Chennai v Bangalore, IPL 2013, Chennai April 14, 2013

'It was chaos in CSK dugout' - Raina

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Chennai Super Kings pulled off another one of the heists they have earned a reputation of being able to pull off in the IPL, beating Royal Challengers Bangalore at Chepauk off what should have been the last ball of the game. Had it been the last ball of the match, Royal Challengers would have won by one run, as Ravindra Jadeja was caught at third man. But a no-ball from RP Singh meant Super Kings had the two runs they required, winning by four wickets. It took the team a while to absorb what had happened, batsman Suresh Raina said after the match.

"It was chaos. When Jadeja played that last shot, we sat in the dugout and saw the RCB guys going up thinking they'd won. We thought so too," Raina told the IPL website. "Then suddenly [umpire Anil] Chaudhary signalled the no-ball, and we didn't know what was happening. It was only after a few moments that we realised we were sitting in the winning team's dugout."

Super Kings were chasing 166, and had got off to a poor start in the chase, managing only 10 for 2 in four overs. Raina was the third man out, in the 11th over, with the team still needing another 100 runs from 57 balls. S Badrinath fell soon after, for 34, bringing Jadeja to the crease. In a key stand, MS Dhoni and Jadeja added 59 at over 10 an over. When Dhoni was dismissed at the start of the 18th over, it looked like the game had slipped away from the hosts, but Jadeja saw it through. In the final over, with 16 needed, he edged to third man for four and blitzed one down the ground for six, before the drama of the final ball.

Watching the match from the sidelines, Raina said, was nerve-wracking, but he was pleased that Jadeja had the chance to display his skills. "It was very difficult to watch this game from the dressing room. But Jadeja showed today what sort of a player he is. He showed character and took responsibility. He has scored a lot of runs in the domestic competitions, and he's more determined as a batsman."

Raina said that he had a hand in bringing Uttar Pradesh pacers, Ankit Rajpoot and Imtiaz Ahmed, into the Super Kings squad. Raina captained UP in the Ranji Trophy and, he said, their first-class performances prompted him to vouch for them. "I played with them during the domestic season and these guys were putting in a lot of effort on the field. Imtiaz and Ankit had a major role to play in UP qualifying for the Ranji Trophy knockouts, with RP Singh, Bhuvan [Bhuvneshwar Kumar] and PK [Praveen Kumar] not around. They were really keen on getting some international exposure and I thought they deserved a crack at the IPL.

"So I spoke to Flem [coach Stephen Fleming] about them. He said he'll definitely have a look at them and he liked what he saw." In the Ranji Trophy, Imtiaz was the leading wicket-taker for UP, with 37 from nine matches at 25.45. Rajpoot, who made his first-class debut this season, claimed 31 wickets from seven games at 18.80. While Rajpoot played against Kings XI Punjab, Imtiaz is yet to debut for Super Kings.

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  • Sherjil on April 15, 2013, 12:30 GMT

    The kind of attitude Kohli is showing in the field is totally unacceptable.How come you scold junior cricketers just like that who r just taking baby steps in terms of their cricketing carrier???Where is the motivation???? Being aggressive doesn't mean that you put enormous pressure to your own teammates to perform in all aspects. Till date i believe he is the future captain to go for...but the way he reacted in the last couple of IPL matches, it shows he can't be relied.He has a huge problem of uncontrolled temper.

  • Prakash on April 15, 2013, 10:54 GMT

    Except that 6, he threw the bat for everything, he got runs... Lucky... luck favors him a lot....I still don't see him as limited over player....

  • subhad on April 15, 2013, 7:27 GMT

    virat kohli is very agressive on field and his behaviour is uncertain for the spirit of game . the only probable candidate to captain india in one days and t20 is suresh raina. he is cool, calm, composed and a a genuine person to lead india.

  • Dummy4 on April 15, 2013, 7:19 GMT

    i think it was a fluke win for csk. few edges & a no ball. cricket is like this. it makes a fool look hero & vice versa ! As for virat's captaincy, he looks good & will get polished as he captains more. PPL critising him r jelous dhoni fans who i still think is not good enough in tests,esp over seas.

  • Abhishek on April 15, 2013, 7:17 GMT

    A lot of people here are questioning Virat Kohli's captaincy credentials and even I hold the same concern. A captain should make his team feel comfortable, not SCARED. and being aggresive doesnt mean you scream or scold your players. and "@write2nix". Ganguly was aggresive. and aggresive means setting attacking fields and taking risky decisions.That is good. He never intimidated his team, unlike kohli. N its just IPL. think about the pressure a captain wud face on an international level. BE AGGRESSIVE TO THE OPPONENTS, NOT TO YOUR OWN TEAM!!!!

  • Yasiru on April 15, 2013, 6:25 GMT

    Apart from being a good leader ,a good cricketer should understand and respect for the spirit of the cricket first hand.Before becoming or hoping to be a good captain you should first try to be a good cricketer.Then only you will be a good captain.You should have that self discipline to feel the precious spirit of cricket which in return make you a star or gives you the most valuable self satisfaction .But kohli's actions shows otherwise.if he is a great and genuine cricketer he should have gone to the dressing room when he nicked that bravo ball.If he knew and respected that pure spirit of cricket there should not be an umpire to give you out,the best person to judge that is you .so he will not wait till umpire says out !!.In that respect Kohli is really Lacking with gentlement qualities of cricket.MSD is siiting very high on that.And clearly shows why kohli should not be india's captain in future unless he made that mistakes or attitudes in ftre.

  • Nikhil on April 15, 2013, 6:11 GMT

    A lot of talk is going on around about Kohli's temperament on-field in pressure situations. A lot of comparisons to Dhoni's calm and cool approach. Maybe that is what India needs here on. Each person is different, each player is, and therefore each captain too. So what if he is a bit over the top. Maybe that is a good thing. Let us see how an aggressive captain (like Dada) works out for India now.

  • Yasiru on April 15, 2013, 6:03 GMT

    ...that your captain is there for you with you.Holding your hand until the last minute to trust your talent and and most importantly when you get the feeling that irrespective of the result that ur captain is with u taking your side, there is nothing more good feeling to have to bowl or play ur best shot to save a match......But kohli shows disrespect and annoyment to their bowlers when they were hit and fielders, when they missed a ball.I believe that is the desperate time that particular bowler or fielder needs their captain to back him and hear "Dont worry mate you tried your best and lets try it again" with a clap or a smile in the face.That is called the motivation ,that only a captain can give.It will help to yield the best outta player.That one miss can be transformed into a brilliant save .All by captain.Look at MSD .How calm he is.doesnt show his temper though he knows that miss field or miss bowl cost their entire team a big chance of winning.You get that anger as a captain

  • Dummy4 on April 15, 2013, 5:33 GMT

    Looking at the brilljant batting from the CSK, how do you make space for a great player like Albi? Well done to Morris, he is a great addition to the team!

  • Sundarraman on April 15, 2013, 5:27 GMT

    @TRAM... M. Vijay, Badri, Ashwin are all TN players... In addition to this players like Anirudha, Mukund (till previous season), Yo Mahesh were all give opportunities... some click and some don't...

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