Indian Premier League, 60th match: Rajasthan Royals v Pune Warriors at Jaipur, May 13, 2012
Rajasthan Royals won by 45 runs
13 May 2012 - day/night match (20-over match)

Kartik to Dravid, FOUR, too wide outside off, Dravid chops that past point off the back foot and he gets to 400 runs in this tournament

Rajasthan Royals 7/0   R Dravid 5* (3b 1x4)   M Kartik 0.5-0-7-0

Nehra to Dravid, FOUR, fuller this time and on the pads once more, effortlessly clipped towards midwicket for four

Rajasthan Royals 12/0   R Dravid 10* (8b 2x4)   A Nehra 0.4-0-4-0

Kumar to Dravid, FOUR, ooh, that was so close to being bowled, Bhuvneshwar gets the ball to nip in a hint off a back of a length, Dravid pokes at it and gets an inside edge, that sails over the stumps and past the keeper for four

Rajasthan Royals 17/0   R Dravid 15* (10b 3x4)   B Kumar 0.1-0-4-0

Sharma to Dravid, FOUR, too wide outside off, short as well, Dravid shifts to his backfoot and carves that behind backward point for four, this outfield is pretty quick

Rajasthan Royals 24/0   R Dravid 20* (16b 4x4)   R Sharma 0.4-0-5-0

Sharma to Rahane, FOUR, inside-out from Rahane, a lofted drive over cover, he's played that stroke well this tournament, skipping beyond leg and gets his first boundary

Rajasthan Royals 29/0   AM Rahane 6* (7b 1x4)   R Sharma 1-0-10-0

Nehra to Rahane, FOUR, short of length and outside off, another lofted shot, off the back foot and over cover for four more

Rajasthan Royals 34/1   AM Rahane 10* (9b 2x4)   A Nehra 2-0-10-1

Kumar to Rahane, FOUR, on the pads this time, wonderfully stroke from Rahane, waits for it and just helps it along towards deep backward square leg for four, all about timing that

Rajasthan Royals 45/1   AM Rahane 14* (11b 3x4)   B Kumar 1.5-0-17-0

Mathews to Watson, FOUR, shorter from Mathews, and well outside off, Watson doesn't care as he muscles that wide of long-on for four more

Rajasthan Royals 51/1   SR Watson 13* (8b 1x4 1x6)   AD Mathews 1-0-6-0

Sharma to Watson, FOUR, stop press! Steve Smith has misfielded, lets it through for four, that was short from Rahul, Watson slammed it along the gorund towards long-on, Smith got to the ball in time but makes a hash of the fielding effort, slightly over ran it actually

Rajasthan Royals 81/1   SR Watson 31* (16b 2x4 3x6)   R Sharma 1.1-0-14-0

Sharma to Watson, FOUR, outside off, not too much width but enough for Watson to show he's not all about brute force, carves it behind backward point for four, superb placement there

Rajasthan Royals 87/1   SR Watson 37* (19b 3x4 3x6)   R Sharma 1.4-0-20-0

Ryder to Watson, FOUR, a low full toss slanting down the leg side, all to easy for Watson, whips it towards deep backward square leg for four

Rajasthan Royals 99/1   SR Watson 44* (25b 4x4 3x6)   JD Ryder 0.4-0-5-0

Ryder to Watson, FOUR, more powerful biffing from Watson, this time towards long-off where Murali Kartik misfields, falls over the ball to let it through for four

Rajasthan Royals 109/1   SR Watson 54* (27b 5x4 4x6)   JD Ryder 1-0-15-0

Mathews to Watson, FOUR, murder, Watson is unstoppable here, pitched up and just outside off, that is absolutely hammered by Watson towards long-off for four, serious power

Rajasthan Royals 118/1   SR Watson 58* (29b 6x4 4x6)   AD Mathews 2.5-0-20-0

Nehra to Rahane, FOUR, length ball on the pads, easy to dispatch that one, Rahane glances that towards fine leg for four, with fine leg up that really is a poor delivery from Nehra

Rajasthan Royals 122/1   AM Rahane 41* (35b 4x4)   A Nehra 2.1-0-14-1

Sharma to Rahane, FOUR, pitched up and spinning away, well outside off, Rahane reaches across and places that through point for four

Rajasthan Royals 141/2   AM Rahane 49* (39b 5x4)   R Sharma 2.2-0-27-0

Kumar to Rahane, FOUR, shortish and outside off, once more Rahane jumps down the track shuffling towards the leg side to make more room and chops it towards extra cover for four

Rajasthan Royals 150/2   AM Rahane 55* (42b 6x4)   B Kumar 3.2-0-27-0

Kumar to Rahane, FOUR, poor delivery that, slanting down the pads, fine leg was up, easy for Rahane to help it down to the fine leg boundary

Rajasthan Royals 154/2   AM Rahane 59* (43b 7x4)   B Kumar 3.3-0-31-0

Mathews to Botha, FOUR, what a shot from Botha first up, a full toss around leg stump, reverse-paddled past short third man for four, ingenious

Rajasthan Royals 166/4   J Botha 4* (1b 1x4)   AD Mathews 3.3-0-25-1





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