Bangalore v Pune, IPL 2013, Bangalore

'Everything went right for me today' - Gayle

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April 23, 2013

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Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle celebrate in signature fashion, Royal Challengers Bangalore v Pune Warriors, IPL, Bangalore, April 23, 2013
Chris Gayle could do no wrong © BCCI

Chris Gayle's 175 that demolished Pune Warriors took only 66 deliveries, and included 17 sixes. While that may seem like the very definition of sustained hitting, and makes it hard to imagine a period where the batsman took it easy, Gayle spoke about how he paced his innings.

"I didn't want to just get the hundred and continue blasting and blasting and get out, you know how quickly this game can change," Gayle said after delivering a 130-run victory for Royal Challengers Bangalore. He reached his hundred off 30 deliveries in the ninth over, before taking it slightly easy for the next few overs.

"I wanted to stay there till the end, make sure I bat at least 18 overs, if not all, which I did, I look on that as a point of view, where I try and bat as many overs as possible, get the hundred, and then actually let Dilly [Tillakaratne Dilshan] take charge while I get a break and pick it up back in the end."

Having broken the record for the fastest T20 hundred, the highest individual score in T20 and the most sixes in an innings, Gayle said it was too soon for him to gauge the magnitude of his achievement. "Words can't explain how I feel, I think later on tonight when I am by myself I can look back and reflect on what I've done today," he said. "I'm grateful, overall from a team point of view, I'm really happy with the win, that put us on top of the table, just one of those innings, one of these days when you come out and things go according to how you want it to."

Aaron Finch, the Warriors captain, watched helplessly as his bowlers, and his own bowling, was ruthlessly taken apart by Gayle. There were no qualifiers in his praise for Gayle. "That was simply the best innings I've ever seen," Finch said. He later joked: "Maybe we should ban him from the game. Maybe he's too good, he hits it too far."

Virat Kohli, Royal Challengers' captain, was left "speechless". "No words. I cannot ask for anything more as a captain," Kohli said after the game. "I'm privileged that I watched it here today live. All the people who came to the stadium today also should feel honoured that they got to see one of the best innings ever."

Dilshan, who partnered Gayle through most of his assault, was equally awestruck. "I've batted with him in the last IPL too and he scored a couple of hundreds. But this was something special," he said. "In my career this was the first time I saw someone hit the ball so cleanly. I was just standing at the other end and enjoying every bit of it."

It wasn't just with the bat that Gayle did damage. Asked to bowl the final over of the match - his first chance with the ball this IPL season - he picked up two wickets, before celebrating with his famous Gangnam Style dance. "It was really good to finish off in that particular way, " he said. "Some people keep on asking, 'they have seen me do Gangnam Style in international cricket, why not in IPL?' I thought that was the perfect time to do it, you get a wicket, everything just worked for Chris Gayle today … I'm an entertainer, I try to entertain as much as possible."

With Warriors conceding a record 263 runs - the most in the history of Twenty20s - Gayle was asked whether he felt sorry for the bowler s. "Sometimes I get knocked over first ball, I would love to ask the bowler as well 'Do you feel sorry for me'. We're paid to be competitive out there, serious event the IPL, lot of money being spent, you want to put on your best performance at all times."

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Posted by vsatoskar on (April 27, 2013, 1:08 GMT)

On the day of batting heroics of Chris Gayle of scoring 175 runs off only 30 ball in the IPL cricket match between Bangalore and Pune, I was listening to NPR radio and lo and behold there was the story of Chris Gay, the Houdini of the art of jail-breaking, who once stole the travelling bus of the famous country singer, Crystal Gayle! The day belonged to Chris! Chris Gay is a "folk hero" for song writers and future movie-makers which parallels Chris Gayle's historic performance catapulting him as the cricketing "folk hero".

Posted by   on (April 26, 2013, 10:31 GMT)

@cricpolitics.... Dude......Lighten up man......IPL is cool and so is International cricket

Posted by cricpolitics on (April 25, 2013, 3:33 GMT)

I am waiting for the day when this extra long IPL season ends. It is just ridiculous and a road block to international cricket.

Posted by   on (April 25, 2013, 2:20 GMT)

great match Gayle....Always enjoying the game while he is batting

Posted by degiant on (April 25, 2013, 0:58 GMT)

@RajArya if this was not fantastic then what is ? and how come no other batter has ever come close. Gayle hit all six delivery in the first over of a Test Match to the boundary against England. Maybe you have never played the game so you can't get the concept of that innings. Everyone who understand cricket know that Gayle is the most fared batter in the game right now.

