Indian Premier League, Elimination Final: Chennai Super Kings v Mumbai Indians at Bengaluru, May 23, 2012
Indian Premier League - Elimination final
Chennai Super Kings won by 38 runs
23 May 2012 - night match (20-over match)

Kulkarni to Vijay, OUT, edged and gone, swing away and caught in the slips! Lot of swing there from Kulkarni and Vijay was going for a drive, gets an outside edge and that flies off to the lone slip in the form of Rohit Sharma, takes it easily and first blood to Mumbai!

M Vijay c Sharma b Kulkarni 1 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20.00


Kulkarni to Raina, OUT, inside edge and bowled first ball! what a start from Dhawal Kulkarni, he was nowhere in the team for the first many games, suddenly gets a couple and he is making the ball talk, second wicket for him, it was outside the off stump and there was a bit of wobble, Raina went for a drive, gets an inside edge and is bowled!

SK Raina b Kulkarni 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Kulkarni to Badrinath, 1 wide, bad ball for a hat-trick ball, down the leg side, no swing, and lets that one go through to the keeper, wide called


Kulkarni to Badrinath, no run, excellent stuff from DK, this was similar to the Vijay dismissal, outside the off stump, swinging away and the only difference was that he missed the edge did Badri


Kulkarni to Badrinath, no run, short of length, 138.6 km/hr, hits the bat hard as he defends to the off side


Kulkarni to Badrinath, no run, on the middle, bouncing too much, angling into the batsman, he was waiting for the out-swing probably, misses, hits the pad and there is a huge appeal for a wicket, called not-out by the ump


Kulkarni to Badrinath, 2 runs, driven gracefully, more like placed into the gap, pitched and moving away but well played, it looks like it was running away to the fence before that big man makes a big slide, Pollard restricts them to two.

Chennai Super Kings 4/2   DS Kulkarni 1-0-3-2

Kulkarni to Badrinath, FOUR, edged and four this time, it was outside the off stump, he went down the track, was swinging away, takes the outside edge and it eludes the lone slip, Rohit, goes fine to third-man for four


Kulkarni to Badrinath, no run, immediately shortens the length, Badri defends to the covers


Kulkarni to Badrinath, FOUR, down the track and another four through the left of mid-off, he wanted to get over the swing, does exactly that, gets off the middle of the bat for four


Kulkarni to Badrinath, no run, on the middle stump, angling in before deviating slightly away and defended back to the bowler


Kulkarni to Badrinath, 1 run, a bit of a shimmy down the wicket, opens the face of the bat, through to third-man for a single


Kulkarni to Hussey, 1 run, well bowled again, on the middle stump and swinging back to the batsman, who defends it and wants a single, Badri hesitated a little before calling him through for a quick one

Chennai Super Kings 14/2   DS Kulkarni 2-0-13-2

Kulkarni to Jadeja, OUT, Jadeja is second time unlucky. He threw his bat at a length delivery angling across him and made contact with the bottom of the bat, wide outside off stump. The ball went high in the air and Rohit ran back from point to take a fine catch, watching the ball as it fell over his head

RA Jadeja c Sharma b Kulkarni 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00


Kulkarni to Dhoni, FOUR, too full and Dhoni simply drills it with a lot of power between Bravo and the stumps at the bowler's end, lots of bottom hand in that shot


Kulkarni to Dhoni, FOUR, again the length is full, and Dhoni drives along the ground through cover, super placement


Kulkarni to Dhoni, FOUR, after the full balls were punished, Kulkarni predictably shortens his length, Dhoni is ready and waiting, swivelling to pull the ball past short fine leg


Kulkarni to Dhoni, 1 run, played off the back foot towards cover


Kulkarni to Bravo, 1 run, Bravo goes back to drop the short of a length ball towards the off side

Chennai Super Kings 128/5   DS Kulkarni 3-0-27-3

Kulkarni to Dhoni, 2 runs, a low full toss, nearly in the blockhole, Dhoni forces the ball to long on, the batsmen race back for the second and Pollard kicks the ground in disappointment after throwing wide of the stumps at the batsman's end


Kulkarni to Dhoni, 1 run, Dhoni plays the paddle sweep but can't beat short fine leg


Kulkarni to Bravo, 1 wide, Bravo moves outside off stump and Kulkarni sprays the ball wide, that was far too wide outside off stump


Kulkarni to Bravo, SIX, short ball, and it's gone the distance. Bravo had plenty of time to wind up and pull off the front foot with tremendous force, sending the ball 85 metres over midwicket


Kulkarni to Bravo, SIX, what was that?! Bravo had moved towards leg but the ball was wide outside off, on a length. Bravo lunged at it, freeing his arms and throwing his bat with all he had. He was almost off the ground as he made contact with the ball, or one leg was. He ended up carving it flat over the point boundary. Jaw-dropping stuff.


Kulkarni to Bravo, 1 run, driven with power to the fielder at deep cover


Kulkarni to Dhoni, 2 runs, Dhoni tries to blast down the ground but gets a bottom edge towards fine leg, Dhoni sprints back and completes his half-century off the final ball. It's been manic

Chennai Super Kings 187/5   DS Kulkarni 4-0-46-3





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