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Dravid undecided about IPL future

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Rahul Dravid, the Rajasthan Royals captain, has said that he is unsure about his role in the future and he's willing to step aside if the franchise finds a younger opener to partner Ajinkya Rahane next season. The Dravid-Rahane combine were the only pair to open in all matches this season, scoring 579 at 36.18.

"I really don't know (about my future). I will have to think it over. I would take a break and decide about my role. I will talk to my family and also the management of the Rajasthan Royals about my role and then I would decide," Dravid said. "My goal is to develop young players. Rahane did a great job with the opportunities we gave him. We identified a couple of players in the other franchises who did not get an opportunity to play.

"I don't know what the rules will be in terms of trades and swaps, but if we can get one or two young players then I can always step back and play a different role. We'd like a good young ambitious guy to come in and open the batting for us with Ajinkya next season," he said. "But if we can't find someone, then there's always the option of me playing, we'll see how it goes."

Dravid, who scored 462 runs from 16 matches at 28.87 this season, said Royals needed to strengthen its batting for next season. "We don't have a young top-order Indian batsman, we are trying to identify someone, there are a couple of good, young middle-order players in [Stuart] Binny and [Ashok] Menaria and we will work on them in the course of the year," he said. "We also have youngsters like Ajit Chandila, Ankit Chavan and Gajendra Singh. I am sorry about the local lad Gajendra Singh who didn't get a chance to play (this season)."

Royals finished seventh this season with seven wins and nine losses. "We lost a few close games like the ones against Delhi, Deccan and Chennai and that hurt us," he said. "I feel our fielding performance and bowling was the worst. I am disappointed but there are some positives too."

Despite the disappointing finish to the season, Dravid said he enjoyed captaining Royals. "It was a pleasure to lead the side and the support from the management and support staff has been top notch," Dravid said. "As far as my own performance is concerned I played my role as the opener with Rahane to satisfaction. I feel batting is one thing and scoring runs is another thing."

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  • venkatesh on May 24, 2012, 10:54 GMT

    @Aussasinator, u would have started watching Cricket matches only after 4th April 2012.I dont think u know what u meant when u told RD's slow batting costed us a few test matches .

  • Anver on May 23, 2012, 10:46 GMT

    Not a bad outing for Dravid in 2012 IPL !!! so why not carry on for another year !!!

  • joseph on May 23, 2012, 10:19 GMT

    Royals could have tried Chandimal atleast once after his excellent batting in Aus

  • Jishnu on May 23, 2012, 2:40 GMT

    i agrre with Jose Puliampatta... Abhinav Mukund and Rahane make a very good opening pair and Mukund has not got his chance in CSK.. Hope he is selected by RR and under the tutelage of Sir Rahul Dravid, they become one of the best Indian opening pairs...

  • Rutvik on May 22, 2012, 22:13 GMT

    Rahul Wall Dravid "hats of to him" Clam cool & collective great-man on the field and off the field, True Legend and team player through out his career, he batted in every position and did he job !!! talking about his batting skills ? ask any bowler around the world, they will answer it. talking about T20 IPL look at stats Dravid vs Ganguly ? Dhoni learnt from Ganguly joke of the year lol, from who Ganguly learnt :D. there's 10 reasons why he got kicked out of indian team and now pune team too becoz of his weak play lol @ Navneet singh one more blind Ganguly fan :D Dhoni got mature cricket under Dravid's captainship and gr8 help from Sachin check out how many games Dhoni played with dravid:x

  • Dummy4 on May 22, 2012, 18:22 GMT

    well he still has a lot of cricket left in him.... and IPL is the only chance where we get to see our favorite players.... plz do continue

  • Dummy4 on May 22, 2012, 18:21 GMT

    ganguly you should learn from dravid

  • Vivek on May 22, 2012, 17:57 GMT

    I'm not a Dravid fan, but I can safely say that Dravid ultimately became too good at something that made him look apparently weak. He became such a good team player that it eventually caused his own undoing. Its really interesting to note that, in India's away series to Pakistan a few years ago, Dravid had the courage to call back someone like Sachin, who was on the verge of scoring a double century just because he felt that a declaration at that point was good for the team. Not even Ganguly would've dared to do that. How ironic it is that he is being called a coward now! And yes, India won away tours to England and Pakistan under his watch.

  • Dummy4 on May 22, 2012, 16:50 GMT

    Rd is a great and selfless person hope he will achieve whatever he wants in his life.....

  • Dummy4 on May 22, 2012, 16:22 GMT

    @Navneet: FYI, RD has a better Win-loss ratio than Ganguly in test matches. Under RD's captaincy, India set the record for successfully chasing in 17 ODIs, won test series in England and WI. Yes he did make some mistakes like demoting SRT to no. 4 and a few other blemishes. And so did Ganguly at certain times. But no one here is stupid enough to not give any credit to Ganguly's leadership skill or RD's contribution. For those critical of RD's strike rate, he and Sourav Ganguly have almost the same strike rate in their ODI career. Sourav loved to hit boundaries and would not rotate strike, while Dravid was an accumulator who ran for most of his runs. In fact I would rate RD as even a better ODI player than Ganguly as he scored a lot 40-50-60s under pressure as compared to those lifeless 100s that Ganguly scored against teams like Zim, Kenya, NZ. RD is the only man in history to be invloved in two 300+ partnerships in ODIs, holds record for 2nd fastest 50 for India in ODIs.

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