Gilchrist, SIX, another six, this one was just a jab, full toss around wasit high and Gilchrist punches it over midwicket, lands on the ropes and that means it's six

Kings XI Punjab 92/1   AC Gilchrist 49* (24b 1x4 6x6)   CK Langeveldt 2.4-0-30-1

Langeveldt to Gilchrist, SIX, three in a row, Gilchrist is out of control here, short on middle and he seizes the lenght early to pull it over square leg, Kohli is speechless, that also brings up Gilchrist's fifty, a hurricane innings this

Kings XI Punjab 98/1   AC Gilchrist 55* (25b 1x4 7x6)   CK Langeveldt 2.5-0-36-1

Kohli to Marsh, SIX, gets hold of that one, was pitched around a good length, he bent slightly and picked it over deep midwicket, just about managed to evade Langeveldt

Kings XI Punjab 120/1   SE Marsh 25* (22b 2x4 2x6)   V Kohli 0.3-0-8-0

van der Wath to Marsh, SIX, only to be thrashed for six! Begins with a length ball and Marsh sweetly lofts him over long-off, clears the ropes by a distance, Bangalore are struggling

Kings XI Punjab 149/1   SE Marsh 42* (32b 3x4 3x6)   JJ van der Wath 2.1-0-15-0

van der Wath to Marsh, SIX, the fun continues, van der Wath overcompensates for the length ball, holds it back to produce a long hop and it's disappeared over deep midwicket

Kings XI Punjab 155/1   SE Marsh 48* (33b 3x4 4x6)   JJ van der Wath 2.2-0-21-0

van der Wath to Marsh, SIX, a Tendulkaresque lofted drive to finish it off, what an over, pitched up again and he launched it over the bowler's head for a meaty six, lovely shot, Punjab are all over Bangalore here

Kings XI Punjab 173/1   SE Marsh 66* (37b 6x4 5x6)   JJ van der Wath 3-0-39-0

van der Wath to Gilchrist, SIX, No he can't!! Slower one bowled on a length and Gilly picked it, smashing it over long-off

Kings XI Punjab 199/1   AC Gilchrist 88* (46b 5x4 8x6)   JJ van der Wath 3.1-0-45-0

Aravind to Gilchrist, SIX, Gilchrist wastes no time, though. Short ball, was the slower one again but ended up being a long hop, Gilchrist sent it over deep square leg

Kings XI Punjab 216/1   AC Gilchrist 98* (51b 6x4 9x6)   S Aravind 3.5-0-36-0





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