Posted by   on (April 25, 2013, 0:30 GMT)


If you consider Gayle's innings good and not fantastic I would love to be around when an innings comes along that you actually deem fantastic. Personally I could not disagree with you more. 6 sixes in an over is 6 balls, maybe 10 minutes tops of concentration. However to make 175 off less than 70 balls now that is concentration, power and talent.

Posted by wernbrian on (April 24, 2013, 21:11 GMT)

He missed a double century.

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 19:50 GMT)

well the wicb mustbe saying we have create a monster out of gayle by dissing him and he went to the ipl with one thing in mind and is to prove them wrong and he's until this day if they did have him playing for the wi that year he wouldn't have been there with such fire to prove them wrong and some people saying he can't make runs in international go check and see who made the first t20 centuryin yhe first t20 world cup in sa the only person don't happy for what he has accomplish its the bad mind grudgeful ones and that too help him for who god bless no man cruse the only thing left is to wins the championship and i hope this is the year

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 19:11 GMT)

One can not compare Don Bradman with Chris Gayle. Bradman did what he could in the 1930`s and 40`s and Gayle did what he could in traditional Tests and the modern permutations of cricket. Brian Lara retired the year before IPL 1 and we could only speculate as to how he would have performed in T20 cricket. I wonder what kind of money was offered to him to play in the IPL.

Posted by stowa on (April 24, 2013, 18:46 GMT)

@RajArya...Are you kidding? The attacks in the IPL are somewhat international, the teams have international players don't they? The bowlers that were left in awe i believe they have represented their respective countries....haven't they? To try and take away from what Gayle has done by bringing Yuvraj into this, good player as he may be, he certainly cannot match what Gayle has done. Have a look at each players' page on Cricinfo and see who has the better record. This must be a joke. FANTASTIC!!!!

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 18:02 GMT)

Chris Gayle is a very fine player and I always enjoy him playing. This was a gem of innings but I missed it...

Posted by aarifboy on (April 24, 2013, 16:46 GMT)

Whatever Sehwag can do,Gayle can do it better

Posted by RajArya on (April 24, 2013, 15:31 GMT)

LETS NOT GET CARRIED AWAYand instead put this into some perspective.

1) This was not an International Match

2) Did he manage to hit 6 Sixes off one Over ? NO - that is a true sign of class batsman and which Youvraj did in an INTERNATIONAL match against a highly ranked bowler (Broad)

So Gayle - what you achieved was good but certainly not fantastic

Posted by SL_rockz on (April 24, 2013, 15:10 GMT)

Well well Well.Simply out of words to explain the feeling i gotcha when i witness that awesome innings .Simply the best t20 innings i've witnessed.My pressure is out of control and heart was crying to come outta my cavity when you hit a six mate.and i ve had 17 of them .Oh man !! What entertain you have provided buddy .Will never be forgotten .You 've br8 us the happiness we look within these t8 schedules and problems with your awesome fabulous batting display.I once feel sorry and tot gayle may have mercy on his eyes !! But then again He dispatches one to crowds. Wow then i started thinking Oh may be bowlers would like them hitting over the ropes as well dude!! Best of luck!! You are a very honest and non-proud man.

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 14:38 GMT)

That was a Gayle Recipe . . Only Pune knows how its taste :D

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 14:06 GMT)

It was a Gayle wind....Gayle u r marvellous...

Posted by Third_Man_Cricket_Nige on (April 24, 2013, 14:01 GMT)

An amazing innings for sure, but he never performs in the BIG games. He was out in the first over in the IPL Final 3 years ago and he failed (horribly) in the World Cup Final last year for the West Indies. He continues to do these kinds of things in Group matches, let's see him perform when the pressure is on...

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 13:40 GMT)

Gayle is a phenomenon of the highest order. He has proved himself to be a supreme cricketer in Test, 50-over and T20. He is an excellent catcher, and a wicket-taking bowler of no mean value. Let us not be miserly with our praise and ranking. He has to be ranked as one of the greatest cricketer of all times.

Posted by ManuWarriors on (April 24, 2013, 13:33 GMT)

It was raining sixes and fours in Chinnaswamy Stadium... I was standing outside the stadium as I din get my tickets but I could feel the heat.... Its was an complete team game but all the credits goes to Gayle...

Posted by Travian.Cricket on (April 24, 2013, 13:31 GMT)

People here are mentioning Dhanuka Pathirana again and again saying he is the best T20 player bla bla bla . This was ONE OF THE best innings by Gayle . He has repeatedly done it . Maybe not 175 or a 150 but his 100's have been entertaining too . Dhanuka probably had the day we all get in our cricketing lives . The day when everything seems to be going right .

