Indian Premier League, 51st match: Delhi Daredevils v Kolkata Knight Riders at Delhi, May 7, 2012
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 6 wickets (with 8 balls remaining)
7 May 2012 - night match (20-over match)

Sangwan to Sehwag, FOUR, Sehwag goes after his Ranji Trophy team-mate Sangwan first ball, belts a length ball high in the air, not off the middle, but comfortably over extra cover and it rolls into the rope


Sangwan to Sehwag, 1 run, this could have been tight, they went for the single after Sehwag inside-edged a low full toss close to the stumps, Sangwan ran in but his lob missed the stumps


Sangwan to Warner, 1 run, Sangwan has surprised Warner with a 135.4 kph short delivery angled into him, he went belatedly for the pull, but the top-edge fell short of Lee at third man


Sangwan to Sehwag, FOUR, high full toss now, and this time Sehwag does not miss out, he had been going too hard at Sangwan earlier, now he just opens the face and times it between cover and point


Sangwan to Sehwag, SIX, whoa, that has gone all the way, a flick from Sehwag, lot of wrist in that, the full delivery disappears from middle and leg and crashes into the deep midwicket rope


Sangwan to Sehwag, 1 run, back of a length now, and he tucks it to fine leg easily

Delhi Daredevils 17/0   PJ Sangwan 1-0-17-0

Sangwan to Taylor, 1 run, he is looking tentative, pushes a length ball in the air in front of square leg


Sangwan to Jayawardene, no run, length ball dropped softly on the leg side


Sangwan to Jayawardene, 1 run, shuffles across and turns it to fine leg


Sangwan to Taylor, 1 run, punches a short of a length ball wide of mid on


Sangwan to Jayawardene, no run, wristily turned to midwicket


Sangwan to Jayawardene, 5 wides, wayward, wild short swinging delivery from Sangwan, miles down the leg side, and no chance for the keeper


Sangwan to Jayawardene, FOUR, wrong line again, this will hurt Gambhir even more, Mahela tickles a shortish one off the pads fine down leg

Delhi Daredevils 62/2   PJ Sangwan 2-0-29-0

Sangwan to Taylor, 1 run, pushes a pitched up ball past the bowler to long on


Sangwan to Jayawardene, 1 run, drives an angled length delivery, straight to mid off


Sangwan to Taylor, no run, just not happening for Taylor at the moment, goes hard at the cut to a bouncing short of a length ball, misses


Sangwan to Taylor, 1 run, nudges one off middle and leg to midwicket


Sangwan to Jayawardene, 1 run, plays from close to the body, and softly drops a back of a length ball behind point


Sangwan to Taylor, 1 run, widish outside off, Taylor gets hold of the cut, but sweeper cover gets across to it

Delhi Daredevils 89/2   PJ Sangwan 3-0-34-0

Sangwan to Taylor, no run, Taylor escapes, inside edges a pull behind the stumps, trots out of the crease, Baz hurls it towards the stumps, had he hit, Taylor was gone by some distance


Sangwan to Taylor, OUT, Taylor is gone, the struggle is over, finally, tried to smash this length ball from the crease, only gets it to swirl high for long off to come in and take it

LRPL Taylor c Bhatia b Sangwan 16 (44m 27b 0x4 0x6) SR: 59.25


Sangwan to Pathan, 1 run, neat straight drive from Irfan past the non-striker's stumps, long on gets around to it


Sangwan to Nagar, 1 run, shuffles across and turns a length ball to fine leg


Sangwan to Pathan, FOUR, second fine drive from Irfan, this time through extra cover, there is a man in the deep, but his dive cannot stop the ball, should have been stopped really, he had managed to get to the ball comfortably


Sangwan to Pathan, 2 runs, worked wide of midwicket

Delhi Daredevils 108/4   PJ Sangwan 4-0-42-1





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