IPL news April 17, 2012

Worse actions than Samuels' in IPL - Ganguly

ESPNcricinfo staff

Sourav Ganguly, the Pune Warriors captain, has defended his offspinner Marlon Samuels, saying there were bowlers with worse actions in the IPL who hadn't been warned. Samuels was reported by the umpires for a suspect action after the match against Chennai Super Kings on April 14.

Ganguly said he was surprised by on-field umpires Aleem Dar and Bruce Oxenford's decision. "If you go around the IPL, you will see worse actions," he said. "I should not be saying it because we are all part of a competition. But if Marlon gets warned for his action, then there are probably a few around who are worse."

Ganguly questioned the decision to report Samuels, who has been bowling for West Indies in international matches without being warned. "Whoever has done it has got to be careful because Marlon has bowled for the West Indies for two years and he hasn't been warned," Ganguly said. "He has bowled in the first three games of the IPL and he hasn't been warned. And I don't know what he did different in his fourth game to be warned."

As per IPL policy, Samuels will be allowed to bowl for the Warriors but should he be reported again, he will be suspended from bowling for the remainder of the season.

Samuels had problems with his action in the past. He was reported for a suspect action after the third Test between West Indies and South Africa in 2008 in Durban, when the on-field umpires raised doubts especially with regards to his quicker deliveries. He underwent remedial work, and an independent test found his action to be legal. In 2011, he was cleared for bowling in international cricket by the ICC.