Royal Challengers Bangalore v Delhi Daredevils, IPL 2013, Bangalore April 16, 2013

RCB choke, then win in Super Over


Delhi Daredevils 152 for 5 (Unadkat 2-24) tied with Royal Challengers Bangalore 152 for 7 (Kohli 65, de Villiers 39)
Scorecard and ball-by-ball details
Royal Challengers Bangalore won the Super Over

It was a match neither team seemed to want to win. Low on quality, it headed towards what looked like a natural result, a Royal Challengers Bangalore victory, for about 33 overs. Out of the other seven, two produced 30 runs for Delhi Daredevils at the end, two were a contest between Morne Morkel and Chris Gayle that the bowler won, and the other three featured an almighty choke from Royal Challengers that resulted in a tie despite a Ravi Rampaul six in the last over when they needed 12.

Umesh Yadav nearly won it for Delhi in the Super Over with four yorkers or near-yorkers at the top, which went for three runs, but he missed the length on the last two, and AB de Villiers deposited both of them over deep midwicket for sixes. Royal Challengers, nursing their demons of ties and close matches, called upon Rampaul, who has demons of his own in Super Overs, but he had also bowled a maiden and hit that six over extra cover when it seemed Royal Challengers had seen a ghost and forgotten how to bat.

Daredevils had a surprise in store too. Neither Virender Sehwag nor Mahela Jayawardene batted. David Warner found point first ball, and out came Irfan Pathan with two right gloves in hand. The glove changed, he picked up a length ball over square leg for four. Rampaul came back with a yorker, but Irfan pulled out an absolute rabbit by walking down to the fourth ball and ramping it over fine leg for a huge six.

With six required off the last two, Rampaul dished out a full toss, and got lucky. Irfan flicked it nicely, but found square leg. Six feet either side, and it would have been over. That bullet bitten, Rampaul bowled full and straight, and bowled out IPL debutant Ben Rohrer.

All this sporadic excitement, though, was like an old man out on a pacemaker at times. Except for a blinder of a return catch from R Vinay Kumar, that contest between Morkel and Gayle, and Rampaul's six, it was all curiously unspectacular. On a flat skiddy pitch with a quick small outfield around it, no Daredevils batsman reached 30, no Royal Challengers Bangalore bowler extracted disconcerting movement or extraordinary fortune, but somehow Daredevils remained subdued throughout their innings to end up with a paltry total by Bangalore standards. Most strikingly, Jayawardene scratched around for 28 off 31.

There was some spark to the Daredevils' start, but it was short-lived. Sehwag and Warner seemed to have set up a good base with 42 off the first five overs, but then Vinay plucked an unbelievable catch when Warner smashed one back at him. In the next over, Sehwag chipped a gentle loosener from Andrew McDonald straight to midwicket. Just like that, Daredevils found themselves in the jail, and couldn't find a way out.

Over after over of steady bowling went by, but Jayawardene could neither find his touch nor get out. Jaydev Unadkat then worked Manprit Juneja over with bouncers, and the latter was eventually caught back for a length ball and holed out to long-on. Rohrer then found deep midwicket with a long hop. Just like that, Daredevils found themselves in solitary confinement.

There were periods of mercy for Daredevils. Royal Challengers omitted to appeal on a run-out, gave one more last over to RP Singh, but Daredevils could still muster only 152.

Daredevils' bowling might not be the most rounded for Twenty20 environment, but it sure is exciting. The Powerplay of the chase was all drama. In the first over, Ashish Nehra was denied a plumb lbw of KL Rahul, but he came back to get him a second time and gave him a justified send-off.

At the other end, Morkel went hard at Gayle, bowling 145kmph and upwards and short of a length. Gayle was equal to it, putting behind the plays-and-misses, and hitting two sixes off Morkel. Eventually the bowler prevailed with a thick edge flying all the way to third man. That, though, was only a third of the work done for Daredevils.

Coming together at 26 for 2 in the fourth over, the other two-thirds turned it on, matching each other shot for shot before Kohli ran away with it when he targeted the left-arm spin of Shahbaz Nadeem in the middle overs. When Kolhi pulled a long hop from Irfan for four in the 14th over, he brought up yet another fifty, and also brought the asking rate down to a run a ball. And the two could have strolled the rest of the way through.

When de Villiers was run out at the end of the 16th over, Royal Challengers needed 24 off 24 with seven wickets in hand. Daredevils didn't do anything spectacular after that, just held their catches and saw Royal Challengers implode. McDonald chipped one back to Nadeem. Arun Karthik ran himself out when he didn't want to take the third off the last ball of the 18th over because that would mean Kohli would be off strike at the start of the next over. Kohli disagreed.

At any rate, Kohli didn't have the strike, and J Syed Mohammad lobbed one straight to long-on. Kohli drove the next ball inside-out, and found Jayawardene. It was 15 off eight now. Irfan, though, began the next over with a wide half-volley, which Rampaul picked the bones out of. Irfan came back well in the rest of the over, and then almost got his own back at Rampaul in the Super Over, but after a twist or two the match did reach its natural conclusion.

Sidharth Monga is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Harsh on April 18, 2013, 3:49 GMT

    Instead of cruising home Bangalore almost snatched defeat from the jaws of certain victory.Devilliers run out and the subsequent collapse revealed the low standard of cricket in this tournament which is more or less at the county cricket level.In an international game 99 times out of hundred with only 24 to get of 25 balls with 8 wickets in hand a team would have cruised home.

    True the game had the turn of an enthralling climax like a sensational twist in a great epic but it makes me question whether such cricket is really promoting the game.For sheer entertainment are we sacrificing the glorious game of cricket?