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 13:00 GMT)

Entertaining innings, equally entertaining were the creative crowd and placards on display - esp. the one which read : when Gayle bats, fielders = spectators and spectators = fielders; very true it was and hope IPL considers rewarding best banners on show. Well done, Gayle, RCB and Bangalore crowd.

Posted by espncricinfomobile on (April 24, 2013, 12:55 GMT)

Gayle - one of the best T20 batsmen.

Posted by AMOR on (April 24, 2013, 12:04 GMT)

Amazing innings one for the eyes to behold. Keep hitting, the ball that is

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 12:01 GMT)

Yesterday The Great Brian Lara Tweet's on Gayle's, ' All fielders are Spectators and All spectators has Fielders' really fantastic Game played by Gayle My heartfelt Congratulations to Chris Gayle. At any way this Year IPL Trophy will be win RCB

Posted by Sameer_Rajkoti on (April 24, 2013, 10:57 GMT)

What an innings by Gayle (cricket don) but Dhanuka Pathirana's innings is much much entertaining on papers (277 off 72 with 29 sixes & 18 fours), is there any possibility to watch that?

Posted by vsroc on (April 24, 2013, 10:55 GMT)

Posted by Venkat Sraman

Chris Gayle demolished the bowling attack of Pune Warriors by blasting the ball sent down by each bowler all round the wicket.It was the best innings of T20 watched live by the luckiest spectators of Chinnaswamy stadium.His all round display will be ever remembered by all the cricket lovers of the world.


Posted by xunaed on (April 24, 2013, 10:54 GMT)

There should be another word for huge, big, mammoth, Herculean...It's Gaylean!!!

Posted by odigi on (April 24, 2013, 10:51 GMT)

Mr "sillypoint" Let us be fair here. Afterall he is one of only three men to have scored two triple centuries in test cricket. So he does have some form in the longer forms of the game.

Posted by mohdmasih87 on (April 24, 2013, 10:46 GMT)

Why are they not giving a chance to Parvez Rasool??????????????? So many things have been said about him in the past few months, also from the great Mr. Bedi. Giving everyone a chance in the squad but him. Anyhow pune is losing, y not try him????

Posted by madzilla on (April 24, 2013, 10:35 GMT)

Ya of course it's an amazing innings, But this is domestic cricket, When compare to domestic cricket I find dhanuka pathiranas innigs is much better, sad it has not got a hype.

Posted by redforce101 on (April 24, 2013, 9:57 GMT)

Why are so many people even trying to downplay this innings? I watched every minute of it and it was a superb, spectacular innings. As a West Indian it was very heartening to have something and someone to feel so proud of. CONGRATS Christopher Henry Gayle!!! Continue to entertain us all.

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 9:10 GMT)

Why couldn't PWI bowl Yuvraj Singh?

Posted by delboy on (April 24, 2013, 9:02 GMT)

sillypoint6, what is your point. focus on the performance, understand cricket. There will be occasions when Gayle like any other opener will go first ball. You obviously never play the game or know how difficult it is for a TALL man to adjust in split seconds...

Posted by sillypoint6 on (April 24, 2013, 7:49 GMT)

come on friends dont go ga ga over gayle its just a domestic tournament that too a city based franchise team, and for your kind information this is not a international record it will be only in domestic record books, just to talk about is good but in reality it has no importance, look at the quality of bowling that he faced, no doubt he is a good hitter but has not done at international level or for that matter against a ipl team having better bowling attack. infact what he did against csk, he failed and lost the match, let him play like this when playing for WI. waiting to see him make 100 in 29 or 30 balls against csk that will be a good challenge, gud luk.

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 7:37 GMT)

Why Dhanuka Pathirana's innings did not get more hype? If it is true, even Gayle cannot break it.

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 7:24 GMT)

There was just one thing that everyone who watched yesterday's innings would like to remember themselves and that is the world can see no one else hit the cricket ball sweeter and harder than the great Christopher Henry Gayle !

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 7:01 GMT)

How can anyone say that Dhanuka Pathirana is a better that Chris Gayle? Check out Dhanuka's profile

Chris Gayle is the BEST T20 batsman,, not only the 175*, but so many other great innings.

Posted by oj..cricfan on (April 24, 2013, 6:43 GMT)

We should buy it from WI team to play for India too ;). He should be given Indian citizenship. WI anyway do not care about him. (Joking people dont get serious)

Posted by bgshankar on (April 24, 2013, 6:34 GMT)

Tariq Nazir - Do you know any batsman in the world can repeat this performance or even come closer to what Gayle did today? on the same ground and againts the same bowlers? So simply learn to accept the talent!

