Indian Premier League, 2nd Qualifying Match: Delhi Daredevils v Chennai Super Kings at Chennai, May 25, 2012
Indian Premier League - 2nd qualifying final
Chennai Super Kings won by 86 runs
25 May 2012 - night match (20-over match)

Gupta to Vijay, FOUR, round the stumps, down the wicket and lofted over mid-off for a four! Exciting start from the Super Kings, positive stroke from Vijay to open his account

Chennai Super Kings 4/0   M Vijay 4* (1b 1x4)   Sunny Gupta 0.1-0-4-0

Gupta to Vijay, FOUR, down the track once again and this time it is driven through the right of the mid-off fielder and that has rushed away to the fence for another four, two boundaries to begin this virtual semi-final

Chennai Super Kings 8/0   M Vijay 8* (2b 2x4)   Sunny Gupta 0.2-0-8-0

Yadav to Hussey, FOUR, on the off stump, pitched right up to the bat, puts his foot out and drives him through the covers for a four!

Chennai Super Kings 16/0   MEK Hussey 6* (4b 1x4)   UT Yadav 0.2-0-4-0

Russell to Vijay, FOUR, outside the off stump, pitched up, driven to the covers, Negi had the ball, picked it up and threw it at the non-striker's end, Rao does not back up well and it goes to the fence for four overthrows! Hussey was diving back to get in but even if that had hit, he would have been safe

Chennai Super Kings 24/0   M Vijay 15* (6b 3x4)   AD Russell 0.5-0-5-0

Yadav to Vijay, FOUR, outside the off stump, pitched up and beautifully driven through the covers for a four! Stood up really tall while playing that one

Chennai Super Kings 29/0   M Vijay 20* (8b 4x4)   UT Yadav 1.1-0-11-0

Russell to Vijay, FOUR, full-toss on the pads and that is easily flicked away to fine-leg for a four!

Chennai Super Kings 38/0   M Vijay 25* (11b 5x4)   AD Russell 1.3-0-13-0

Aaron to Vijay, FOUR, inside out, over the top and for four, it was pitched up and Vijay has given himself some room and sweetly timed over the extra-cover region

Chennai Super Kings 43/0   M Vijay 30* (15b 6x4)   VR Aaron 0.2-0-4-0

Aaron to Vijay, FOUR, mistimed for four, pitched up and he has hoicked it over the leg side, misses the square-leg easily and there is no-one in the deep

Chennai Super Kings 48/0   M Vijay 34* (18b 7x4)   VR Aaron 0.5-0-9-0

Aaron to Vijay, FOUR, bouncer again and he has been pulled away for a four over short fine-leg, it surprised the batsman with the pace but he went through with the shot, the fielder was back pedalling but does not get his hand on it, four for Vijay!

Chennai Super Kings 52/0   M Vijay 38* (19b 8x4)   VR Aaron 1-0-13-0

Gupta to Vijay, FOUR, shimmy down the pitch and lofted for four over the deep mid-wicket region! Not only was he quick to get there but also picked the gap up well...

Chennai Super Kings 57/0   M Vijay 42* (20b 9x4)   Sunny Gupta 1.2-0-17-0

Gupta to Hussey, FOUR, and this time it is Hussey who goes after the bowling, pitched right up and heaved away to wide long-on region for another boundary

Chennai Super Kings 62/0   MEK Hussey 18* (19b 2x4)   Sunny Gupta 1.4-0-22-0

Aaron to Raina, FOUR, up and over for a four, short of length, Raina opens the face of the bat and gets it over the wicket-keeper, it hit the bat high but still managed to get it over for four

Chennai Super Kings 72/1   SK Raina 4* (3b 1x4)   VR Aaron 1.4-0-17-1

Aaron to Vijay, FOUR, and a four again to bring up his 50, outside the off stump and Vijay has thumped it over extra-cover for a boundary, doing it so easily this man tonight!

Chennai Super Kings 77/1   M Vijay 51* (28b 10x4)   VR Aaron 2-0-22-1

Sehwag to Vijay, FOUR, width outside off stump, slightly short as well, Vijay goes back and cuts hard to the backward point boundary

Chennai Super Kings 93/1   M Vijay 64* (34b 11x4 1x6)   V Sehwag 0.3-0-10-0

Sehwag to Vijay, FOUR, terrific placement, Vijay comes forward and whipped the ball off his pads to the wide long on boundary, Sehwag getting some of his own medicine

Chennai Super Kings 97/1   M Vijay 68* (35b 12x4 1x6)   V Sehwag 0.4-0-14-0

Russell to Raina, FOUR, poor ball, too short on this pitch, Raina swivels and pulls to the backward square leg boundary

Chennai Super Kings 120/1   SK Raina 15* (11b 2x4)   AD Russell 2.2-0-19-0

Russell to Vijay, FOUR, shot! Vijay backs away towards leg stump and drives a length ball flat over extra cover, Russell is disappointed that the fielder at long off did not try and save it

Chennai Super Kings 125/1   M Vijay 88* (42b 13x4 3x6)   AD Russell 2.4-0-24-0

Negi to Raina, FOUR, short ball and Raina's pulled it into the gap on the deep midwicket boundary, Warner didn't seem to pick it up and so did not chase

Chennai Super Kings 131/1   SK Raina 21* (14b 3x4)   P Negi 3.1-0-25-0

Aaron to Dhoni, FOUR, too short and Dhoni has blitzed it, swivelling and pulling with oodles of power to the backward square leg boundary

Chennai Super Kings 173/2   MS Dhoni 23* (9b 1x4 2x6)   VR Aaron 2.2-0-28-1

Aaron to Vijay, FOUR, edged for four! Vijay tried to hit down the ground and gets an outside edge past the keeper

Chennai Super Kings 179/3   M Vijay 105* (52b 14x4 4x6)   VR Aaron 2.5-0-34-2

Aaron to Vijay, FOUR, this time he does hit down the ground, waiting in his crease to blast the length ball past the bowler, that was hit too hard for long-off to save

Chennai Super Kings 183/3   M Vijay 109* (53b 15x4 4x6)   VR Aaron 3-0-38-2

Yadav to Bravo, FOUR, short of a length outside off stump, Bravo stays back, stands tall, opens the face and steers the ball fine enough to beat third man running to his left. He just used the pace of the bowler

Chennai Super Kings 189/4   DJ Bravo 5* (2b 1x4)   UT Yadav 2.5-0-19-1

Aaron to Bravo, FOUR, he's carved that with one hand to the boundary! Bravo moved towards leg to make room, arched his back and then cut loose, flaying his bat at a slower ball to slash it to the third man boundary

Chennai Super Kings 199/4   DJ Bravo 13* (6b 2x4)   VR Aaron 3.3-0-47-2

Aaron to Bravo, FOUR, can't bowl there with fine leg in the circle, 147 kph but on the hips, Bravo gets inside the line and glances it to the fine leg boundary

Chennai Super Kings 203/4   DJ Bravo 17* (7b 3x4)   VR Aaron 3.4-0-51-2





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