Indian Premier League, 62nd match: Royal Challengers Bangalore v Mumbai Indians at Bengaluru, May 14, 2012
Mumbai Indians won by 5 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
14 May 2012 - day/night match (20-over match)

Singh to Tiwary, no run, RP angles the ball into the left-hander from over the wicket, pitching on a good length around off stump, and then seams it away. Tiwary prods and is beaten


Singh to Tiwary, no run, Tiwary strides forward and lets a good length ball go outside off


Singh to Tiwary, 1 run, played off the front foot, opening the face to steer towards third man


Singh to Tiwary, no run, Tiwary tries to bash the ball down the ground but the length is too good and he mis-times it to the bowler


Singh to Tiwary, no run, Tiwary swishes because there's more width outside of stump and gets beaten

Royal Challengers Bangalore 13/2   SS Tiwary 1* (5b)

Patel to Tiwary, no run, not short enough to pull, but Tiwary tries to anyway, swinging hard. Mis-timed to midwicket


Patel to Tiwary, FOUR, that's a poor shot but it's gone for four, Tiwary slogged at a good length ball, hitting across the line. Somehow it went straight over the bowler's head. Harbhajan chased from mid-on but this outfield is quick


Patel to Tiwary, 1 no ball, full and straighter ball, Tiwary drives hard into the ground and into Munaf, who had over-stepped. So there's a free hit coming up. Tiwary can swing for the rafters


Patel to Tiwary, (no ball) 1 run, he's bowled a superb yorker but he's over-stepped again, Tiwary could only drive it to mid-on. Dilshan can have a go now against a free-hit.


Patel to Tiwary, SIX, and maybe that's why, a length offering around off stump, Tiwary has room to swing his arms and he does with power, pulling the ball off the front foot far over the midwicket boundary. The endless over has finally ended

Royal Challengers Bangalore 34/2   SS Tiwary 12* (10b 1x4 1x6)

Malinga to Tiwary, 1 run, the fielder at mid-off dives to his left to try and catch the lofted drive but drops it. A tough chance for RP Singh. Tiwary had checked his shot and ended up spooning the ball


Malinga to Tiwary, 2 runs, Tiwary tries to slog a slower ball but ends up slicing it high in the air beyond the circle at extra cover, RP Singh should have run to his right from mid-off but he did not. Pollard couldn't get to it from cover


Malinga to Tiwary, 1 wide, the slower ball down leg side, that's a wide


Malinga to Tiwary, no run, a third slower ball, Tiwary steers it towards point


Malinga to Tiwary, no run, good length and straight, defended on the front foot

Royal Challengers Bangalore 40/2   SS Tiwary 15* (14b 1x4 1x6)

Harbhajan Singh to Tiwary, SIX, shot! Tiwary made room by moving towards leg and lofted the ball inside out, hitting it cleanly over the long-off boundary. Sweet connection


Harbhajan Singh to Tiwary, OUT, would you believe it, Tiwary has stepped on to his stumps. He took a step back into his crease to work the ball through square leg and then before beginning to run he took another small step back. Unfortunately for him middle stump was in the way

SS Tiwary hit wicket b Harbhajan Singh 21 (25m 16b 1x4 2x6) SR: 131.25

Royal Challengers Bangalore 47/3   SS Tiwary 21 (16b 1x4 2x6)





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