Posted by sichu_emerald on (April 24, 2013, 6:17 GMT)

"Sometimes I get knocked over first ball, I would love to ask the bowler as well 'Do you feel sorry for me"...pretty honest straight forward answer...loved it...

If the same is asked to our great man VIRAT, perhaps he would've said the oppposite way...or may be the same who knows.. former is morst likely and thats exactly why i like WINDIES the most...yet next to Indians...

Attitude matters the most, regardless, be it in any business...: P

Posted by nilanka007 on (April 24, 2013, 6:12 GMT)

check this link... apparently Gayle is not the record holder... :P

Posted by nadika.qs on (April 24, 2013, 6:09 GMT)

this is not the unbeatable record, because Sri lankan cricketer scored 277 in 72 balls including 29 sixes and 18 fours, he is the best T20 player ever

Posted by Race2win on (April 24, 2013, 5:48 GMT)

Gayle ..You Rock!!!

Congratulations & we want more from you this season of IPL

Posted by sachin_vvsfan on (April 24, 2013, 5:43 GMT)

Those who are complaining about Pune bowling should remember that they were late entrants and did not have too many players to choose. Some franchise chose to retain players(MI benefited the most) and some franchise transferred their retained players to other 'rich' franchises (again MI benefited the most, Hyd the worst by transferring KP to delhi). This is not a level playing field. Nothing to take away from Gayle. We saw he was not comfortable against Steyn. We need a level playing field here by categorizing foreign players in to grades and distributing them equally( in the auction ) among franchises . For instance players like pollard, gayle or steyn should not be in one team. Also players should be retained only with mutual consent.For ex franchise like MI might pay more than the limit to retain a player.This should not be encouraged.

That said i think Gayle's best days are ahead.He is only getting better with age and is likely to break the highest ODI score record soon.

Posted by Venkiviru on (April 24, 2013, 5:32 GMT)

why does cricinfo mixes up International T20 records with domestic T20 records????????

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 5:21 GMT)

Believe me if he is a Indian Cricket Player, he will go somewhere else in the world..may be the richest man too..;-))) Dear WI cricket board, take care of this gem of a person... Love u Gayle...

Posted by narsingkoppu on (April 24, 2013, 5:21 GMT)

Gayle or Ghost .... 175* (66), 13 Fours, and 17 sixes..... yes 17 sixes.... as his bat says....may be a real Spartan....

Posted by sahbas_s on (April 24, 2013, 5:20 GMT)

No youngster would like to be bowler until this human called gayle goes on..i want him to retire and all bowlers should contribute his pay and make him sit off the ground:)

Posted by Jacobchikku on (April 24, 2013, 5:10 GMT)

there is no place to bowl to when a batsman is in this form and everything went wrong for the bowlers really feel sorry for them and its a helpless moment for em, Superb batting by the big man and he remained focused through out the game and never relaxed. Hats off to Chris Gayle.

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 4:58 GMT)

Well, a great innings no doubt BUT..... Is he capable to do half of this against Pakistani or South African bowling attack.....? I doubt that. He is good against average bowling specially in IPL where the standard of bowling is very poor and we all know about Indian pitches..."Always so good for batting" :-)

Posted by ziddu on (April 24, 2013, 4:49 GMT)

He was not picked by any franchisee initially during the auction. Will be interesting to see next year auction.

Posted by CrICkeeet on (April 24, 2013, 4:46 GMT)

Un4tunately its jst a T20 MATCH.. IF it is ODI than GAYLE could break 400 of LARA (though thats made in test :D :D :D)

Posted by BRUTALANALYST on (April 24, 2013, 4:35 GMT)

@ bul98 Agree, but it all started with the ECB and ICC's introduction of helmets and limit of bouncers before T20 even started. That sanitized the game and killed the excitement and adrenaline and the battle bewteen bat and ball now it's all tactics and robot batting forced to play English style no surprise Tests crowds everywhere else have decreased all round the globe those rules killed game and now the excitement of T20 has taken it's place and the hub of cricket has moved east.

Posted by AnotherCricketFan on (April 24, 2013, 4:30 GMT)

Gayle's innings was great to watch but everyone missed to mention the innings of AB. He scored 31 in 8 balls with SR 387 (far higher than Gayle) and far far higher than Dilshan. One does not understand why he was blackedout in the media reports. Gayle's innings was awesome - so was AB's.

Posted by Kashif-Rafiq on (April 24, 2013, 3:13 GMT)

Someone in the crowd carrying a banner stating "Ben - Gayle - Uru", a true treat to watch last night. His last sentence shows his commitment to his team and franchise.

