Indian Premier League, 42nd match: Deccan Chargers v Pune Warriors at Cuttack, May 1, 2012
Deccan Chargers won by 13 runs
1 May 2012 - day/night match (20-over match)

Samuels to Patel, OUT, he's gone first ball! Samuels pitched the ball outside off stump and turned it away from the left-hander just a little, Patel went after it and tried to play a big drive, the ball went off the inside edge and clipped off stump

PA Patel b Samuels 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Deccan Chargers 0/1   S Dhawan 0* (0b)   MN Samuels 0.1-0-0-1

Kumar to Dhawan, OUT, middle stump has taken a battering! Dhawan attempted to hoick across the line, the ball was on a good length and a wicket-to-wicket line, Dhawan missed and his middle stump was uprooted

S Dhawan b Kumar 13 (20m 18b 2x4 0x6) SR: 72.22

Deccan Chargers 23/2   CL White 9* (9b 1x4)   B Kumar 0.4-0-2-1

Nehra to Sangakkara, OUT, bowled him, Sanga goes after a terrific innings. Nehra bowled it in the blockhole just outside off, Sanga got down low to squeeze the ball out on the off side but got an edge on to his stumps. He was slow to start with but Sanga accelerated superbly

KC Sangakkara b Nehra 82 (74m 52b 10x4 2x6) SR: 157.69

Deccan Chargers 180/3   CL White 74* (44b 4x4 4x6)   A Nehra 4-0-41-1

Parnell to White, OUT, White's holed out to long-off, he swung hard at a good length ball outside off stump and sliced it high in the air to Steve Smith

CL White c Smith b Parnell 74 (96m 45b 4x4 4x6) SR: 164.44

Deccan Chargers 180/4   JP Duminy 0* (0b)   WD Parnell 3.1-1-19-1





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