Indian Premier League, 65th match: Pune Warriors v Kolkata Knight Riders at Mumbai, May 19, 2011
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 7 wickets (with 20 balls remaining)
19 May 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Pathan to Ryder, no run, begins with a tight length ball, and Ryder defends. How long before he goes after him?


Pathan to Ryder, OUT, well, it took Ryder exactly one ball to go after Yusuf. And he's failed. Looks to shimmy a foot towards leg stump to create room, and tries to hoist him straight. He ends up scooping it straight up and it's a tame catch inside the circle for mid-off

JD Ryder c Tiwary b Pathan 1 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 16.66


Pathan to Pandey, no run, flat and quick on middle and off, played back to the bowler.


Pathan to Pandey, no run, Yusuf's keeping it tight, again fullish length on the stumps and Pandey works it to the leg side.


Pathan to Pandey, 1 run, tossed up for a change, Pandey has a big heave at it but can't connect with the shot too well. Single taken.


Pathan to Ferguson, no run, short of a length outside off, poor calling. If there was any calling, that is. Steered towards point, Ferg runs, Pandey doesn't. Ferg stops, Pandey starts running. The charade stops just before it ends in shambles.

Pune Warriors 10/1   YK Pathan 1-0-1-1

Pathan to Ganguly, 1 run, back of a length on middle and leg, Ganguly nudges to the leg side for one.


Pathan to Ferguson, 2 runs, full ball on the stumps and a solid little sweep to the deep for a couple.


Pathan to Ferguson, FOUR, aha, the first blemish from KKR. To be fair to Lee it was never going to be easy to field a spinning sweep shot going away from him at short fine leg. He ran in and put in the dive, but only managed to parry it along to the boundary.


Pathan to Ferguson, 1 run, another sweep, this time Ferguson gets it square and picks up a single.


Pathan to Ganguly, 1 run, length ball on the stumps, Ganguly gets forward and drives solidly wide of mid on


Pathan to Ferguson, 1 run, another single into the straight field to end the over. Pune need some release here.

Pune Warriors 42/2   YK Pathan 2-0-11-1

Pathan to Yuvraj Singh, FOUR, Abdulla can create spin, but not handle it too well! Yuvraj leans across and blasts the sweep shot out towards deep square leg, to the right of Abdulla in the deep. He runs across and thinks he has it covered, when it pitches and wrong foots him with the spin.


Pathan to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run, Yusuf tals into the covers for a single.


Pathan to Uthappa, no run, another ill-advised reverse sweep, another miss. Uthappa is lucky he wasn't given lbw, that was close.


Pathan to Uthappa, 1 run, he goes big over the leg side this time, but they aren't timing too many today, are Pune. Balloons up towards midwicket, and they get a single.


Pathan to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run, Yuvraj stays back and works a length ball down the track for another single.


Pathan to Uthappa, OUT, another wicket, another one falls to spin. Uthappa gets a short ball turning down the leg side and unleashes the strong slog whack through the leg side, but he decides to go flat. Would have still cleared the rope if Lee wasn't prowling in the deep. He was, though.

RV Uthappa c Lee b Pathan 12 (19b 1x4 0x6) SR: 63.15

Pune Warriors 79/5   YK Pathan 3-0-18-2

Pathan to Rana, 1 run, Rana does the wise thing, works a length ball turning in, through square leg for one.


Pathan to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run, speared on the leg stump, Yuvraj can't time the fine sweep too well and Gambhir at short fine cleans up.


Pathan to Rana, no run, poor ball, wasted by Rana. Full on leg stump, and whipped straight to backward square leg.


Pathan to Rana, 1 run, back of a length outside off, he cuts it but can't beat backward point. Single taken, all the same.


Pathan to Yuvraj Singh, 2 runs, short ball on middle, Yuvraj punches wide of mid-on for an easy couple.


Pathan to Yuvraj Singh, 1 leg bye, Yuvraj goes for a sweep, gets pad on it for a leg-bye to short fine leg. Time for another stretch-my-legs time-out.

Pune Warriors 87/5   YK Pathan 4-0-23-2





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