Posted by bul98 on (April 24, 2013, 3:09 GMT)

Cricket has changed big time, I M from Ol school..and prefer to watch cricket with 3 slips 2 gully and fast swing bowler bowling at 90 plus miles and hr... Where batsmen was ducking and surviving the swing and pace.. Now this flat track with field restriction and bowler bowling a straight delivery around 70k miles....ah big change...feel sorry for the game..:(

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 2:56 GMT)

one of the best hitters the IPL has ever seen,and those who missed the show are the unluckiest and i am one of them. its really hard to believe.

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 2:07 GMT)

Gayle force winds at Bangalore

Posted by TRAM on (April 24, 2013, 1:38 GMT)

When RCB crossed 220 or so, I thought - may be they should declare... :-)

Dilshan's dot balls felt like huge blocks of concrete, while Gayle was blasting at the other end. What, was he protecting Gayle? Anchor's role is not dot balls, but singles every ball and boundary hits in the last ball of the overs.

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 0:51 GMT)

This is not a "World Record"... This is a UNIVERSAL RECORD". Gayle is not from this world. He is from some other PLANET. Otherwise how a man can hit like this? We love to see you Gayle!!! and Gayle Storm... (Gale Storm)..

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 0:47 GMT)

Awesome Innings.. Great to Watch...

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 0:46 GMT)

Chris Gayle is the best ever batsmen in t20 cricket and the worlds best too no crother cricketer comes even close to him one of the hardest hitting batsmen in world t20 cricket in the world EVER though Shahid Afredi who holds the one day cricket world record as the quickest one made.People like Gale and Afreedi give you your moneys worth.Hats off to them, I pity the bowlers.Congratulations to Chris Gayle as THE LORD THE MASTER and WORLD CHAMPION OF T20 Cricket. Javed Sani USA.Los Angeles.

Posted by   on (April 24, 2013, 0:18 GMT)

Chris gayle is the best t20 batsman ever.

Posted by Farce-Follower on (April 24, 2013, 0:03 GMT)

The last sentence conveys the serious and mature intent of the man. The giant from Jamaica knows his priorities and is fully aware of just how much the franchise and its fans depend on him.

Posted by BRUTALANALYST on (April 23, 2013, 23:55 GMT)

Yuvraj Singh was to scared to bowl today hahaha but I guess his overall bowling figures are more important than putting in work for the team . . .

Posted by   on (April 23, 2013, 23:32 GMT)

that was a killa from gayle

Posted by   on (April 23, 2013, 23:16 GMT)

What a show. At least Fielders for PW got a little rest with all those sixes.

Posted by Chris_P on (April 23, 2013, 22:56 GMT)

@Tronyai Best ever? I think a few Sydney Thunder fans may disagree. His stats last season, 7 innings, 137 runs for an average of 19 with a strike rate of 97, yep you read right, 97! Best ever huh? Best ever innings perhaps, but best ever? Debatable.

Posted by   on (April 23, 2013, 22:55 GMT)

That was the finest T20 innings ever. The best batting performance that will ever be showcased in this lifetime. Even Murali was at a loss for words. Gayle Storm.

Posted by   on (April 23, 2013, 22:52 GMT)

I am sorry but this was a once in a lifetime feat, acheivement, cut-azz, whatever you want to call it. When Chris Gayle is in form man what can you do but marvel. Viva West Indies!

Posted by jackthelad on (April 23, 2013, 22:38 GMT)

In the West Indies he's called 'Gayle Force'

Posted by maheemanga on (April 23, 2013, 22:31 GMT)

Gayle could make 200 but he dint want PWI players to cry out and left the stadium, even he din bowl till the last over so that crowd can enjoy entire 40 overs of play ;)

Posted by   on (April 23, 2013, 22:01 GMT)

As terrible as we have been in the last decade or more, West Indians still do it like no one else...and wid nuff style man!!

Posted by   on (April 23, 2013, 21:44 GMT)

Who was man of the match?

Posted by kaidranzer on (April 23, 2013, 21:35 GMT)

"Serious event the IPL, lot of money being spent, you want to put on your best performance at all times". I guess all this goes down the drain when it comes to playing for West Indies. Carting around average bowlers in a domestic tournament will not earn you respect, Chris Gayle. Get a century against SAF in SAF and then we'll see.

Posted by uchitturi on (April 23, 2013, 20:13 GMT)

Great Game Gayle. You are worth every penny got got paid.

Posted by Tronyai on (April 23, 2013, 20:05 GMT)

Chris gayle is the best t20 batsman ever. I think hebshould be called the The GAYLE storm

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