Indian Premier League, 69th match: Royal Challengers Bangalore v Chennai Super Kings at Bengaluru, May 22, 2011
Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 8 wickets (with 12 balls remaining)
22 May 2011 - day/night match (20-over match)

Vettori to Saha, FOUR, short and wide to start with, and he cuts it easily into the gap between cover and point, got on top of the ball and played it late to find the gap


Vettori to Saha, 1 run, gets forward to push this length ball in front of cover for a quick single


Vettori to Saha, no run, pushes away a flatter ball in to the off side and sets off for the run, sent back by Dhoni


Vettori to Saha, 1 run, flicks a fuller ball along the ground past midwicket for a single

Chennai Super Kings 23/4   WP Saha 6* (4b 1x4)

Aravind to Saha, 1 run, this is nippy stuff from Aravind, back of a length and angling away, gets it to cut back in a long way off the seam, he somehow manages to get an inside edge on it


Aravind to Saha, no run, gets front pad a long way forward and brings bat around it to drive a fuller one to mid on


Aravind to Saha, 1 wide, goes wide down the leg side in an attempt to bring the ball back in


Aravind to Saha, no run, comes in sharply with the angle from a length, he is some trouble as he stabs it back down the track


Aravind to Saha, 1 run, overcooks the angle from round the wicket and it ends up on the pads, Saha shuffles to whip it away wide of long leg

Chennai Super Kings 27/4   WP Saha 8* (8b 1x4)

Vettori to Saha, no run, lovely ball flighted and dipping on him outside off, he pushes it in the air but on the bounce to short extra cover


Vettori to Saha, no run, just comes forward and walks after dropping the ball in front of cover, Dhoni sends him back


Vettori to Saha, no run, in a tangle as he fires it in on the pads, and he manages to turn it away to short fine leg


Vettori to Saha, no run, can;t get it away, slower through the air, he tries to work it on the leg side but cannot time it off the wicket


Vettori to Saha, 1 run, fuller ball and clipped away off the pads to deep midwicket

Chennai Super Kings 28/4   WP Saha 9* (13b 1x4)

Mithun to Saha, no run, 137.1 kph low full toss that he comes forward and drives in to the ground, Kaif at extra cover dives to his right to grab the ball low


Mithun to Saha, no run, Kaif in to the act again, he digs out a very full ball to Kaif's right and he cuts it off quickly


Mithun to Saha, 1 run, gets forward to a length ball and finally gets it through covers for a single


Mithun to Saha, no run, well bowled. 139.8 kph and bowled a bit wider and fuller outside off, he goes for the drive and is beaten as it just moves away a tad


Mithun to Saha, 1 run, hangs his bat to a ball wide outside off and gets it away to third man

Chennai Super Kings 35/4   WP Saha 11* (18b 1x4)

Vettori to Saha, 1 run, goes deep in the crease to tuck a length ball through square leg

Chennai Super Kings 36/4   WP Saha 12* (19b 1x4)

Gayle to Saha, 1 run, turning in from wide outside off and cut away hard to sweeper cover

Chennai Super Kings 37/4   WP Saha 13* (20b 1x4)

Mithun to Saha, no run, shuffles across and outside off stump looking to work it from off in to the leg side, he favours the on side a touch too much, leading edge that goes to covers


Mithun to Saha, 1 run, this angle suits him as it is ending on middle and leg, he shuffles to flick it off the pads in front of square leg


Mithun to Saha, no run, goes back to a back of a length ball and looks to push it past point for a single, cannot beat that man


Mithun to Saha, 1 run, gets a full and wide ball outside off, but does not try to do much with it, just hangs beside the line and steers it to squarish third man

Chennai Super Kings 48/4   WP Saha 15* (24b 1x4)

Gayle to Saha, SIX, Saha gets maximum, the slog sweep, takes a step out, goes down on the knee, it is a flat and full ball so he goes flat and full over the man at deep midwicket


Gayle to Saha, 4 leg byes, Chennai getting some sort of move-on here, Saha shuffles across, and gets a small tickle on one around leg stump to get it fine past the keeper


Gayle to Saha, no run, full delivery outside off stump and he drives it to extra cover


Gayle to Saha, 1 run, tries the lap shot off a angled ball going down leg, almost carries to Zaheer at short fine leg, who labours to his left and dives to stop the ball


Gayle to Saha, no run, almost yorks himself as he hustles around and tries to work it away through midwicket, but gets an inside edge on to pad

Chennai Super Kings 60/4   WP Saha 22* (29b 1x4 1x6)

Kohli to Saha, 1 wide, slanted full and wide down leg, he misses the flick and AB has the bails off for effect


Kohli to Saha, OUT, Virat Kohli picks up a wicket with a long hop, back of a length and sitting up, Saha had lots of options, bent the knee and played a swat-sweep kind of stroke that carried right to the man at deep square leg, Virat is smiling at his fortune, the ball got on a touch quickly to the batsman

WP Saha c Pomersbach b Kohli 22 (38m 30b 1x4 1x6) SR: 73.33

Chennai Super Kings 64/5   WP Saha 22 (30b 1x4 1x6)





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