    It is very rare when on the same day you see two matches where history virtually repeated itself.-like seeing 2 Hollywood thrillers with sensational climaxes on the same day.

  • Dummy4 on April 17, 2013, 18:01 GMT

    well i just can't understand some of the weird comments posted did DD lose b'cauz of YADAV or PATHAN , for all those people if u knw the real meaning of cricket it was b'cauz of YADAV and PATHAN the match went on to super over and also the runs scored in those over was by pathan thn hw can u people blame them

  • mohammad on April 17, 2013, 17:57 GMT

    siri12345 Delhi is playing with the same bowling line up as last year.And Jayawardene's job is not only captaincy but also batting.

  • biju on April 17, 2013, 16:25 GMT

    I am really upset why Pujara doesn't get any chance to play ,this IPL doesn't serve the purpose,all these old horsees are running around and young talents didn't get a chance to show their talents.

    Pujara,Prasanth paramasewran and Thivary even rahul didn't get any chances

    Why RP sing is playing?,why Daniel christian is even in the team? Why Muralitharan is in the team?

    Why Ricky pointing is in the team?Why adam gilchrist is in the team?Mike hussey and david hussey not even playing in their country. Azar mohammood is old. Even forigeniers should be young and current players. Not the old one who got ritered Please share your thoughts Sachin babay,Sanju vsamson Pujara,Thivary,S.S Das, all those players should get their chances Ajith Agarkar,Balaji all those players should n't be considered. Where is Varun aron?

    Just because some one from australia doesn't mean they do great.

  • Dummy4 on April 17, 2013, 9:34 GMT

    Irfan should have run the non-striker out in the last ball,as he had warned him the previous delivery which he had not bowled.Instead he bowled the last ball and the nonstriker must have been off before he delivered the ball as he reached the strikers end very early after the keeper fumbled with the ball to effect the run out.It would have been DD WIN ,which they missed out in the Super over.

  • Harmon on April 17, 2013, 9:23 GMT

    @siri12345: Yeah we did see how your Angelo Mathews is helping Pune. The only way he can push Pune into the top 4 is by not making himself a part of the final XI. I think it is high time I tell you the truth about Angelo - he is a mediocre bowler and an average and selfish batsman who fails in all crunch situations. We all saw how Angelo contributed in the WT20 Final vs WI, he gave ample proof of his abilities there. All the world knows that Angelo is a very limited player, it is only SL fans like you who refuse to accept the truth and see him as a savior.

    As for Sanga, Sunrisers too would do a lot better in his absence. Anyone in that team will make a better captain than Sanga - Even Ishant Sharma adds more to the team than Sanga who looks hopeless in this format as a batsman and clueless as a captain.

  • darius on April 17, 2013, 9:21 GMT

    people who think Yadav was the wong choice for super over or criticize him for last two short balls,guys Yadav was DDs best bowler so he became automatic choice and people shud not forget that first 4 balls were on target,and yes 16 target is not mammoth in t20s when you have warner,sehwag(dont know why he wasnt featuring in SO),shown by Pathan he hit 10 runs of two consecutive balls.its DD batsmen who are letting them down not the bowlers,i feel they still hv one of the best attacks in IPL.Yadav you bowled well.........

  • Sherjil on April 17, 2013, 9:20 GMT

    Posted by siri12345 on (April 17, 2013, 8:04 GMT): You need to check the scorecard once again mate.Delhi Posted just 152 in a batting pitch where experts say even 180 is not sufficient against the likes of Gayle, Kohli and ABD.The Delhi bowlers did extremely well to stretch the match to super over.The last two balls bowled by Umesh Yadav in the super over actually made the difference, but having said that, still 16 in an over is achievable in T-20s. Where was Mahela, when he needed to show the guts and lead from the front in super over??? he chooses the IPL debutant to chase the stiff target???Common mate, accept it, Mahela is poor captain, and doesn't have the guts to lead from the front.

  • Axe on April 17, 2013, 9:00 GMT

    @ siri12345

    Man ! Please care to have a look at yesterday's match score-card. Yadav, Nehra and Nadeem have way better bowling figures than Morkel. It is the FLOP batting that has been DD's serious problem. DD's Indian bowlers are doing decent job. It is the poor batting of Jayawardene/ Viru/ Warner and Jaya's wrong team selection that is costing DD matches. Problem with DD is they have very limited resources in terms of overseas batsmen.

    Chand should be in playing XI st. away. In 1st and 3rd match, Chand played, he got unlucky as in 1st one, he got really good ball, In 3rd Potning pulled off an unbelievable catch. In 2nd one, he scored quick 23. He should be in team. And Kedar Jadhav should bat up the order.

    And FYI, Sanga and Matthews have not contributed to their team's success yet.

  • sharks on April 17, 2013, 8:49 GMT

    @Harmony excellent point mate, Pathan did a splendid job of defending 5 runs with his 5 balls in the last over. He also took the wicket of in-form Virat Kohli. The way Yadav had bowled yesterday, it was natural for Mahela to pick him for the super over though he could have gone with the Morkel also as he has more experience. But Yadav was their most economical bowler. I can't see how some people are blaming Mahela here for that decesion, wonder what they could have done!!

    @Orangtan you are right, Kohli's demeanor has been disgusting to watch so far. The way he reacted to Gambhir in his earlier match after getting out was the most appalling, Gambhir is 7-8 years senior to him. Also, Kohli has yet to prove himself in the test arena for him to be called as a good batsman. He was a failure outside in our earlier overseas season and even in the home series against AUs and Eng his contribution was hardly any difference making as a batsman.