Indian Premier League, 72nd match: Rajasthan Royals v Mumbai Indians at Jaipur, May 20, 2012
Mumbai Indians won by 10 wickets (with 12 balls remaining)
20 May 2012 - night match (20-over match)

Harbhajan Singh to Menaria, no run, some turn as he tosses it up on middle, defended off a thick edge towards point


Harbhajan Singh to Menaria, no run, tosses it up again, on a length on off stump, beats Menaria's forward prod with more turn


Harbhajan Singh to Menaria, no run, pushed to the off side


Harbhajan Singh to Menaria, no run, cannot get it away again, plays out a length ball towards point


Harbhajan Singh to Menaria, 1 run, comes out to a flighted ball which turns away from him, reaches out and manages to spoon it over extra cover

Rajasthan Royals 106/4   AL Menaria 1* (5b)

Pollard to Menaria, 1 run, cuts one going across him outside off, to sweeper cover


Pollard to Menaria, 1 run, guides a back of a length ball to sweeper cover

Rajasthan Royals 110/4   AL Menaria 3* (7b)

Singh to Menaria, no run, pushes a length ball on the off side


Singh to Menaria, 1 wide, goes for the yorker but sends it full down the leg side


Singh to Menaria, FOUR, that has been sliced in the gap between third man and sweeper cover, wide and pitched up, he opens the face and lofts it over point


Singh to Menaria, 1 run, full ball mistimed down to long on


Singh to Menaria, (no ball) SIX, Menaria has upper cut this one for six wide of third man, and it is a no-ball as well, he was in the air as he played the shot


Singh to Menaria, 1 run, not quite a free hit this one, drills it a very low full toss on the stumps to long on

Rajasthan Royals 135/4   AL Menaria 15* (12b 1x4 1x6)

Malinga to Menaria, 1 run, opens up, probably expecting the yorker, it is a length ball on leg, though, and he adjusts to push it towards cover


Malinga to Menaria, 1 no ball, there is the yorker, and there is the wicket, or is it, Menaria making some room just outside leg stump, Malinga finds leg stump with the yorker, Menaria's bat came down late, but he will survive, Malinga has overstepped, Menaria puts his gloves back


Malinga to Menaria, 1 run, digs out a yorker around off to long off


Malinga to Menaria, 1 run, another slow length ball, the yorker has to be on the batsman's mind against Malinga, Menaria recovers to awkwardly get it down to third man

Rajasthan Royals 143/4   AL Menaria 18* (16b 1x4 1x6)

Kulkarni to Menaria, 1 wide, way too wide with the angle across the left-hander


Kulkarni to Menaria, no run, full and wide delivery again, not called this time, Menaria reached out for it, did he get some bat on it


Kulkarni to Menaria, 1 run


Kulkarni to Menaria, 2 runs, tries to launch this pitched up wide ball over extra cover, mistimes it high in the air, Harbhajan runs back hard, but it sails just over him, he fields it on the bounce


Kulkarni to Menaria, OUT, Kulkarni has another wicket, Menaria opens up to a near-yorker, and digs it out low to Kulkarni, who takes it well, and claims it immediately, they check the replays, find that the catch carried cleanly, and that Menaria had got to the ball on the full, he has to go this time

AL Menaria c & b Kulkarni 21 (20b 1x4 1x6) SR: 105.00

Rajasthan Royals 148/5   AL Menaria 21 (20b 1x4 1x6)





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