Indian Premier League, 2nd Qualifying Match: Delhi Daredevils v Chennai Super Kings at Chennai, May 25, 2012
Indian Premier League - 2nd qualifying final
Chennai Super Kings won by 86 runs
25 May 2012 - night match (20-over match)

Aaron to Vijay, no run, outside the off stump, length ball, driven on the up to the covers


Aaron to Vijay, FOUR, inside out, over the top and for four, it was pitched up and Vijay has given himself some room and sweetly timed over the extra-cover region


Aaron to Vijay, 1 wide, outside the off stump, left alone and that is quite wide outside the off stump, and called by the umpire as well


Aaron to Vijay, no run, short of length, bouncer attempted, Vijay lets it go through to the keeper, he is looking good


Aaron to Vijay, no run, gives himself room, angling in and he wants to go over the top, does not get too much elevation and goes on the bounce to the mid-on fielder


Aaron to Vijay, FOUR, mistimed for four, pitched up and he has hoicked it over the leg side, misses the square-leg easily and there is no-one in the deep


Aaron to Vijay, FOUR, bouncer again and he has been pulled away for a four over short fine-leg, it surprised the batsman with the pace but he went through with the shot, the fielder was back pedalling but does not get his hand on it, four for Vijay!

Chennai Super Kings 52/0   VR Aaron 1-0-13-0

Aaron to Hussey, OUT, edged and gone, taken by the keeper! Yes, they can get a wicket, it is Aaron, who is brought back, down the track goes Hussey, wants to drive it, gets the outside edge of bat and Ojha takes a simple one

MEK Hussey c †Ojha b Aaron 20 (22b 2x4 0x6) SR: 90.90


Aaron to Raina, no run, round the stumps, outside the off stump, wanted to drive at it and misses the outside edge through to the keeper! Almost another first-baller for Raina!


Aaron to Raina, no run, round the stumps, angling in, pitched up, pushed to mid-off, call of no by one of the batsmen


Aaron to Raina, FOUR, up and over for a four, short of length, Raina opens the face of the bat and gets it over the wicket-keeper, it hit the bat high but still managed to get it over for four


Aaron to Raina, 1 run, on the middle, short of length, tucked away to square-leg for a single


Aaron to Vijay, FOUR, and a four again to bring up his 50, outside the off stump and Vijay has thumped it over extra-cover for a boundary, doing it so easily this man tonight!

Chennai Super Kings 77/1   VR Aaron 2-0-22-1

Aaron to Dhoni, 2 runs, length ball and Dhoni pulls it towards cow corner, Warner sprints a long way to his right from long-on and dives to make the save


Aaron to Dhoni, FOUR, too short and Dhoni has blitzed it, swivelling and pulling with oodles of power to the backward square leg boundary


Aaron to Dhoni, OUT, caught at deep midwicket! Negi comes running in from the boundary and bends to catch the ball at shin-height while on the move. Good effort. Dhoni had pulled the length ball but didn't time it well enough

MS Dhoni c Negi b Aaron 23 (10b 1x4 2x6) SR: 230.00


Aaron to Vijay, 2 runs, he gets to his century off 51 balls by flicking the ball off his pads behind square. This is his first fifty-plus score this season. His celebration is emotional, takes off his helmet and drops it, drops his bat too, and raises his hands


Aaron to Vijay, FOUR, edged for four! Vijay tried to hit down the ground and gets an outside edge past the keeper


Aaron to Vijay, FOUR, this time he does hit down the ground, waiting in his crease to blast the length ball past the bowler, that was hit too hard for long-off to save

Chennai Super Kings 183/3   VR Aaron 3-0-38-2

Aaron to Bravo, 1 run, nearly in the blockhole again, flicked towards square leg, where Russell fields


Aaron to Vijay, 2 wides, he's lucky that did not go for four, it was a full toss outside leg stump and Vijay missed the glance. Ojha did not collect cleanly


Aaron to Bravo, 2 runs, Bravo lays into the cover drive, lunging forward and drilling the ball hard


Aaron to Bravo, FOUR, he's carved that with one hand to the boundary! Bravo moved towards leg to make room, arched his back and then cut loose, flaying his bat at a slower ball to slash it to the third man boundary


Aaron to Bravo, FOUR, can't bowl there with fine leg in the circle, 147 kph but on the hips, Bravo gets inside the line and glances it to the fine leg boundary


Aaron to Bravo, SIX, full and wide outside off stump, Bravo is already on leg stump so he has plenty of room to free his arms and swing hard, he launches the ball into the fans cheering wildly beyond the cover boundary


Aaron to Bravo, SIX, again! This time over extra cover, Bravo gets under a full ball and drives with so much power, carting it high and far. 25 runs off that over

Chennai Super Kings 215/4   VR Aaron 4-0-63-2





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