Delhi v Hyderabad, IPL 2013, Delhi April 12, 2013

White's impeding grille and Mishra's non-obstruction

Plays from the IPL game between Delhi Daredevils and Sunrisers Hyderabad in Delhi

The impeding equipment

Kumar Sangakkara's dismissal might have sent some jitters through the visitors' dugout, and were it not for Cameron White's helmet grille, they might have edged even closer to peril. Attempting a lap-sweep off Shahbaz Nadeem, White managed only a top edge, and just as the wicketkeeper moved towards the leg side to attempt a catch, the ball flew right into White's grille and lodged there. White could not get the ball out himself, so the Delhi Daredevils fielders closed in to help him. When David Warner finally removed it, he also raised his hands in mock appeal.

The non-obstruction

Daredevils' plight had grown more hopeless at the start of the 18th over of the chase, with Sunrisers Hyderabad needing only a run a ball, and their desperation manifested in a strange appeal for obstructing the field. Amit Mishra got a leading edge into off Irfan Pathan and was called through for a tight single, but when the fielder came in and threw at the stumps, Mishra was in the way and the ball deflected off his back. Jayawardene immediately appealed for obstruction of the field, but replays showed Mishra had simply run his original line, and the appeal was turned down. Jayawardene continued to voice his displeasure, though, perhaps also incensed by the extra run taken by Sunrisers off the deflection that came off the batsman - an act sometimes considered poor sportsmanship, but one which is within the laws of the game.

The catch

Daredevils were already in trouble after Mahela Jayawardene's departure but White's sharp reflexes at wide slip saw them slip further. Ishant Sharma bowled one outside off stump, and Virender Sehwag, seeing the width, tried to cover-drive on-the-up, but could only manage a thick outside edge. The ball flew quickly off the blade, but White moved into position in a flash, and completed a sharp take, falling to his right.

The cartwheel

There are few greater pleasures in cricket than seeing a fast bowler uproot the wickets, and in the recent past, Dale Steyn has been the most compelling purveyor of somersaulting stumps. He had bowled some lovely outswingers early in the innings - one which took Jayawardene's edge, but was put down by the diving wicketkeeper - but a fast, good length ball provided a deserved second wicket. Steyn had bowled the delivery cross seam, but it came in on an angle, pitched on an off stump line and straightened just a touch. Nadeem was ill-equipped to deal with the quality of that ball, and got nowhere near it as it hit the top of off stump to send it end-over-end in a straight line towards the keeper.

The run-out

With a small total to defend, Daredevils had to field well to have any hope of snapping their losing streak, and Nadeem set off well in that regard, when he swooped in to effect a run-out in the second over. Akshath Reddy pushed Siddarth Kaul into the leg side and called for a single, but he had to circumvent the bowler mid-pitch, which cost him precious time. Coming in from midwicket, Nadeem ran around the ball, so that when he picked it up, he'd be facing the stumps at the non-striker's end. He collected and let fly in one swift motion to have Reddy short of his ground by a frame.

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